Written in exasperated desperation to Apple about their appalling software for iPads


I have been using Apple computers since about 1990 & I  currently use an iMac desktop with OS  10.6.8 & recently acquired an iPad for my 15 year old son to use at school.


Firstly I am annoyed that I should be within a 90 warranty period for telephone support, but seem to have been conned out of that. We have only been in possession of this iPad for a few weeks.


But, never mind. The real complaint is the appalling lack of intuitive functionality of the Operating System on the iPad. I am utterly disgusted. It is simply idiotic, unnecessarily primitive and totally unacceptable.


As a journalist I have been writing about computing since I first worked for  US hardware manufacturer  MAI as a public relations consultant in 1979.


Hardware in that time has advanced magnificently. Software functionality barely advanced at all and seems to have frequently gone backwards. Generally, all software is unforgivably lacking in intuitiveness and very badly written.


Bearing in mind that all life forms on the planet are coded by just four DNA letters and this produces such a large variety of extremely detailed, exacting, & precise instructions for very intuitively modeled complex life forms, it throws into sharp relief the utterly sloppy nature of software writing which provides such childishly un-intuitive software for computer users to use. It should be infinitely better than it is.


This message box, for instance, is irritatingly, unnecessarily too small – a very common (& stupid) problem.


But, back to my use of the iPad. I have so far spent hours groping around it’s pathetic software, trying to work out how to use it and with very limited success.


Focussing only on the last problem I was trying to deal with, which made me lose the will to live & at which point I had to just give up, was setting up email.


I wanted to add my son’s BT internet email account & did so. But somehow the address was quoted as @ icloud without explanation. At first it seemed to not send and receive, but then, apparently, relented as emails then appeared in both the account on the ipad & my desktop from where I had sent an email to the iPad.


Then, unaccountably, the ipad inbox became clogged with hundreds of old messages which had been long ago deleted from  the bt internet account. This would be nothing more than a slight annoyance if I was able to delete them. No chance of that though.


I can only delete them one by one (there are hundreds, remember) because for the life of me I cannot find out how to select all of them & then delete all of them in one go.


That it should be so difficult to find out how to do this very basic thing is ridiculous and appallingly unforgivable and typifies the problem with using nearly all other parts of the ipad Operating System.


And that  I should have to waste time by writing emails like this to beg you to tell me the hidden secret of how to make email work on your iPad is ridiculous.


That basic functionality like this is so hidden only goes to show your software is so poor is is simply not fit for purpose, which potentially is a cause for legal action in simple commercial terms.


Annoyed ? You bet I am. And not just about this one problem, but about the generality of bad software making it difficult for even the Apple technical support people to have the slightest idea of what they are talking about when having to deal with iMac OS software.


This relates to another problem I had about a year ago which completely defies belief. Apple accepted fault for this and even offered me a “free’ iphone in compensation which I have so far not bothered to collect as I just find it rather insulting really.



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