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June 10, 2011


At Endeavour Place
Coxbridge Business Park

Alton Road



GU10 5EH

0844 998 0000

I discovered your existence because of a mention in my son’s school newsletter.

I have always been interested in go karting since I used them at my boarding school as a kid, so I thought I would visit your website to find out details including cost so my son & I could go Karting.

You have succeeded in infuriating me beyond measure by:

– failing to provide sensible cost information on your website that I can find – which means it almost certainly doesn’t exist there; thereby deliberately forcing me to telephone you to find out necessary details in order to discover whether you are worth using or not.

– then, stunningly, only providing an 0844 telephone number which is a very expensive premium telephone number I will have to pay extra for in order for your business to receive part of the extra cost of my telephone call I am now forced by you to pay by the even more dishonest telephone network which has tempted you into this completely dishonest scam.

This is just so when the unsuspecting public make ordinary routine telephone calls to you to find out if they really want to be one of your customers, or to make any other enquiry they need to make, they will be milked of huge amounts of money most of them will have no idea is being conned out of them.

– This kind of weasel minded greed businesses like you use to con extra money out of an unsuspecting public when they innocently want to make ordinary, simple, everyday telephone calls they have already paid for with their own telephone accounts is wickedly mean minded and just plain disgusting.

It is dishonest and it is wrong.

So I won’t be using you after all. Nor will other people who become equally annoyed at your devious minded greed.




June 8, 2011


This dentist says “I am at home early having spent the afternoon being prevented from seeing patients and having had the pleasure of being enlightened in the onerous and tedious raft of nonsense legislation being forced upon dental surgery owners as result of CQC registration  and HTM0105.(Look it up and you will find out what we have to put up with).

“This has driven many quality dentists out of NHS dentistry . The new contract has left an NHS service now propped up by poorly qualified, unethical and often exploited foreign dentists imported by corporates who have seen this contract as a guaranteed income stream.

“The price of dental practices holding an NHS contract has consequently rocketed and many UK trained dentists are now unable to procure  one or are cashing in their chips by selling up.

“What a sad waste of Tax payers money, having trained these people and then do nothing to encourage them to work within the NHS.

“The payment system for dentists is ill conceived and unworkable and even my local PCT commissioner has told us that we should ration treatment !

“None of these factors excuse dentists from misleading patients, but there is a huge difference in the cost of providing similar treatments. Not surprisingly there is also a huge difference in the quality of materials and outcomes .This is never mentioned ! It would be like buying a car and effectively being told you can have a BMW for the cost of a Trabant.

“It is about time the media gave a more balanced view, taking into account the problems and issues faced by the Dentists in service provision. Yes it is possible to provide BASIC quality ethical dentistry within the NHS  but it is getting harder.

“Yes, there is only an emphasis on Quantity. 

“Yes, there is no emphasis on Quality. 

“Who would really want to work with these constraints ?

“Answer ; not me . I have just sold up and after 25 years I am now planning my exit from the NHS .

Another dentist explains, “I left the NHS 30 years ago, because I can’t stand paperwork.

The regulation by boring, boneheaded, bureaucrats is counterproductive and costly to both patient and dentist.

The NHS is sponge offering work to a lot of people who are
otherwise unemployable.

In Ireland and Germany benefits have been severely reduced to cut costs; with no reduction in bureaucracy.

Meaning of course that whatever the situation the pen pushers prosper.
Many years ago I suggested to one senior bureaucrat that out of decency he ought to resign!

He became most indignant telling me I was mad.

I asked him to refute my argument that he was a quasi parasite;
reducing benefits; and thus reducing the effective purpose of the system.
He slammed the phone down and later I was asked to apologise.

I refused!

They have a propensity to waste professionals time with specious
letters of enquiry.

When you have a set of ill educated meddling fools hamstringing
one’s honest effort; it’s time to get out.

That’s why NHS dentistry is almost finished.
The professionals at the coal face have had a bellyfull.

Boz says, “my ignorance of dentistry is frustrating, and as I learn more about dental technicalities I am understanding more about how the  bad dentists use their patients’ ignorance to manipulate & miss-lead them in pursuit of profit at the expense of ethically proper medical treatment.

“This makes me increasingly angry”.

