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Criminal Courts Charge from a Criminally Inclined Government

May 5, 2015

May 5th  2015


It seems this country is hurtling towards being  a fascist State with most of the population denied any sort of proper justice as a corrupt Government steamrollers over citizens by tightening the screws of oppression little by little so people barely notice until it is too late.

The two articles below aptly described my own first hand experiences  and so I copied them from solicitors Clarke Kiernan website:

Criminal Courts Charge

The Lord Chancellor introduced a measure that will impact significantly on any person who finds themselves involved with the Magistrates’ Courts on any road traffic matter such as speeding, careless driving, or any other technical or low level breach of the law where the incident occurs after 12th April 2015. The idea was said to be ‘to make criminals pay for the criminal justice system’. He called it the Criminal Courts Charge.

In reality, the people who will be paying will be those ordinary working people who make a simple error and who, because they are normally law abiding, will have the income or assets to pay this extra cost. Regular offenders will tend not to have any income or assets to meet the payment. Non payment of this penalty is punishable by imprisonment no matter how low level the allegation.

If your case goes to court and you fight the allegation believing in your innocence or simply wanting to explain the circumstances to reduce the penatly, if the magistrates disagree with you they must order you to pay an extra £520 for the privilege of having the case tested, no matter how brief the hearing. The charges increase if the case gets to the crown court no matter how it gets there.

Nowadays ordinary law abiding people will have to make decisions on whether to accept a fixed penalty or whether to make false admissions for a police caution based on financial considerations rather than guilt due to the clear threat that now exists of a large extra financial penalty no matter how low level the misdemeanour or punishment.

Often people will not have taken legal advice and will not understand that taking a police caution for an allegation of eg common assault or petty theft will be recorded as a criminal record by the police and will disqualify you from many occupations, from helping out at your child’s school, restrict travel to other countries…

This is not an idea to make criminals pay, it is a way to make ordinary people pay for a system that is part of the State and payable by the State. It is an indirect further tax on working families. It is tarring people with the ‘criminal’ label indiscriminately. The impact is to convict more people, more easily and more cheaply whether or not they are guilty of a crime.

The item below was also copied from solicitors website :


Excuse us if we rant in a direction you do not agree with. A quote from Megarry J in the case of  John v Rees [1970] Ch. 345, Ch D and which was re-used in Moss v The Queen [2013] 1 WLR 3884, PC sets out a philosophy that we like:

“It may be that there are some who would decry the importance which the courts attach to the observance of the rules of natural justice. ‘When something is obvious,’ they may say, ‘why force everybody to go through the tiresome waste of time involved in framing charges and giving an opportunity to be heard? The result is obvious from the start.’ Those who take this view do not, I think, do themselves justice. As everybody who has anything to do with the law well knows, the path of the law is strewn with examples of open and shut cases which, somehow, were not; of unanswerable charges which, in the event, were completely answered; of fixed and unalterable determinations that, by discussion, suffered a change.”

If you look at what has been happening to the Criminal Justice System (as well as the civil system) for some years you ought to wonder how consecutive Governments can get away with concentrating on the administration of the systems to the undoubted detriment of Justice. It has become more important to Government to convict members of the public quickly and cheaply. Not only are defendants and their lawyers put under pressure to prepare the cases against them rather than trust the crown prosecution service and police to do their jobs. No longer are the prosecutors expected to do their job; Government seems to have given up on them and decided that the best, easiest, cheapest way of convicting people is to get the people to carrry  out sufficient work for the prosecution that they evenutally convict themselves – guilty or not.

The protection people had was with defence lawyers who would stand up for and protect the person’s rights. Government sorted that one out. The legal aid system is being destroyed so that those who cannot afford to pay for representation have to make use of lawyers who are underpaid and overworked. It might be denied by Government and by legal aid lawyers but it is simple business sense that you get what you paid for.

Not only has Government reduced remuneration for the legal aid lawyer to a ridiculous level but they intend to do the same again and also to reduce the number of firms able to carry out the work on legal aid. The service is to be reduced to a level most people will not believe until they (unexpectedly) find themselves in need of the assistance and discover that if they want to see their solicitor outside of the Court to prepare their case and take advice so that you are ready for the hearing then you will probably find you have to travel to the other end of your county where you will see a young, inexperienced, support staff member because the firm will not be able to afford to employ enough solicitors of quality to service the work at the level people will need in order to assert their rights.

