February 13th 2013

Processed Food Can no Longer be Trusted.

Public Deceived on a Massive Scale by Food Industry says BBC Radio Four Today Presenter Evan Davies this morning as Horsemeat is Discovered in Many Processed Food Products.

What a surprise ! Horsemeat illegally in our food, cunningly and sureptitiously mixed in by criminals to many different types of processed meat products sold by supermarkets all over the country. There are serious worries too, that it may contain dangerous drug residues and diseases harmful to human health.

“We now have an industrialised food processing system” reports the BBC. Nobody checks what goes into all this processed food. Nobody polices it, the BBC continued, except the manufacturers themselves. These are the very people who make more money by adulterating our food with rubbish.

But this is only the smallest tip of a huge iceberg of bad, bad food sold to us all by every supermarket.

“Should we still be eating processed meat” says the BBC. “Is it time to admit that processed food can no longer be trusted”.

Actually it is no surprise to find Horsemeat and other rubbish adulterating our processed food because ever since supermarkets grabbed control of the food industry, forcing traditional, local food suppliers and shops out of business, they have been systematically destroying the quality of our food to satisfy their greed to make increasing profits.

I noticed recently that the horribly standardised, mass produced and basically revolting pate I bought at Sainsbury’s says in very small print which is almost impossible to see, that it contains only about 40 per cent of meat. The rest is basically rubbish, fillers etc. just to bulk it up. I no longer buy it; it is just too revolting.

Because this filler is produced in huge quantities, by the hundreds of tons in filthy, nauseating, disgusting industrialised food factories, it is used in all the different pates in the range. So I have noticed they all taste rather the same, whether they are labelled as duck pate or pork pate or mushroom pate or any other kind of pate etc.

The same is true of many, many other entirely different products sold by supermarkets. They try and make as many products they sell as cheaply as possible to satisfy their pathological greed to make ever more money out of us. To do this they constantly reduce the quality and amount of key ingredients and bulk things out with cheap fillers whenever they can get away with it. They con consumers with cheap marketing tricks and lies to make them believe the inferior products they sell us are OK, are worth buying.

Consequently, many of their products are just plain disgusting and bear absolutely no resemblance to the real, original product.

But they get away with all the time. And now they control nearly all food sales in the entire country, having destroyed the traditional food industry and put local shops out of business. Consumers now find it really difficult to find anywhere to buy quality produce from anywhere any more because the shops that sell it are becoming as rare as hen’s teeth.

The supermarkets have entirely destroyed our traditional food industry and are foisting utter rubbish onto us. People now grow up having no idea what decent, unadulterated properly produced quality food should actually taste like.

It is a scandal. The criminal dishonestly inflicted on us by horsemeat being illegally foisted onto millions of consumers all over the country by the supermarkets is just part of the regular daily rip off we all endure from these rapacious thieves.

What are we going to do about it ?


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  1. Boz Says:

    How about starting off with you & me ? Tell everyone you know at every opportunity & persuade them to cook more at home & buy from more reliable shops other than supermarkets & to avoid buying anonymous processed food if at all possible.

    I don’t unless desperate, which is rare. I find no difficulty in avoiding rubbish food & I cook properly at home.

  2. Joanna Proctor Says:

    Well who is going to lead us in this battle for health? Everyone knows (a little) of what is going on but where are our leaders? When are we going to make a stand?

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