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January 20, 2011

Leftie Mafia close ranks over Baby P

“WHY did Gordon Brown react so violently when asked in the Commons about Baby P’s shocking death?

Was it a guilty conscience?

The unforgivable death of Baby P has revealed Labour’s dirty little secret — the arrogance verging on corruption of entrenched Socialism”.

Not such a secret now, after the hideous catalogue of incompetence leading to what anyone but our modern justice system would regard as murder.

This avoidable tragedy tells us about the way the Left works when, as in Haringey, it has unbridled power.

Baby P’s fate was the culmination of a blinkered authoritarianism in which rigid political correctness supersedes human decency.

Haringey is a bastion of the loony Left.

Its website boasts: “We are committed to eliminating discrimination on the grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, gender, HIV status, marital status, nationality, national origin, race, religious belief, responsibility for dependants, sexuality, or unrelated criminal conviction.”

Great. But they can’t tell when a baby has a broken back and hours to live.

It swallows £100million a year for a child “protection” programme, and allows TWO of them to die in unimaginable agony.

Hard-faced “welfare” chief Sharon Shoesmith won’t apologise and it takes two days before anyone in Haringey says sorry.

Yet when Shoesmith IS finally kicked out, she could win £200,000 in compensation. That’s blood money. It’s disgusting.

Nobody in today’s blame-free public services walks away without a bung.

We hire armies of new nursing assistants, classroom assistants and police support officers. to help the professionals.

Yet we won’t sack any of the 20,000 rubbish teachers identified by Whitehall – or the hundreds of thousands of other idiot State employees doing nothing useful except causing lots of harm.

Superbugs kill thousands and strike terror into us all, yet no nurse or orderly has been fired for shoddy hygiene. Just fill in the forms and tick the boxes and it’s a job for life.

Look at Dr Sabah Al Zayyat, still practising after failing to spot Baby P’s ripped fingernails, let alone his bust ribs and broken spine.

The herd of State employees closes ranks, bound by a Mafia-style code of Omerta.

Speak out, like Haringey whistleblower Nevres Kemal, and you are sacked and legally gagged.

Why is such primitive tyranny tolerated?

Public service unions are Labour’s paymasters. That’s why Gordon Brown has put 800,000 more of their members on the state payroll.

It’s why they can retire at 60 on inflation-proof pensions, paid for by millions who can’t afford to retire at all.

It’s why we have hundreds of pointless quangos, costing £70billion a year and run by unaccountable stooges on £200,000 salaries.

Welcome to Labour’s client state, a multi- billion—pound gravy train driven by buck-passing bureaucrats who aren’t fit to look after a baby”.

That’s where all our taxpayer money goes !

This is an edited version of an article by TREVOR KAVANAGH Published on 17th Nov 2008 in the Sun newspaper.



November 25, 2010

Jailed for waving at my daughter

from the Daily Mail

Last updated at 08:48 26 June 2007


Denied access to his three children after his divorce, Mark was jailed for standing outside his house to wave to them. It took ten years and 133 hearings before they were reunited.

How CAN the Government insist cases like his are kept secret?

Every day there is some reminder of what Mark Harris calls ‘the lost years’.
It could be his daughter’s reference to a particular birthday party or a family holiday. It could be talk of exams sat, dentists visited or pop stars worshipped.

Each time it happens, he feels a stab of regret. ‘I missed so much,’ he reveals, with understandable bitterness. ‘They took my daughter’s childhood, her formative years, from me. Lisa is 20 now. I didn’t see her between the ages of ten and 16. An awful lot happens in a child’s life in that time, and I missed it all.’

Lisa missed a lot, too. She sits by Mark’s side as he talks, a beautiful and assured young woman, but one still coming to terms with the fact that her father simply wasn’t there when she needed him – and for an entire decade she did not know why.

‘There were times when I needed a father figure – for reassurance and advice,’ she says, with quiet restraint. ‘There just wasn’t one there.’

But the story of what happened to the Harris family isn’t just another tragic case of broken homes and estrangement. Mark, Lisa and her two younger sisters were wrenched apart by the state.

