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May 7, 2017

ALL politicians are idiots ! The reason being they ALWAYS have self interest of one sort or another – usually having to toe ‘party lines’.

A pompous, patronising  typical internet Troll says:

“Must have taken you quite some time to closely follow the entire careers of ‘all politicians’ to the extent that you can say that there’s not one single one who is doing a good job. Impressive”.

So I thought  I would reply as follows.

“Obviously I am making a generalisation about politicians, a sweeping statement as a form of shorthand to articulate a view held by, probably, the vast majority of people –  that politicians in general blunder around causing a lot of problems and fixing few.

But perhaps you don’t actually like people being able to implement ‘critical thinking’ after all because you would rather control all their own thought processes yourself. You must be a bureaucrat as well as a Troll !

The fact is, if you waved a magic wand to eliminate all politicians and government and for the purposes of this argument this magic wand would also have to ensure every person always behaved in a decent and moral way, then a vast number of problems produced by politicians  would disappear overnight.

All wars throughout history, without exception, have been caused by politicians. Politicians continuously interfere with the daily lives of ordinary citizens in ways which are quite poisonous.

I have personal experiences of this relatively ‘benign’ UK State abusing government machinery and  behaving in quite disgusting, destructive ways. These mechanisms are constructed as part of every government machine and are abused in every State. In this UK relatively benign, ‘democratic’ State, the abuse is at a much lower level that a truly nasty dictatorship like Syria, Hitler’s Germany, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq etc. But, fundamentally, there is absolutely no difference between any State except the degree of abuse politicians heap upon those they rule.

But politicians like more and more power and the more they get the more they abuse it. Turkey’s Erdogan had sufficient power to have very tight control over all aspects of Turkey’s population, but that wasn’t enough to enable him to do as he pleased, so he recently did exactly what all dictators throughout history have done & manipulated government machinery to give him dictatorial powers –  exactly the same as all those other idiots throughout history.

But the thing is, the most interesting reason for politicians doing a lousy job – ALL of them –  and I don’t need to follow the daily activities of all politicians throughout history to know this – is that the people they surround themselves with and to whom they delegate decisions to, corrupt that decision implementation process.

Every time a decision is delegated further down the line until it finally reaches a spotty faced teenager resonsible for implementing that decision, it often becomes a sick joke because a process similar to Chinese Whispers has occurred, combined with a total lack of proper control over that person at the end of a long chain who ends up doing more or less what he pleases with a total disregard of what is lawful, right and proper and originally intended by the politicians at the top of the tree.

Usually that person at the end of the chain of command will do what is most in his own best interest. Often that means that he commonly expects a bribe    to enable him to do what he should be doing by law without payment being required.

I have experienced of that right here in the UK and in the armed forces where a person of considerable authority expected a bribe from me for him to process the bureaucratic process in question. He didn’t get his bribe but he incurred an extra cost to the State of at least £100 000 as a direct result of his corrupt behaviour.

A another great example I have some personal experience of battling with is this. It is a really good example of what I am talking about right now.

The UK Parliament not long ago decided to produce  an Act of Parliament to fundamentally change a little corner of law which belonged entirely in the distant past & needed updating to reflect our modern World. This change was to say that the fathers of children would now be legally recognised as those children’s fathers even when they had not been actually married to the mothers of those children.

Previously only fathers who were married to the mothers of the father’s children were automatically recognised legally as the child’s father. If the same couple were not married and produced children, the father had no legal rghts over his children whatever unless he went to a court to prove he was the father and before DNA testing that would usually  have been impossible.

So, the Act of Parliament actually said that any father of a child who is named as the father on the birth certificate  within one year of the birth of that child would now be considered in law to have all the full paternal rights that any married father normally had.

And this is where things went wrong with that chain of command thing. The Minister of State in charge of this Parliamentary Bill decided, in his carelessly ignorant & very stupid way, to subtly change what Parliament had  actually ordered in it’s Parliamentary Bill.

There is a Parliamentary mechanism for this kind of change to take place whereby when an Act is passed, it may not come into law until a later date for the sake of convenience – sorting out bits of bureaucracy etc. And previously devious legislators have produced a mechanism where Acts of Parliament can actually be altered, a bit, possibly, sometimes, if appropriate,  providing those slight alterations do not contradict the intentions of that Act of Parliament.