In order to achieve what the government wants to see happen to criminal defence work it is essential that they not only reduce the number of firms, they also need to ensure firms have the minimum number of solicitors and maximum unqualified support staff and then to get the price even lower the firms will not be required to have any offices. Those who can afford to instruct good firms like ours will do so much better than those who have to manage on legal aid. That is not in fact the criminal justice system we like to see. It is not the system our government should be forcing upon us.

In order to see the ways in which Government has managed to increase the burdens on defendants to convict themselves you only need to study the Criminal Procedure Rules that are carefully drafted to add to burdens for defendants in a way that ignores and overrides their statutory protections. Notwithstanding that the prosecution takes months usually to bring a case to court for the first hearing, they are encouraged to give minimum disclosure of the case the defendant is expected to meet at the first hearing but the defendant is then expected (compelled) to identify all issues they will want to rely upon notwithstanding the disclosure is inadequate and there has been no opportunity to investigate matters, check availability of witnesses, seek any expert evidence or just generally give decent instructions and take good advice. There is no leeway given for people whose first language is not English or have mental health and/or learning difficulties.


Refugees flee the tyranny of social workers

November 9, 2010

By Christopher Booker

Published in the Sunday Telegraph 7th November 2010

Refugees flee the tyranny of social workers

There was a time when Britain took pride in offering a safe haven to the victims of tyrannies in other countries. Today we see this in reverse, with scores of families each year fleeing this country as the only way to escape a vicious system bent on seizing their newborn children for no good reason. Last week I heard two more such horror stories and this week I will relate the first, in which I am legally compelled to disguise the names.

Roger and Carol lived happily in Doncaster with their five-year-old daughter. One day last November they had a marital disagreement, involving no more than raised voices. They were overheard by a neighbour who called the police. The couple were arrested and held for nine hours before being released without charge. But the police had summoned the social workers to remove the child, who had not been harmed in any way other than hearing her parents having a row – as countless children do every day.
The social workers obtained an interim care order, on the grounds that the child was “at risk of emotional harm”, and gave her to (more…)

LIFE IN BRITAIN BECOMING NIGHTMARE – Our nanny state and officious councils

February 19, 2010

Big Brother Watch Newsletter – 19th February 2010

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The past seven days have seen a slew of stories involving baffling regulations and ludicrous decisions from health and safety officers in councils around the country. The absurdity began last weekend, when a 67 year-old man was prevented from getting a bus because he was carrying a pot of paint. This was followed by the news that a mother is facing a fine after a litter warden ‘caught’ her toddler dropping a piece of banana from his pushchair. Whilst relieved that the offending council was not Sandwell, we were reminded of our success with Vanessa Kelly and have offered our support to the unfortunate mother in question.

Continuing the theme, it emerged yesterday that Leicestershire County Council are currently in the process of banning swimming goggles, for the bizarre reason that they ‘reduce peripheral vision’. But the crowning glory in this sorry sequence comes courtesy of the chilling ‘National Child Measurement Programme’ – a government programme to catalogue the health of our nation’s youth and hold it on a database, ready to bombard parents if their children get overweight. If this level of snooping wasn’t bad enough, the rigid indicators of the scheme were revealed yesterday, when the parents of apparently healthy Lucy Davies were told that their 5 year-old daughter was fat and at risk of heart disease.

The saddest feature of the nanny state is that it breeds jobsworths who think that everything’s their business; they think that they should play the role of parents and they think it’s fine to deny individual choice in more and more ways. On all counts, they’re wrong.

Blogs of the Week

Edinburgh Council send support workers on snooping classes – the disturbing news that Edinburgh City Council has decided that its social workers should be the first to be trained to see terrorism in everything. Instead of helping the most disadvantaged they will now be watching out for ’empty bottles of bleach’…tragic

“Bomb threat” on Twitter…? Oh, please... – Paul Chambers, the man who tweeted his frustration at the closure of an airport and found himself in custody, goes to court today. Big Brother Watch is hoping that the court sees sense…

Interested in campaigning against body scanners? Click here – An Essex man’s grassroots movement starts piling up signatories on Facebook. Sign up and register your opposition to the full-body scanner.