Mark was not a feckless, irresponsible father. He did not walk out of his children’s lives. Rather, he was ordered out by the family courts, and when he objected – insisting it was his right to see them – he was dealt with in a scandalous way.

Mark Harris went to prison for his girls. He was jailed for waving to them after a court order demanded he sever all contact. It was the most shameful chapter in an extraordinary ten-year custody battle.

He has now ‘won’ – today, two of his daughters live with him – only because they shared their father’s determination to re-establish their relationship.

He has lived every father’s worst nightmare, and every miserable step is etched on his face. ‘It took ten years, 133 court appearances before 33 different judges, two prison sentences and a hunger strike before I was given permission to be with my daughters again,’ he says quietly.

‘What happened to my family is unforgivable. And that it was all sanctioned – ordered – by a system that is supposed to help families is outrageous.’

The controversial family court system has much to answer for in this case. Mark Harris isn’t the first father who has questioned how it operates. Family court proceedings are notoriously secretive, and campaigners have long appealed for the proceedings to be more open and judges more accountable.

That is not to be, however. Last week the Lord Chancellor ruled that proceedings must remain secret – something that horrifies Mark and his girls.

So angry is he about his experiences that he has written a book, Family Court Hell. ‘Surely my story is evidence enough that the system needs to change.

‘If it doesn’t, the family courts are open to abuse by unaccountable judges and social workers with their own agendas, whose word is taken as law and who almost invariably favour the mother.

‘It’s a scandal which has left hundreds of fathers like me in desperation. The only solution is to have a court system that’s transparent. Otherwise it is simply not fair to fathers or, more importantly, to the children it is supposed to protect.’

When Lisa was born in 1988, Mark felt ‘like the happiest man alive’. He had been married to his wife – whom we cannot name even now for legal reasons – for three-and-a-half years, and he had longed for fatherhood. Over the next four years, two more daughters followed.

MARK says: ‘I remember thinking how lucky I was because I had a job that I could organise around the children. I’m a driving instructor, so my work was flexible. I loved the time I spent with Lisa. Not every father could read their children stories, bath them or take them out for walks in their pram.’

Mark thought he had a happy marriage, too. The only difficulty was his strained relationship with his mother-inlaw. Yet it didn’t concern him much.

‘Looking back, we rowed constantly about my mother-in-law, but I never thought it would lead to drastic action,’ he says. Perhaps he will never know exactly what was wrong in his marriage, but his wife was clearly unhappy.

One day in 1993, Mark returned from a football match to find the house ‘looking as though it had been ransacked’. Almost all the furniture had disappeared. So, too, had his wife and children, and he had no clue where they had gone.

‘I went to the police,’ he says. ‘I was beside myself, distraught. They said my
wife was in a rented house nearby, but that I shouldn’t go round until the next day. When I did, she told me she no longer loved me, but said I could see the children whenever I wanted. I was bereft.

‘I took the children home for a few hours and they spent the time crying – they were only six, four and two, and it must have been horrific for them to see their parents like that. They wanted to know when we’d all be at home together again, and I didn’t know what to say. I was as shocked and bewildered as them.’

Over the next few weeks, Mark stumbled through life in a daze. He saw his girls every day he wasn’t working, but his anger towards his wife was building up.

Two months after she left, she asked if he would take her back. Mark was too hurt to contemplate that. Instead, he launched divorce proceedings.

‘At that point, it didn’t even occur to me that access to the children would be an issue. I was granted unrestricted access – but later I discovered that even then my wife was seeing a solicitor, with a view to having my time with them reduced. She said it was confusing for them to see me.’

THE FAMILY court agreed, and his access was reduced to three times a week, then to once a week and finally to once a fortnight. Mark was stunned to discover he was powerless to resist. ‘I petitioned the judge every time, but there was nothing I could do,’ he says.

A year after they had separated, the couple divorced. Again, Mark made a bid to see more of his girls, and asked the court if they could live with him. His wife retaliated, claiming that seeing him at all was unsettling them. The court’s reaction? It banned him from any contact at all with his daughters.

‘I was just floored, disgusted. On my wife’s word, the judge simply severed all my rights of access. When I protested, no one listened. I was devastated, but there was no way I was going to turn my back on my children. How could a court order stop me from being a father?’

