Supermarkets Are Profiteering Extortionists

Sainsburys and other supermarkets are absolute rip-off merchants, using their semi-monopoly of the UK food market to extort huge amounts of profit from helpless consumers by hugely overcharging on many items such as potatoes.

Potato Weekly magazine,  published by the Potato Council, lists the average UK price paid to farmers for potatoes for the week to 21 June 2013 as £286.38 per metric ton  – which 1000 kilos. That is 28.63 pence per kilo – for this 2013 season’s NEW potatoes.

But Sainsburys are charging £3 per kilo and I even saw a price of £4 a kilo somewhere once. So, at £3 a kilo Sainsburys are selling potatoes at about ten times what they pay for them if they did buy them at average prices.

But actually, they will almost certainly be buying them at specially negotiated prices which are actually far lower than published average prices.

Last season’s clapped out potatoes, often gently rotting invisibly from the inside with ‘black rot’ caused entirely by too long in storage, are also being sold at incredibly inflated prices, also many times what the supermarkets paid for them.

I buy some types of meat at a lower price than Sainsbury’s grossly overpriced potatoes. To suggest that potatoes are costing more than meat to produce is laughable under any circumstances and proves supermarkets charge what they think they can get away with.

Supermarkets fraudulently present themselves to consumers being as selling  groceries  at the cheapest possible  prices. They are liars.

Potato Council business report for Great Britain

Monday 24 June 2013

2012 Crop Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS)

The GB Weekly Average

for the week to 21 June is £286.38/t (€335.62/t) the same week in 2012 was £168.56t


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