Thieves are attempting to steal ten percent of all bank savings deposits in Cyprus banks. The thieves are European Union financial conmen from Germany.

The cause of the whole credit crisis, which started when Lehmans bank became so fraudulent other banks refused to lend to it, is simply that banks in general are too dishonest, too greedy and too fraudulent to be entrusted with the control of the money supply.

Banks control the money supply by constantly increasing it by lending money they do not have. They simply borrow off each other in a constant merry-go-round to balance their books. This is how they create 97% of the money supply – by creating debt.

Lehmans fell off that merry-go-round when even the other banks thought Lehmans were creating too much money out of nothing because the more a bank lends the more interest it earns which it can keep as profit. This becomes ‘real’ money which the banks keep as profit and which is eventually spent by these greedy profiteers into the wider economy – after they have bought their  flashy gold diamond encrusted Rolex watches and mansions !

It is simply a license for the banks to print money for themselves which is why they pay ludicrously high bonuses to their disgustingly rapacious employees.

Now the banks are desperately trying to claw back all that money they recklessly and dishonestly created which is why they are refusing to lend money to business’. The banks are actually sucking back as much money as possible to reduce their own debts before they go bust like the Cypriot banks, meanwhile cheerfully pocketing the excruciatingly high, usurious, interest rates they squeeze out of borrowers.

This is exactly what is causing the economic meltdown, loss of millions of jobs, loss of millions of homes, destruction of national economies and misery for  tens of millions of people.

The Cypriot banks are going bust and being bailed out because they were seriously greedy and dishonest and now they have been found out. All the banks have behaved in a similar way and ALL are devious, out of control monsters that ruin our lives.

Politicians are to frightened to stand up to them.

A completely different model of money is needed like that suggested by the ‘Positive Money’ campaign for a more honest system of money not held in the stranglehold of the privately owned banks.

How insane can  it be that privately owned banks control the money supply and entire national economies, house prices, our jobs – everything ?

It is a really nasty system. Why hasn’t the Government done something about changing it ?


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