Dear Sirs,

On July 30th you charged me £15 because my rent standing order for £850 on June 28th was not paid because I was short of about 79 pence in my account.

First of all, I would say that it is incredible that you would not make that payment and simply allow the account to go into the red by that 79 pence. When I first started using banks  many years ago it would have been unthinkable for any bank to have not made such a standing order for the want of just 79 pence.

I could write a thesis on all the why’s & wherefores of just why it would be the right thing to do to make such a payment and allow such a tiny ‘overdraft’, but   I hope you have the good sense to see the point without suffocating me in the mindless bureaucratic gibberish spewed out by computers to justify every bit of  extraordinary behaviour inflicted by banks on consumers in modern times.

This charge of £15 is doubly offensive because the lack of funds was not actually my fault and I thought there was at least an additional credit of about £162 in the account at the time – in which case was there would not have been a shortfall of 79 pence and there would have been sufficient funds to pay the standing order.

The sole cause of the lack of funds was that Spark Energy, an entirely dishonest energy supplier (subject to an OFGEM complaint about a lot of appalling behaviour) , had increased my direct debit of £100 monthly to them by 54% without any justification and without telling me.

This matter was dealt with by you when I contacted you about it and several months of that direct debit clawed back according to the rules relating to direct debits.

According to normal principles of law and logic this means that there would therefore have been sufficient funds available to pay my rent standing order of £850 and I am amazed that you have appeared to have dismissed this and gone ahead and just charged me £15 anyway.

And in addition to all the above, I cannot fathom why it is that banks make charges for things like this which have incurred absolutely no cost whatever to your selves as it is simply an automated  computer generated figure out of an account and back again to indicate a non payment.

Or, rather, I know that banks make these charges to make extra profit; but what is just so grossly offensive  is the high handed pomposity of the concept of ‘penalty’ charges  inflicted on customers and treating them as though they were delinquent idiots when it is entirely inappropriate.

It is also the case that this ghastly energy company, Spark Energy, have also had the cheek to charge me £15 for my having to stop the direct debit by which they were fraudulently milking me of unauthorised funds they were not entitled to. If this charge of £15  by Spark Energy isn’t an act of sheer arrogant fraud that has not the slightest shred of justification, I would be completely at a loss as to how else to describe it.

Consequently I find it really, really offensive that I have to waste time writing to you and to Spark Energy to recoup this total of £30 weaseled out of me by the entirely dishonest and fraudulent nature of the aggressively unpleasant and bullying, thug like behaviour of many commercial organisations these days.

There is no justification whatever for treating people like this. And it is this mindlessly greedy pursuit of profit which the financial industry has constructed in recent times which has directly led to the worldwide collapse of the financial system, economic chaos and  tens of millions of people losing their jobs.


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