At first glance this anger is directed at the immediate cause of this bad, damaging, dental treatment – the NHS dentists. I could quote some personal experiences which are truly shocking.

But, on careful reflection, this anger has gradually been re-directed  towards the appalling corruption of the bureaucrats in the NHS who have produced a framework of insanely fantastical and expensively unworkable ‘rules’ with which they can act out their self important control freakery over other people – the dentists and their poor patients who ultimately suffer the disgustingly bad NHS dental treatment many of them receive.

In defence of dentists as a whole – both the good, bad & ugly; all people, even the very best of us, are naturally exposed to having our thought processes constantly bombarded  & shaped with persuasive pressures which cannot always be entirely resisted for one reason or another.

Therefore, when corrupting influences bombard us, many people become thoroughly corrupted and their ethics are corroded by other people with some sort of authority over them to which they are expected to be obedient to.

It takes an unusually strong character to resist the insidiously corrupting persuasions of those with authority over other people.

If people with strong characters resist the corruption of authority they are usually attacked and vilified with ever increasing violence until they toe the party line and join the rest of the herd of sheep who just do as they are told to by the bureaucrats.

This is how all evil political dictatorships inflict poverty, misery, destruction and even mass death on populations. This is the evil process which always enables self seeking people to get others to do their bidding.

It is the process by which one solitary man with psychotic delusions of grandeur persuaded thousands of previously averagely decent people to commit mass murder by exterminating millions of Jews during the second World War. “We were just doing our job as we were told to do’ they all bleated when confronted by the awfulness of the horrific mass murder they had turned into a factory production line of mass death of monumental proportions.

This same uncontrollable process of corrupt manipulation and persuasion still rages unchecked and completely out of control all around us today in every walk of life.

It is not just evident in all the ridiculous tinpot political dictators running various countries into the ground all around the World, reducing their populations to terror and grovelling servitude with aggressive threats of dire punishments if they do not comply passively and meekly to all the demands of these nasty control freak dictators, but it is also evident in every other area of our lives. It is all around us in every organisation; and the larger that organisation, the more unaccountable people in authority are likely to become.

This then allows them to force the people under their control to do their bidding for either good or ill.

Good leaders then produce good results. Bad leaders, bad results.

Pompous, self important, inadequate idiots of the type so often to be seen as politicians and public sector employees, are always going to produce the very worst kind of results which they then have the power to inflict on the rest of the population.

This is why the NHS is a shambles. This is why the idiot Sharon Shoesmith, ex-director of Children’s Services at Haringey council, can bleat about being sacked for running her organisation so badly her staff frequently did their jobs so incompetently that children died as a result.

The corruptions of the ‘thought police’ embedded into English society over the past century by the socialism movement, closely allied to communism and all it’s manifest evils is all around us, and have so thoroughly warped the minds of even judges, that a court can have the diseased mental process which allowed it recently to solemnly declare Haringey Council’s Childrens Services Director Sharon Shoesmith was wrongfully made a ‘scapegoat’ because Haringey Children’s Services failed to do the job it is there for – to protect children from abuse.

She should not have been sacked for being responsible for an incompetent children’s services department in Haringey Council, this court pompously pontificated . So incompetent and useless that several children have died, others have had lives made thoroughly miserable by Haringey’s astonishing stupidity and carelessness.

Now this unpleasant woman is apparently expecting to claim a compensation payment of about a million pounds out of our taxes in order to compensate her for her own incompetence.

What a joke. What a typical bureaucrat. Indignant about being expected to be accountable for her actions.

But why do all of us let these nasty bureaucrats get away with so much ? Ultimately it is our fault for just being sheep and doing nothing meaningful about it. How silly is that ?

That is why you dentists as well your cousins the doctors, should ALL, collectively do something positive & meaningful about not allowing the NHS bureaucracy to so completely poison the NHS medical care that the nation deserves and expects.

You could have done something about it long ago, before it became so bad. Instead you allowed it to gradually worsen little bit by little bit by not standing up to the bureaucrats right from the beginning.


May 10, 2011

9 May, 2011 – 21:13 Economics

Author: Rhodri Evans

The big banks have (9 May) just admitted defeat in a long-running battle over “payment protection insurance”.