Every morning, while he waited for a court date to argue against this judgment, Mark saw his children being driven past his house to school by their mother. He’d wave – angry that he couldn’t say hello, but grateful for their smiles.

Then his former wife was granted an injunction stopping him even gesturing to his children as they passed. ‘It was incredible. She said it was harassment, and the court believed her. But I carried on waving. I was looking for a job and I’d walk to the Jobcentre every morning – knowing how to time it so they would come past.

‘I was damned if I was going to be prevented from waving at my own children. Naively, maybe, I assumed the whole business would be cleared up at the next court hearing.’
It wasn’t. Instead, Mark left that courtroom in handcuffs, sentenced to four months, having been told that waving was tantamount to stalking his ex. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

‘On my first night in jail I shared a cell with a murderer,’ he says. ‘It was so intimidating. The next few weeks just blurred into one long nightmare. Every waking hour I pined for my girls, wondering if I would ever see them again.

‘When I got out, the nightmare continued. It took another year for me to convince the courts I should be allowed to see them at all. Life was an endless round of court hearings. It was a wretched existence. Time and again I’d be facing a new judge and having to re-tell the story. To me, it was a matter of life and death, but to them, it seemed I was just another pushy, undeserving father who was trying to interfere in his former wife’s life.

‘I was so messed up by it all that I had a vasectomy to ensure I couldn’t find myself in that position again.’

Finally, five years after the separation, Mark was granted permission to see his daughters. He was excited about the planned date – but devastated-when Lisa didn’t turn up. ‘By then I was livid at the system. It was destroying my life. I know it was a foolish thing to do, but I started picketing the homes of the judges who had denied me contact, hoping they would take pity on me.’

His protests were to no avail. Instead, in 2001, he was sentenced to ten months in prison for contempt of court for driving past his girls’ house to catch a glimpse of them. By then spiralling into depression, he went on hunger strike. For two weeks he refused food and water. ‘I stopped only when I realised that if I died I would never see my precious daughters again,’ Mark says.

Who knows how this desperate fight to be a father would have ended had Lisa, then 16, not intervened. ‘After a row with her mother, she called Mark and told him she and one of her sisters wanted to live with him.

‘I got this call saying they had packed their bags and were at a bus stop. Would I pick them up? In breach of all court orders, I got in the car and brought them home. Seeing Lisa again, for the first time in six years, was incredible. I didn’t know how to speak to, or look at, this young woman before me. She was wearing make-up. She had her 6ft boyfriend in tow. It was surreal, but in the end we fell into each other’s arms and sobbed.’

It was only then that the family court system seemed to consider Mark’s rights. He called the High Court emergency hotline and eventually spoke to a ‘decent, humane judge’.

Ten minutes after their conversation-he was faxed a temporary residency order. In court the following week, every previous court order was set aside. ‘It took ten minutes to put right and ten years of injustice, which made me realise just what power those judges have,’ says Mark.

The ruling meant that Lisa and her sisters could choose which parent they lived with. Lisa and her youngest sister – who, again, we can’t name for legal reasons – now live with him.

Lisa is studying to be a legal secretary. Her story is even more poignant. She tells of the confusion that has blighted most of her life, and you cannot help but wonder what long-term damage has been inflicted on her and her sisters.

‘One minute we were normal children. The next we were in a rented house with Dad hammering on the door demanding to be allowed to see us,’ she says. ‘We were scared. None of it made sense. Sometimes we’d be allowed to see Dad regularly, then there were times with no contact at all.

‘When Dad disappeared out of our lives, we just thought he had stopped loving us. I was certain I’d done something wrong. ‘The first time we saw him waving to us as we went to school, I was thrilled. I remember thinking: “He still cares.”

‘Every morning, Mum would tell us we shouldn’t look at him – that he was a bad man – yet we couldn’t help but grin when we saw him. It made our day.’ It was impossible for Lisa’s mother to go a different route.

WHEN her father went to prison, no one explained to Lisa why. ‘Mum said: “You see – I told you he was bad.” I was ten years old. As far as I knew, you had to do something pretty awful to go to prison.’