Media Coverage

BBC Radio Derby – Dylan Sharpe interviewed by Shane O’Connor

East Coast FM – Alex Deane interviewed by Graeme Logan

Daily Echo – Neighbours to turn each other in for bin fines in Southampton
Alex Deane, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “The powers being granted to the Bin Stasi should be opposed by the people of Southampton. Bureaucrats everywhere are using the environment as an excuse to intrude on our lives and increase council revenue and it shouldn’t be allowed – especially when disproportionately applied to trivial and absurd ‘offences’ like leaving one’s bin in the wrong place.”

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January 12, 2010

Elf’N’Safety gnomes have it under control with help from police

I’ve been accused of being a bit intense right now.

Yeah, your dead right I’m intense alright; Tense as well; very!

I had a day of botheration yesterday that was pretty spectacular. And it did leave me feeling pretty intense after doing my head in completely !

In fact I am still incoherent and positively juddering with rage and frustration at various inter-connected events – all related.

– 1 My dear 11 year old son; but just a typical everyday story of very awkward sub-teenage behaviour, not a big deal or out the ordinary at all. But unbalancingly nerve jangling and enraging never-the-less ! Absolutely enough hassle for one day thank you.

– 2 A little incident in Sainsburys; utterly astonishing, and demanding lots of subsequent, time wasting attention, possibly leading to legal action and/or media publicity. Most definitely a rage inducing brain juddering experience which was utterly, utterly surreal.

– 3 A completely extraordinary letter to me from the Head Mistress of my 11 year old son’s school containing obvious and utterly unfounded abuse and threats, literally threats , directed towards me personally. It is an astonishingly poisonous letter and may well erupt into a nuclear explosion if I have my way.

– 4 Then, just to help me actually keep my sanity and remind me that no, I am not becoming paranoid and suffering delusions of all sorts myself, but that these things are really happening in this lunatic country of ours, and it is not all a figment of my imagination, there was this item on the evening news relating to David Cameron’s Policy Aide, Steven Hilton.

How on earth could this be connected with me and my experiences here ?

Read on and find out.

The news channel was gleefully explaining how David Cameron was suffering an election setback because his friend of 20 years and close policy aide Steven Hilton had been discovered to have – OOOooooooooooh – a criminal record.

Wow !

Cameron faces more sleaze ending in total election defeat. Cor Blimey Gov, what are things coming to. Criminals being chosen as policy aides to future Prime Minister David Cameron.

We can’t have that kind of thing going on in public life now, can we ?

This must now mean David Cameron is just too corrupt in surrounding himself with criminals as advisers and aides to lead the next Government, mustn’t it ?

Well, errrr no, actually.

The facts of this ‘criminal record’ are these:

David Cameron Policy Aide Steve Hilton bought a return ticket from London to Birmingham for a meeting. On finishing his Birmingham meeting he had to immediately dash like a bat out of hell back to the station to return as quickly as possible to London for another vital meeting.

He was in a bit of a hurry then.

Criminal intent visible here yet ? No, I don’t think so.

But then Steve Hilton arrived at the station ticket barrier with his train about to leave. He might make it still if he sprinted like hell.

Rules are rules though. It’s more than any ticket checking, dim-witted peasant’s job’s worth to let a man in a pinstriped business suit clutching his very important looking briefcase, pass by in an obvious panic to dash onto the train before he missed it, without checking his ticket first.

Steve Hilton breathlessly explained he didn’t have time to fish his ticket out or he would miss his train and he had a vital meeting to attend in London with the Prime Minister.

NO, not good enough for Mr job’s worth dim-witted, box ticking, moron ticket checker.


Dimwit, bureaucracy obsessed ticket collector, being utterly devoid of any hint of initiative, simply had to woodenly obey ‘the rules’ his ‘training’ had imposed on him.

Mr Hilton would just have to stop, spend ages fishing his ticket out from where it was buried amongst hundreds of bits of other detritous, and hand it over to the ticket inspector to peer at slowly to make sure all the silly little details were fully taken in and Mr Hilton could only then be trusted with actually telling the truth that he did, indeed, have a valid ticket.