In effect, they have conceded that they swindled people to the extent of at least £8 billion (the sum they have so far put aside to cover compensation), in around 16 million separate cases.

The banks would rather not have conceded. But, as the Financial Times reports, £8 billion is “small in the scheme of bank profits”. And the bank bosses responsible for the swindle go forward unscathed.

People taking out loans, credit cards, or mortgages with banks were tricked into buying “payment protection insurance” (PPI). They paid extra on the loan repayment, and in return, supposedly, got insurance which would keep up their repayments if they fell ill or lost their jobs.

PPI schemes were sold to people who, because they were self-employed or already had medical problems, could never have claimed the insurance payments. 24 of the 41 companies investigated by the magazine “Which?” included the insurance automatically when customers applied for personal loans, so that people were sold it without knowing they were buying it.

And even when the PPI buyers could claim, and knew they were buying PPI, they were sold extremely bad deals. They could have bought insurance much cheaper elsewhere.

It’s another “one law for the rich, another for the poor” story. The unemployed person who claims a little more than the rules allow gets full-scale reprisals.
The bank bosses swindle away, take it for granted that some swindles will get caught out and cost them compensation, and merrily continue.

Calamitous Consequences of Our Modern Banks’ Ponzi Scheme

May 3, 2011

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin.”

Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, the second richest man in Britain.

Below is an Extract from HANSARD 15 Sep 2010 : Column 903

Financial Services (Regulation of Deposits and Lending)

Motion for leave to bring in a Bill (Standing Order No. 23 )
1.33 pm

Mr Douglas Carswell (Clacton) (Con):

I beg to move,
That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prohibit banks and building societies lending on the basis of demand deposits without the permission of the account holder; and for connected purposes.

Who owns the money in your bank account? That small question has profound implications.

According to a survey by Ipsos MORI, more than 70% of people in the UK believe that when they deposit money with the bank, it is theirs-but it is not. Money deposited in a bank account is, as established under case law going back more than 200 years, legally the property of the bank, rather than the account holder.

Were any hon. Members to deposit £100 at their bank this afternoon or, rather improbably, if the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was to manage to do so on any Member’s behalf, the bank would then be free to lend on approximately £97 of it. Even under the new capital ratio requirements, the bank could lend on more than 90% of what one deposited. Indeed, bank A could then lend on £97 of the initial £100 deposit to another bank-bank B-which could then lend on 97% of the value.

The lending would go round and round until, as we saw at the height of the credit boom, for every £1 deposited banks would have piled up more than £40-worth of accumulated credit of one form or another.

Banks enjoy a form of legal privilege extended to no other area of business that I am aware of – it is a form of legal privilege. I am sure that some hon. Members, in full compliance with IPSA rules, may have rented a flat, and they do not need me, or indeed IPSA, to explain that having done so they are, in general, not allowed to sub-let it to someone else. Anyone who tried to do that would find that their landlord would most likely eject them.

So why are banks allowed to sub-let people’s money many times over without their consent?
 My Bill would give account holders legal ownership of their deposits, unless they indicated otherwise when opening the account. In other words, there would henceforth be two categories of bank account: deposit-taking accounts for investment purposes, and deposit-taking accounts for storage purposes. Banks would remain at liberty to lend on money deposited in the investment accounts, but not on money deposited in the storage accounts. As such, the idea is not a million miles away from the idea of 100% gilt-backed storage accounts proposed by other hon. Members and the Governor of the Bank of England.

My Bill is not just a consumer-protection measure; it also aims to remove a curious legal exemption for banks that has profound implications on the whole economy. Precisely because they are able to treat one’s deposit as an investment in a giant credit pyramid, banks are able to conjure up credit.

In most industries, when demand rises businesses produce more in response. The legal privilege extended to banks prevents that basic market mechanism from working, with disastrous consequences.
As I shall explain, if the market mechanism worked as it should, once demand for credit started to increase in an economy, banks would raise the price of credit-interest rates-in order to encourage more savings. More folk would save as a result, as rates rose. That would allow banks to extend credit in proportion to savings.

Were banks like any other business, they would find that when demand for what they supply lets rip, they would be constrained in their ability to supply credit by the pricing mechanism. That is, alas, not the case with our system of fractional reserve banking. Able to treat people’s money as their own, banks can carry on lending against it, without necessarily raising the price of credit. The pricing mechanism does not rein in the growth in credit as it should. Unrestrained by the pricing mechanism, we therefore get credit bubbles.