She turned against her father, telling social workers she didn’t want to see him. Yet with hindsight she explains she was simply trying to gain control over the horrific situation.

‘There was this endless pantomime with social workers wanting to know what I thought. All I wanted was to be allowed to love both my parents, but I knew that was never going to happen.

‘Mum’s hatred for Dad was so deep that to keep her happy, and to get them off my back, I said I wouldn’t see him. Turning love to hate made that easier. I told myself that my dad had been wicked, so he deserved it.’

When the courts finally granted access, Lisa was so tortured that she often didn’t turn up to see her father. She thought she was protecting her mother by siding with her.
However, when she fell out with her mother during a phase of teenage rebellion, it was to her father that she fled – and when she discovered he had never stopped loving her, she was left reeling.

‘I’d never forgotten Dad’s number. I know I was only ringing him then to get back at Mum, but when I heard his voice, I wanted to cry. I told him I loved him and that I wanted to see him. Everything just flooded out.’

The first meeting was as hard for her as it was for him. ‘The last time I’d seen him I’d been ten and carrying a skipping rope. When I walked into my old bedroom – and saw it was as I had left it – I wanted to sob. I didn’t dare do so, though, because I knew if I did I’d never stop.’

Four years on, Lisa and Mark are only just beginning to rebuild their relationship. Every day, more gaps are filled, and more trust regained.

Meanwhile, Lisa rarely sees her mother, and she is angry at her mother’s behaviour. It is a desperately sorry story, with no real winners. But then, as Lisa points out, it was never supposed to be a contest.

‘I wish to God that my parents had avoided the courts from day one, and simply shared us, the children they created together,’ she says.

‘Instead, complete strangers were allowed to get involved in our lives to such an extent that everyone lost sight of the needs of us children.

‘I love both my parents; I always will. But I will never get my childhood back. It is gone for ever.’

Read more:

Refugees flee the tyranny of social workers

November 9, 2010

By Christopher Booker

Published in the Sunday Telegraph 7th November 2010

Refugees flee the tyranny of social workers

There was a time when Britain took pride in offering a safe haven to the victims of tyrannies in other countries. Today we see this in reverse, with scores of families each year fleeing this country as the only way to escape a vicious system bent on seizing their newborn children for no good reason. Last week I heard two more such horror stories and this week I will relate the first, in which I am legally compelled to disguise the names.

Roger and Carol lived happily in Doncaster with their five-year-old daughter. One day last November they had a marital disagreement, involving no more than raised voices. They were overheard by a neighbour who called the police. The couple were arrested and held for nine hours before being released without charge. But the police had summoned the social workers to remove the child, who had not been harmed in any way other than hearing her parents having a row – as countless children do every day.
The social workers obtained an interim care order, on the grounds that the child was “at risk of emotional harm”, and gave her to (more…)


May 20, 2010

Busy little hare brained internet forum poster Yvonne, said ‘Boz, you must have no vocabulary or brain ! I guess you enjoy insulting people instead of giving your opinions’.

This intellectual giant took exception to my post here saying:

‘What nasty, evil people these social services employees are !

‘Unfortunately it seems most government employees in the UK are just as appalling – idle jobsworths; thick stupid, robotic, inhumane bastards that have spread into our lives like a poisonous disease since the labour party commenced their looting of the UK population fourteen years ago when they came to power.

‘Get rid of of Gormless Gordon Brown and his army of totalitarian control freaks who are busy destroying our lives and families’.

This post of mine was in response to an appalling story of the nastiness and evil incompetence of social services who were threatening to take a mother’s children away.

You can see the story on this website here at ‘THE VOICE OF INJUSTICE’

In a small nutshell the following is a brief description by the mother of this story.

‘This all started because of a referral from the home education officer Claire Bishton, who works for Wolverhampton Council, because we wouldn’t allow her to do a home visit.

The social worker involved, Sarah O’Connor who has lied to the courts and police in order to steal our children. The judge that allowed them to get a court order on us HHJ Hughes at the WOLVERHAMPTON DISTRICT REGISTRY, without us being there to defend ourselves or any proper evidence being shown. We would also like to mention Tracey Christine who works for the chief legal officer for Wolverhampton city council, for her disgraceful letter which came with the court order.

