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Parliamentary Standards Commission Brands Bankers as Fraudsters and Thieves

May 22, 2013


It’s official,  the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standards Commission   told the BBC Two programme ‘Bankers’ this evening that banks have committed fraud and theft on an epic scale.


Chairman Mr Andrew Tyrie MP  and the other Parliamentary Commissioners appointed by both houses of Parliament have recently been questioning dishonest, disreputable and disgusting bankers about their greed, immorality and general rip off mentality and bad behaviour.


Mr Andrew Tyrie  told the BBC tonight  it was high time that behaviour everyone else normally considered fraud or theft in the ordinary World beyond the fantasists World of the Bankers was now rewarded with branding bankers like the criminals they really are and putting them in jail. Mr Tyrie said he could not recall any bankers ending up wearing orange jump suits in jail so far but he told the BBC that now had to change.


Good. Bankers have now been officially exposed as liars and thieves by a Parliamentary Commission. It’s time to make them start paying all of the money they stole back to the people they duped and conned.


The Halifax mortgage subsidiary of Lloyds Bank, and Lloyds Bank itself have a few questions concerning fraud and theft I will be asking them at some point.



December 7, 2006

This is a true story.

There is an organisation called the Birmingham Mudshires Building Demolition Society. It is wholly owned by the Hellifax Building Demolition Society which advertises extensively on television telling everyone trusting enough to believe it that every little extra helps.

What they really mean is not that every little bit extra helps their customers – which is what people think they mean, but that every little bit extra of your money they can persuade you to give them will do very nicely thank you very much towards providing the Hellifax and the Mudshires Board of Directors with an even larger bonus this year and an even more extravagant Christmas lunch at your expense.

Oh, and let’s not forget the shareholders too. I nearly forgot about them. They will do very nicely too from that little bit extra the hardworking and trusting customers can be conned into handing over to the safe keeping of these eminent financial institutions.

It’s a funny thing, but many of the shareholders seem to be Directors on the boards of other financial institutions. Mmmm. I wonder why ?

There’s a lot more to this story. But it is late and I must go to bed and I still haven’t eaten supper yet.It’s nearly midnight already. No lie in tomorrow either, as I have to get my eight year old son up and off to school first thing. I’ll continue this story some other time.


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