To satisfy runaway demand for credit, banks produce great candy-floss piles of the stuff. The sugar rush feels great for a while, but that sugar-rush credit creates an expansion in capacity in the economy that is not backed by real savings. It is not justified in terms of someone else’s deferred consumption, so the credit boom creates unsustainable over-consumption. 
Policy makers, not least in this Chamber, regardless of who has been in office, have had to face the unenviable choice between letting the edifice of crony capitalism come crashing down, with calamitous consequences for the rest of us, or printing more real money to shore up this Ponzi scheme – and the people who built it – and in doing so devalue our currency to keep the pyramid afloat.

Since the credit crunch hit us, an endless succession of economists, most of whom did not see it coming, have popped up on our TV screens to explain its causes with great authority. Most have tended to see the lack of credit as the problem, rather than as a symptom. Perhaps we should instead begin to listen to those economists who saw the credit glut that preceded the crash as the problem. The Cobden Centre, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Huerta de Soto all grasped that the overproduction of bogus candy-floss credit before the crunch gave rise to it.

It is time to take seriously their ideas on honest money and sound banking.
The Keynesian-monetarist economists might recoil in horror at the idea, because their orthodoxy holds that without these legal privileges for banks, there would be insufficient credit. They say that the oil that keeps the engine of capitalism working would dry up and the machine would grind to a halt, but that is not so. Under my Bill, credit would still exist but it would be credit backed by savings.

In other words, it would be credit that could fuel an expansion in economic capacity that was commensurate with savings or deferred consumption. It would be, to use the cliché of our day, sustainable.

Ministers have spoken of their lofty ambition to rebalance the economy from one based on consumption to one founded on producing things. A good place to begin might be to allow a law that permits storage bank accounts that do not permit banks to mass-produce phoney credit in a way that ultimately favours consumers and debtors over those who create wealth.

With honest money, instead of being the nation of indebted consumers that we have become, Britons might become again the producers and savers we once were.
With a choice between the new storage accounts and investment accounts, no longer would private individuals find themselves co-opted as unwilling-and indeed unaware-investors in madcap deals through credit instruments that few even of the banks’ own boards seem to understand.

Question put and agreed to.
That Mr Douglas Carswell and Steve Baker present the Bill.
Mr Douglas Carswell accordingly presented the Bill. 
Bill read the First time; to be read a Second time on Friday 19 November and to be printed (Bill 71).

The Proposed Bank of England Act

This is a reform that could prevent a future financial crisis, clear the national debt, and restart the economy.
It cures the sickness in our economy and financial system by tackling the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.
It would make the ‘inevitable’ cuts in public services completely unnecessary, reduce the tax burden by up to 30% and allow us to clear the national debt. It takes control over the UK’s money supply out of the hands of the commercial banking sector and restores it to the state, where it can be used to benefit the economy, rather than providing a £200 billion annual subsidy to the banking sector.

For more information see

The Grip of Death
 A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics (Paperback) 
by Michael Rowbotham


March 3, 2010

Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited is a subsidiary of the devious, rather nasty bunch of bankers who were called Lehmans until they went bust recently owing vast sums of money and wrecking the World economy in the process.

Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited, SPML, to all those unfortunate enough to be its victims, is one of those rip-off subprime mortgage lenders that specialise in fleecing borrowers and generally employing trickery to convert other people’s money into their own by any immoral, dishonest and devious means they can get away with.

SPML are still trading here in the UK, apparently. They have two principle activities at present. One seems to be repossessing as many of its borrowers as possible to evict them from their houses and destroy their lives.

The purpose of this is so SPML can get their greedy little hands on as much of those unfortunate householders property as quickly as possible so that SPML can sell it off quick and cheap grab the money and run before someone realises they are part of a bankrupt bunch of thieves and stops them stealing any more money and ruining more people’s lives.

The other main activity of this charmless bunch of financial confidence tricksters is to put all that money they are forcing homeowners to give them by selling their homes and charging extortionate ‘penalty’ fees of one sort or another, into an intricate web of other companies and, wait for it, charitable trusts, to make sure it will be as safe as possible from all those people owed billions by this dishonest bunch of loan sharks.