But, Government Ministers, being the crafty, devious politicians they are, take this opportunity of mis-using the intentions of the rules of legislation by bending and contorting those rules to suit themselves and their personal agendas. Such is the shifty, dishonest, process of politics.

In this particular case, the Parliamentary Act intended all fathers whose names appeared on birth certificates within one year of the birth to have those paternal legal rights. But the Minister of State when signing the Act into law by means of  something called a Statutory Instrument, wrote an alteration to the Act by saying  the Act would now only apply to the fathers of any children born after the date of the new Act being signed into law.

Thus at a stroke of his mind-numbingly stupid and ignorant pen  every single existing father was instantly dis-enfranchised and the intention of this new Act of Parliament was utterly thwarted as far as all existing fathers was concerned.

And this meant for me that the moronic and very stupid and nasty officials at the passport office refused to issue my son with a passport, although the new law did actually clearly say these new rules would allow him to have a passport without information about his mother as a father was now allowed to apply for a passport when he had never married the mother whereas previously unmarried fathers could NOT apply for their childrens’ passports. I would just have to provide extra proof of me being the father rather than a birth certificate; and I could do this, no problem.

But, no, those braindead and very stupid passport officials just saw this as another opportunity for them to abuse and behave extremely badly towards members of the public needing to use government services. They were really, really abusive towards me. They were disgusting actually. Really bad.

My son ended up losing a free foreign holiday someone offered him & I ended up paying for air tickets which were not used. The Moronic passport officials were totally confused by this new act of Parliament and combined with their nasty, bureaucratic control freakery and strong arm tactics and mis-information just point blank acted unlawfully in refusing my son a passport.

They also threw me out of the building and threatened me with violence if I didn’t leave; why ? Only because I had told them I had taped the entire kafkaesque, nonsensical drivel they had spouted at me. The utter idiot I had said that to actually ran away in a panic shouting ‘security, security help’.

These are the sort of idiots that run all our public services now.

The failure of the politicians who are supposed to be in charge to actually take charge and ensure every chain of command is adequately managed and controlled to stop corruption like this and make things works as intended and efficiently, is the cause of the problem.

For example, the NHS is falling apart because it employs thousands and thousands of useless, lazy, incompetent people who get away with doing an apallingly  bad job putting people’s lives at risk, causing injury & death all over the place while they always blame someone else for their neglect, including ‘a lack of money’ for the NHS. But if the incompetent managers of the NHS stopped wasting so much money by imposing massiveily stupid bureaucratic nonsense on everyone,  there would be vastly more money available to actually improve the quality of the NHS healthcare  for everyone. Everyone within the NHS is busy blaming everyone else as the cause of them doing a lousy job.

Again, I have some personal experience of this whereby a few hundred pounds bit of necessary expenditure on something trivial, ends up costing tens of thousands of pounds because of the halfwit idiocy of the bureacracy which ‘the system’ requires everyone to obey.

The reason the NHS is such a mess is that the Secretary of State responsible for it – Jeremy Hunt, the ‘Health Minister’ is a prat. He makes no attempt whatever to take charge of the NHS and just continues to let the Chief Executive of the NHS do as he pleases in the usual incompetent way while that CEO in turn lets the managers immediately underneath him behave like halfwits too, and so it goes all the way down the line to the spotty faced teenager at the bottom behaving like a lazy dimwit simply because nobody, but nobody has the capacity to take charge of anything in the  NHS properly.

These are just some examples of how it is that politicians are collectively doing a lousy job. And as far as I can see those politicians I have closely observed who I have appreciated/admired for doing a better job than other politicians, have ALL also often done a lousy job of certain issues under their control because they had to obey the unwanted political influences forced upon them by others.

This constant ebb and flow of unwanted political compromising and watering down of decision making is the very essence of politics. I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine. It is also the process which produces a tortuous, writhing morass of strangulating bureaucracy that stifles all parts of the real World and prevents people  just getting things done properly & decently and creating wealth”.