‘All of these people have actively seeked to destroy our family and steal our children without a shred off evidence, based on the fact we home educate. The reasons for their involvement keeps changing from home education, to your sons health , to your house is messy !! We have always done what is in the best interests of our son where his health is concerned, as his medical records will show. We are not breaking any laws by home educating or declining home visits, we have the letters from Claire Bishton, to prove she was satisfied with the eduction being provided.

Yvonne’s searingly insightful brain led her to to post her message to me, rubbishing my acid comments about incompetent social services and other equally incompetent, idle and highly toxic government employees who have been indoctrinated by Gormless Gordon Brown’s horrible and destructive totalitarian labour government to interfere and control everyone’s lives in the minutest detail.

Yvonne said to the mother who had felt obliged to flee the country before social services obtained a court order to wrongly remove her children from their parents:

‘Your post which says ‘If you had nothing to hide, why were you running? Would it not have been better to stay and prove them wrong? Just a thought…’

So, I thought I would explain to simple minded Yvonne just why her post makes me intensely angry because it is what all the dim witted sheep in life say about every power crazed dictatorship and similar things like power crazed brain dead bureaucrats – social services, for example !

It is a fact that when governments make well intentioned laws and senior government bureaucrats implement those laws, the badly paid, ignorant, disinterested and often very badly educated army of junior government employees who actually deal with the implementation of those laws at the interface with the public, mis-interpret the rules and mis-apply those very laws in an utter shambles of what parliament intended in the first place.

So it is the case with social services and their well documented talents for turning child care protection issues into a total joke with their incompetence.

Some children who need to be taken into care and away from family generated dangers are failed by the incompetence of social services and die or are otherwise harmed.

Other children who are not being harmed by their families are wrongly taken into care/adopted by social services, because social services can be venal and wicked and incompetent.

I have my own personal experience of that and I have also been privy to hundreds of other people’s stories of the wicked incompetence of social services causing immense harm to children and other people in those children’s families.

My son was the victim of social services in this manner. His mother became badly ill with bi-polar illness, behaving erratically. She was a very good mother apart from her illness driving her to behave in erratic ways.

Firstly, when I contacted social services to provide the help they were legally obliged to provide for the three children who were at risk of this illness at one point, and to provide the statutory medical and social care the mother needed at the time ( i.e. hospitalisation) they refused point blank to take any notice of my request to them.

They refused to do anything to investigate the case. Social services blatantly flouted the law and refused to fulfill their statutory duties. I then nagged them remorselessly until they did investigate the case.

Then they told me they agreed the mother was stark staring bonkers and psychotic but said they ‘couldn’t do anything about it until something happened’ – meaning the children were actually injured. Social services were also (illegally and incompetently) ignoring the deprived circumstances the children were then living in.

Meanwhile all three children and the mother had nearly been killed while the mother drove up a motorway for 200 miles slightly drunk, in the middle of the night, very tired and psychotic and fell asleep several times at the the wheel of her car. There were many other similar dangerous situations and problems due to psychoses that I was aware of.

I was forced to go to court to seek custody only as a means of getting the medical help the mother needed as well as the help the kids needed. There was no actual relationship breakdown.

The mother immediately told the court she wished me to have custody for the safety of the kids as she recognised the dangers of her illness, and the fact the illness made her erratic in every way.

The court gave me interim custody. I got the mother into hospital. Everything was OK excepting within the confines of having to deal with a nasty illness. The family was still together and the children had a stable home with both parents.

Social services then told the mother she ‘must fight me for custody of the children otherwise she may never see them again’. The mother was sitting with me in my house when this idiot social worker (one Conrad Barzey of the infamous Haringey Social Services Department, a total moron) just came out with little gem for no discernably logical reason whatever.

When not in hospital, the mother was quite happily living with me and there was no thought by her or me that our relationship would not continue with us living together, jointly bringing up the children.

This act of wickedness by social services led to the mother having yet another breakdown and hospitalisation. She also then abducted the kids (in a delusional state ) which was a flouting of the court order giving me interim custody for the safety of the kids, even though the mother was actually living with me.