So, creditors owed money by Lehmans and Lehmans ‘ subsidiary companies will be fresh out – they will not get money that Lehmans subsidiaries have carefully squirreled away beyond the reach of bankruptcy administrators. People owed money by Lehmans will go away empty handed.

Meanwhile, let’s get this right, SPML announce in their annual report ending November 30th 2008 that the company intends to ‘enter into an orderly wind down of its assets and operations and/or seek a disposal of its assets and business’.

Elsewhere in the SPML annual report the company makes clear that mortgages arranged by SPML for its unsuspecting homeowner victims are bundled together, securitised into a ‘derivative’ financial instrument as they laughingly name it, and sold on into a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ as SPML describe it ( it just means another separate company that simply holds all those bundled together mortgages as an asset to be further manipulated into a fantasy world of breathtaking deviousness).

Then, guess what ? The SPML annual report proudly announces these Special Purpose Vehicle companies, SPV’s for short in the childish jargon of these idiot ‘Masters of the Universe’, are all ‘legally and beneficially owned’ by charitable trusts and are included in the financial statements of the company (SPML) on a ‘linked presentation basis’. That is more jargon designed to confuse people into not quite realising SPML have hidden all their money in charitable trusts so it is protected from all the people owned money by Lehmans and its subsidiaries.

Clever stuff, or what ? But is it moral ? Is it honest ? It may (possibly) be legal, but it doesn’t look remotely honest to me.

A Charity Commission spokesperson said: “A body is a charity if it is established for exclusively charitable purposes only. To qualify as a charity, an organisation must also demonstrate that its purposes are for the public benefit.

“The 1993 Act requires trustees to register charities in England and Wales with the Charity Commission. Any charity which has a gross income exceeding £5,000 a year is required to register. However, some special classes of charity are free from the requirement to register”.

I do wonder what on earth the ‘public benefit’ of the SPML arranged charitable trusts can be. Does it mean they have had a change of heart and decided to atone for their previously ruthless behaviour which led to Lehmans bankruptcy and global financial meltdown ? Do they now plan to rescue distressed homeowners being repossessed and thrown out onto the street by other mortgage lenders ?

Somehow I think not. There will be no ‘public benefit’ from these charitable trusts. But I rather think there might be a significant benefit to bankers and other investors perhaps. One does wonder. Let’s wait and see.

Actually, I took one look at the weasel like face of Dick Fuld, ex boss of Lehamns and the man that manipulated truth and honestly right out of Lehmans New York Headquarters windows as he steered the World into financial meltdown, and thought he looked completely devious, dishonest, immoral and almost certainly a rotten, nasty person.

Just the sort of person to preside over the setting up of loan shark mortgage lending in the UK and ensuring the fat profits of conversion and theft are carefully placed beyond the reach of honest people into ‘charitable trusts’ for God’s sake.

How can this happen. Where are our UK financial regulators and what the hell do they think they are doing while people like these sub-prime loan shark mortgage lenders like SPML fleece UK homeowners, leaving them destitute and homeless in their thousands.

What is the Financial Service Authority doing about these loan sharks ? What about the the Office of Fair Trading – what are they doing ? What is Parliament doing ?

Why, nothing at all of course. Even the Parliamentary Select Committee that recently produced an excoriating report on sub-prime mortgage loan sharking practices in which they roundly condemn those mortgage lenders such as SPML as social evils, does not seem to have registered on anyone’s radar, anywhere. Nothing is being done.

Something could be done about it. A number of American Federal Governments were so fed up in 2006 with one lender in the USA repossessing so many homes and blighting so many inner cities as the properties were left to become derelict; just rotting away while the homeowners evicted from them camped homeless under plastic in the streets of American cities, that a legal action was brought against that lender by those Federal, governments.

That particular loan sharking mortgage lender was called Ameriquest. Rather than risk going to court this evil lending business caved in and coughed up about $300 million dollars, or some such fantastic sum. Small change to them to buy off the Town Halls with. So, loan sharking Americquest bought off any possibility of proper justice for all those people whose lives it ruined by evicting them from their homes and then letting those homes become derelict and uninhabitable and even unsalable.

What a rotten World we are now living in.