It just wasn’t possible under ‘the rules’ for Mr Dimwit ticket collector to believe Mr Hilton without seeing the ticket. He might well be lying. It must be assumed that everyone is lying until Mr dimwit ticket collector actually sees their tickets. That’s what his training says.

That’s the way it is everywhere in this country now – thanks to the miasma of the suffocating culture of deceit and lies our poisonous Labour Government of fourteen endlessly tedious years has inflicted on us.

My, he might a be a criminal and Mr Hilton could simply be someone trying to travel without a ticket. Rules are rules. Everyone has to obey them to make sure no-one isn’t trying to steal the price of a ticket from the railway company.

Everyone is now assumed to be a criminal under the diktat of the Totalitarian Labour Idiots governing us. That’s what this bunch of thieves running our country have made everybody think after fourteen years of their hellish brainwashing of the entire population.

So, as the ‘Elf’N’Safety gnomes have instructed Mr Dimwit ticket collector to shout or radio for immediate help from the little private army of sinisterly dressed ‘security’ thugs now routinely employed by almost every organisation to intimidate and bully everyone who doesn’t cower meekly under the hatchet faced sterness of ‘authority’ and ‘the rules’; that is what happened next.

At about this point Steve Hilton was really losing patience as things seemed to be hurtling through some sort of worm hole into a parallel Universe of surreal stupidity.

So exasperated Mr Hilton called this incredibly idiotic ticket inspector a wanker.

Oh Dear. This is grounds for a criminal record when you are propelled through a wormhole into the parallel Universe by the politically correct forces of Totalitarian Labour party induced surreal socialism.

The Police were summoned. Mr Hilton was promptly arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ (for calling the odious ticket collector a wanker). The police apparently issued Mr Hilton with an instant on-the-spot £80 fine (yet another invention of those Labour Government control freaks to help beat the population into submission). Mr Hilton was then ‘de-arrested’ and sent on his way.

But now Mr Hilton has a ‘criminal record’. This, apparently, in this lunatic society we now all live in, means David Cameron is clearly unfit to be elected as the next Prime Minister.

Let’s just get this right, can we ?

It is now a crime to call an irritating prat a wanker in this country under our dear leader and Dictator Gormless Gordon, the One Eyed Scottish Idiot.

Oh Dear !

It seems we’re stuck with the one eyed Scottish idiot Gormless Gordon as Prime Minister again after the next election.

Hurrah ! Victory again for the hordes of Chavs poisoning every nook and cranny of life in the United Kingdom today!

Incidents like this are taking place every day all over the country as dim witted, ill educated idiots are given powers by bureaucratic, mentally retarded spastics taking their lead from a completely evil and very dangerous government. Constructed on the premises of jealousy, envy, control freakery and suspicion; deceit and corruption in every nook and cranny of the horrendous State we now live in.

It’s called the Brown Terror.

Margaret Beckett dislays her ignorance of the housing market

December 16, 2009

Posted on 7 December 2009 by Guest Blogger Ray Boulger of brokers John Charcol

I watched the repeat of Question Time on BBC Parliament yesterday and two points in relation to the housing market in general and the Lib Dems’ revised proposals for a Mansion tax in particular struck me as being worth commenting on.

In response to a question about the Lib Dems’ proposed Mansion tax, Margaret Beckett, after saying she couldn’t believe the figure but would share it with us anyway, said that the Land Registry figures showed that there were only 86 properties worth over £2m.

It had to be pointed out to her that that the Land Registry figures were quoted in thousands and therefore one had to add three noughts to the figure.

It is not only pretty stupid to quote a figure on national television that you say you don’t believe, but in particular most people’s common sense would have told them that there must be more than 86 houses in the country worth more than £2m.

It is a damming indictment of this Government’s understanding of the housing market that someone who was Minister of State for Housing and Planning until as recently as 5 June this year has so little understanding of such a basic fact relating to the housing market.

The other rather amusing point was seeing Kirstie Allsop get the better of Vince Cable in the discussion on his Mansion tax.


December 4, 2009

Is the UK gradually becoming a real Totalitarian State like Stalin’s Russia, Mao Tse Tung’s lunatic Chinese State and Hitler’s Germany; where in all of these examples everyone was required to think exactly the same way as everyone else accordingly to the diktats of the State, which extended it’s malevolent tentacles into every aspect of daily life ?