Social services now connived with the mother to flout the court order and further interfered by employing lawyers to ‘fight me for custody’. Being mentally ill, the mother was an easy target for persuasion by the social services to whatever way of thinking took their fancy because that is a key feature of mental illness. It makes sufferers prone to easy persuasion.

Social services now took the mother under their wing and ran her life for her.

They instantly found her a Council house 220 miles away from me and proceeded to do everything they could think of to prevent me having anything to do with my son and their intention was obviously the break up of our family completely and to condemn the mother to being the single parent of three kids with a mental illness that would make it impossible for the mother to give the kids a reasonable or safe upbringing.

Despite the judge in the family Court telling social services it was perfectly clear the mother was unsafe and unreliable owing to her mental illness, and that the judge felt it was impossible to agree to social services’ demands to make a court order giving the mother sole custody, in spite of the judge reminding social services that I was an exemplary and reliable father, exactly that took place.

It took place entirely owing to the venality of the social services and their lawyers, my lawyers, together with an unconscious connivance of the judge who was so used to the unimportance or even relevance of ‘the other parent’ opposing social services’ in courts.

After a few months even social services had to take my son away from an incapable mother whose illness was being demonstrably being made worse by the activities of social services in her life.

Meanwhile social services had contrived to thwart the court order giving me unfettered access to my son two days a week and were busy trying to manufacture utter falsehoods of a completely bizarre and actually irrelevant nature against me.

Social services then proceeded to threaten me with having my son forcibly adopted ‘if I didn’t cooperate with them’. Whatever that meant.

My son was not returned to me, but put into care by social services where he was physically abused and almost certainly emotionally abused too.

I was now obliged to go to court to retrieve my son from social services and their threat to have him adopted, despite the fact that no accusation of any kind had ever been made against me of me being a bad or in some way inadequate parent. And there was also a previous court order giving me interim custody anyway; and the fact that the family court judge had already described me as an exemplary and reliable parent.

There was absolutely no legal or moral basis of any kind for social services to take my son into their care and away from me. I had, in fact, been publicly praised by the family court judge for being a very good father.

I did get my son back eventually, but social services had by now done immense damage to the family and my son’s mother’s two other children had gone to live with their father as a direct result of social services machinations in the family court.

This father did not think he could adequately look after his kids and didn’t really want to. He had already agreed with me that he was quite happy for me to have custody of them and bring them up for him together with their mother who was normally living with me.

As everyone imagined, it was a very bad idea and very damaging for the two other kids to be living with their father.

This subsequently led to the disintegration of the entire family, increased state of illness of the mother, me being a single parent, and the other two kids, now twenty, severely damaged and very disadvantaged and disfunctional as a direct result of the evils and incompetence’s of social services.

Well done social services. What a result !

Here is a link to another charming story in the Daily Mail newspaper about the social services wrongly removing children from their parents on the most insane, politically correct and deranged grounds you could never conjure up up in your wildest nightmares about brain dead public officials working for our totalitarian, useless government.


February 26, 2010

Khyra Ishaq, aged just seven years old, was emaciated and confined to a squalid room, she was deprived of food and regularly beaten, dying in excruciating pain in May 2008, weighing 2st 9lb.

She was found to have suffered more than 60 injuries. Khyra and five other children in the family home shared a single mattress and one small bowl of food a day, in conditions which were compared to a “Victorian workhouse”.

As Gordon and Abuhamza were convicted of manslaughter and child cruelty yesterday, the failures of social services and welfare officers were laid bare.

Khyra Ishaq was in Birmingham where 18 vulnerable children have died over the past five years, according to the local MP, who described the death rate as “an epidemic”.

She suffered months of abuse by Angela Gordon and Junaid Abuhamza.

Read t he rest of this ghastly story in the Daily Telegraph by clicking here.

According to the Times newspaper, Children’s services at Birmingham City Council were last year described as “unfit for purpose” after it emerged that 16 children known to social workers, including Khyra, had died of abuse or neglect in five years.

The department mounted a vigorous defence of its role in the child’s death, saying that it lacked sufficient powers to intervene, especially once Khyra was removed from school to be “home-educated”.

