And a  food industry making us ill with processed and adulterated food as well as contaminating beef products with illegal horsemeat.

Having just looked up what exactly naturopathy is, I cannot necessarily claim to be a disciple, but my immediate thought was that nearly every medical intervention I have experienced at the hands of doctors has been a disaster, many being unwanted & unnecessary & with consequential damage.

My fault has always been to trust the superior knowledge of the doctors and it has only about now that I can pinpoint accurately many instances of them being just plain wacky and not actually applying proper science, but more their own personal and often misguided opinions based on their own prejudices. I no longer trust them at all !

The most serious problem they have caused is quite interesting as it applies to so many people.

Doctors insisted in brainwashing me from the age of about twenty into believing I had firstly a duodenal ulcer, then they morphed that into  a hiatus hernia causing acid reflux which after utterly mismanaging for several decades they said medicine had now advanced so much that an exciting new surgical procedure could solve the aggravations caused by acid reflux. I stupidly believed them & had the op –  a fundoplasty.

A year afterwards a camera peering down my oesophagus showed that, in the words of the surgeon, “there was no sign of the fundoplasty ever having taken place”. But meanwhile, what had been a manageable problem has now become worse in that the hacking around of tissue with a sharp knife  etc has resulted in some scar tissue  and distortion of the end of the oesophagus which now means acid trickles slowly out of my stomach the minute I lie down – even if I haven’t eaten for hours. This causes extreme pain and would burn a hole in my oesophagus & kill me within weeks, or in the longer term kill me with cancer. All this means I now have to rely on taking a magic drug every day which stops my stomach producing acid.

So, should I find myself suddenly marooned on a desert island without access to the drug I will almost certainly die in a short time period. I am condemned forever to rely on the availability of this drug, without which it’s curtains. Thank you very much doctors.

And the mean minded paucity of the “wonderful” NHS insists on only doling out one month’s supply of this drug at a time, so I am constantly scurrying off to the doctor twice a month, once to request a repeat prescription and the second time to actually pick it up, then there is a third monthly excursion to a pharmacist to actually get the drug. All of which is all a good example of the pathetic demands of NHS bureaucracy which now stops doctors prescribing things for longer periods of time. NHS Bureaucrats are morons.

By the way, if the fundoplasty had been done properly, it would have stopped the acid reflux & worked a treat. It simply wasn’t done properly because the NHS surgeon doing it was a pratt. He proved this when I saw him after the surgery had taken place. It is a simple mechanical surgical procedure and if done correctly it works. There is really no excuse for not doing it correctly in normal circumstances. You either do the job properly or you are a careless idiot and do it badly. Basically, he was so obsessed with the box ticking culture which the NHS now has that he was in too much of a hurry to do the job carefully and just rushed through it to complete his quota of boxes ticked for the day; despicable.

But, what is really interesting about the whole sorry saga is this. Acid reflux is endemic to ALL individuals. It is a natural consequence of the types of food eaten, processes of stomach fermentation & digestion, combined with the particular physiology of the individual. Every person experiences potential acid reflux when burping excess fermentation gas from the stomach. It only becomes a problem in some people when it is excessive, repetitive, and mostly happens when you are lying down and acid refluxes out of the stomach with the release of gas and washes up the oesophagus causing acid burn on unprotected tissue not designed to cope with acid.

It becomes excessive principally because types of food are eaten which directly cause it. One obvious example which affects most people are raw green peppers, onions etc. But also many aspects of the modern diet such as refined & processed and disgustingly adulterated foods & dubious dietary habits cause excessive fermentation and production of  gas which produces an enormous pressure on the muscles holding the end of the oesophagus closed in order to keep the contents of the stomach from hurtling up the oesophagus. This causes belching the gas out when upright, but when lying down out comes the liquid contents of the stomach too. As this contains acid, it burns the oesophagus which over time causes severe injury and, in particular, a huge likelihood of cancer.

Smoking  and alcohol too, are both huge contributors to digestive disruption, production of increased amounts of acid, gas production, burping and consequential acid reflux.

Doctors should know all this and make an effort to ensure their patients understand it all and improve as many of the contributory problems as possible to either reduce acid reflux or even make it completely disappear and not be the serious  problem it so often is. Many doctors obviously don’t know enough about it, and they should. Many more obviously can’t be bothered to spend time educating their patients. Many deaths from oesophageal cancer could be avoided.

You do not deal with this problem by means of surgery. If you actually understand the problem, which, clearly my doctors did not, you solve the problem by paying careful attention to what you eat and when you eat it and make sure you do not go to bed until about three hours or more has elapsed since you last ate so that your stomach is empty. Ever since owning a restaurant in my twenties I have had the habit of eating very, very late in the evening and then going to bed on a full stomach without realising what a problem it would cause. It is also manifestly clear to me now, that an increasing  number of modern foods are processed in a manner which makes them likely to cause medical problems in many people.

Modern milk and cream, for instance, has been processed by the appalling food industry in a way which degrades it by removing a particular enzyme it naturally contains which aids its digestion. Consequently, an increasing number of people are suddenly finding they are apparently allergic to milk & cream and this causes excess fermentation and acid reflux. Many people are just ill as a result but have absolutely no idea why because it can be very difficult to pinpoint that milk is suddenly making you ill when you have been used to drinking it all your life. It just doesn’t seem to make sense and you won’t be looking for it as a cause of any problem.

The addition of copious amounts of excess sugar to many, many food products by the unprincipled food industry in order to increase sales of processed foods as added sugar encourages people to eat and buy more of such adulterated products is also a huge cause of dietary & digestive problems.  Excess sugar combines with other materials in the stomach to produce excess gas and encourage acid reflux. These are just some of the obvious contributors to the creation of a medical problem of modern times which barely existed in time past.

A huge amount of digestive problems which can cause the sort of  serious injury which acid reflux can cause, have been created by the greed and dishonesty of the supermarkets which are the principle drivers of the modern food industry over which they have a complete stranglehold. Supermarkets hold both food suppliers and consumers to ransom. They have so much power because they monopolise the food industry and dictate to both consumers and food producers both what they can buy and what they can produce.

If the greed of the supermarkets in pursuit of ever increasing profits can result in horsemeat being illegally and  criminally inserted into many beef products throughout Europe which the supermarkets sanctimoniously lie about to the gullible consumers as being only beef and certainly not illegal horsemeat containing potentially dangerous veterinary drugs, then it is obvious they would think nothing of degrading food in any way at all in order to make extra profits if they can get away with it.

And they do degrade food in their constant pursuit of ever bigger profits.

And they do get away with it all the time.

Except right now they have been found out about the horsemeat scandal.

But will anything be done to stop the supermarkets forcing us to eat rubbish food products. I doubt it.


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