And if all Citizens didn’t do exactly what the State told them to do arbitrary arrests were made, followed by imprisonment or even execution for even completely trivial issues according to the whims of whichever Dictator !

Decide for yourself.

An item on the BBC news this morning said that Independent Newspaper photo-journalist Jerome Taylor was taking pictures of Parliament in London, when he was accosted by a policeman demanding to know who he was and what he was doing. The policeman demanded identification details according to powers given the State under recent new anti terror legislation after terrorist bombings in London. All this would now remain on a database for future police use .

In the same news item and even more shocking infringement of personal liberty was cited.

Another photographer was taking photographs of a fish and chip shop in Chatham high street, Kent. Two bossily officious council officials stridently demanded why the photographer was taking photographs in the high street and demanded his proof of identification details etc to note down, quoting anti terrorism regulations.

Quite rightly this photographer told the mindlessly intrusive dimwits to go away and mind their own business, whereupon these unpleasant pair of officials called the police for ‘backup’.

When the police arrived the photographer took a photo of the policemen and said he was just an ordinary citizen going about his lawful daily business, which he had a perfect right to do without explaining and justifying his every trivial move to officious busybody council employees or the police with inflated egos and idiotic fantasies of State control freakery. He might have added, would they please just go away and leave him alone !

This man was promptly arrested by these pompous, ill-informed policemen.

I hope the photographer sues the police for wrongful arrest.

It was a disgusting mis-use of highly dubious legislation by an incompetent Labour Government, headed by a dour and cheerless idiot obsessed with telling every man, woman, and child in the country what to do and think precisely as he would wish them to, on a daily basis on pain of instant State interference and even penalty if anyone didn’t do exactly what they were told by the State at all times.

Chief Constable of British Transport Police, Andy Trotter said on the BBC radio four Today programme that he didn’t think this was appropriate use of the police ‘stop and account’ powers – that weasily new legislation Gormless Gordon dreamed up to allow the Government to arbitrarily interfere with anyone at the drop of a hat.


The other big news item today is how this Gormless Gordon Brown is toadying up to the greedy bankers and positively encouraging them to grab huge amounts of taxpayer’s cash from everyone else’s pockets, so the bankers can take billions of pounds of our taxes home in their selfish, fraudulent and dishonest pockets this Christmas.

Meanwhile the rest of this nation scrimp and save to make ends meet as mass unemployment, recession and poverty hits millions of these hard pressed taxpayers as their faces are ground into the dust by this violently oppressive and poisonous Government.

Of course all this increased unemployment, poverty and Global financial crisis was entirely caused by the banks’ fraud, deceit, and dishonesty of various kinds which even extended to blatant criminality.

Every single family in this country has had to fork out from £5 000 to £40 000 to bail out the banks, according to various different estimates across the news bulletins today.

But the bankers, particular the Directors on the Board of RBS Bank, are shrieking that they are entitled to tens of millions of pounds of bonuses, and if anyone stops them they will all resign in a huff, according to news reports.

But we all gave this nasty little RBS bank billions of pounds of our taxes – thousands of pounds from each family in the country – to help it survive and stop it going completely bust when it’s incompetent and dishonest behaviour threatened to destroy the entire monetary system as well as itself.

So now, these thieving, grotesquely fat, self centred, blinkered, greedy twits are demanding the right to pocket some of this taxpayers money as what they laughingly describe as “bonuses”. Bonuses for what ? Bringing the entire Global economy to the brink of collapse and inflicting mass poverty on millions of people worldwide ?

Are the banks completely raving mad ?

It doesn’t seem to have dawned on them that all that money they are proposing to embezzle belongs to us taxpayers and not their bank and certainly not to them.

Their bank was broke, bust, bankrupt for Christ’s sakes, and we taxpayers baled the bastards out with our money. They now owe us that money and until it is paid back there is not one single penny of spare cash within the entire RBS bank which is legitimately available for any ‘bonus’ to any of the bank’s bloated, overpaid, incompetent employees.

As Vince Cable and many others have said the idiot bankers still just ‘don’t get it’.

The bankers are truly disgusting, offensive people.

This nonsense must be stopped – now.