Click here to read the rest of the Times story.

I have this to say, very briefly at present, about my own experiences of Social Services.

My Partner had become seriously mentally ill with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia after our son was born eleven years ago.
It took a gigantic effort on my part to get any medical help at all from the NHS, and, when it at last appeared, it was pathetic and utterly inadequate.

When my partner ‘abducted’ my one year old son and her own young ten year old daughter and nine year old son from our house in North London in a drunken frenzy of psychotic schizophrenia breakdown at one a.m. one night, she nearly killed them all.

She drove 200 miles from London to North Wales, tired, drunk, raving, and completely psychotic. She frequently fell asleep at the wheel of the car, and her terrified nine and ten year olds desperately tried to keep her awake as she swerved from side to side of the motorway.

It was a following lorry driver who saved their lives at one point as the women was completely asleep at the wheel and the kids could no longer keep her awake.

Fortunately they all survived that ride of terror to end up staying in the one bedroomed pensioners sheltered accommodation belonging to my schizophrenic’s mother, also another schizophrenic.

So, two kids forcibly removed from their schools and and a one year old baby, together with two schizophrenic women in a tiny one bedroomed flat in the wilds of North Wales, several miles from the nearest village or town. That’s five people in that tiny, foetid, festering prison with two completely insane people, quite unable to properly look after them. Because that was what it was to those children; a prison full of madness.

My desperate efforts over the next few weeks to get North Wales Social Services to help both my very ill partner and all three children before some dreadful accident happened fell on completely deaf ears. At first social services simply refused to bother to do anything at all, saying it ‘was nothing to do with me’.

This was despite the mother already having spent a long time being forcibly detained against her will for her own safety and the safety of others – sectioned – in a secure ward of a mental hospital.

Eventually, my constant telephoning of these incompetent fools of social workers forced them to do at least something, because I was being such a nuisance to them and obviously would not just go away. But their plan was just to tick a few boxes so they could just end up really doing nothing at all except get rid of me.

Cutting a long story short, Social Services had a legal obligation to follow up my report of children being endangered. They also a legal responsibility to provide medical treatment to a vulnerable person, the schizophrenic.

So, they did eventually, and with very bad grace, pay my partner and children a visit, apparently taking a great interest in examining the feet and toes of the one year old for some bizarre reason. They left and then did nothing at all.

These incompetent social services fools couldn’t even be bothered to contact me and inform me of the outcome of their visit. So, of course, I only found out about the visit by accident when I telephoned them.

After the usual battle with the idiots trying not to speak to me on the grounds it was private information and nothing to do with me as I wasn’t the woman’s husband, they finally did tell me they had paid a visit.

They said ‘We paid a visit to your partner and children, and we agree she is obviously very mentally ill, but there is nothing we can do until something actually happens’.

In other words, the social services person speaking to me spelt out the fact the children had to be visibly and seriously physically injured before these social services morons would do anything at all.

It didn’t seem to even occur to the social services dimwits that the children were already suffering immense emotional and mental strains in a hothouse of pure psychosis with two, off the wall, completely mad women behaving in very bizarre ways and dangerously unable to look after young children, or even themselves.

That was just the beginning of my Social Services nightmare.

Susan Dicks, North Wales Director of Children’s Services then entered my life with an astonishing malevolence and vicious incompetence that simply takes your breath away. In my opinion and certainly my own experience, she was the sort of typical, spiteful minded, senior management Social Services harridan like Sharon 
Shoesmith of Haringey Social services – the unpleasant and lazy Social Services person who presided over the death of Baby Peter.

Curiously Haringey Social Services were going to come into this saga shortly as well, more of which later.

Meanwhile, I can assure you readers that I have extensive experiences now of social services which show me they are, as a whole, staffed from top to bottom with utterly incompetent, mean minded, ignorant fools whose main achievement in life is to completely destroy children’s lives in one way or another. As well as destroy the lives of innocent and decent parents, condemning thousands of children to lives of deprivation and misery of one sort or another.

The entire collective body of UK Social Services is a dangerous, vicious menace – a product of a dangerous, controlling government.

And nothing whatever is being done about it.