Dear BT,

I received a fraudulent email pretending to be from BT today which I copy below.

It is remarkably effective as a means of persuading people to respond to it and will dupe a lot of people; so I thought I ought to report it to BT to enable you to both stop it and issue a warning, which seems to me to be unavoidably necessary.

I was rewarded for my efforts by your unbelievably offensive computerised switchboard and three different operators all mis -informing me and fobbing me off in their different ways and making me wait 35 minutes without getting anywhere before I finally gave up.

My previous experiences of attempting to contact BT concerning all sorts of different issues have also met with similar and even worse results.

On one occasion it took me seven hours of being on the phone to BT to persuade BT to retrieve my account from rival Talk Talk who had fraudulently transferred my BT account to themselves and in the process cut off my BT broadband account, depriving me of access to the internet.

Your computerised switchboard and your operators ( who are badly trained and supervised and frequently thoroughly offensively behaved, partly due to ridiculous BT pressures placed on them) are both disgustingly offensive and unpleasant to deal with. No business should behave in this way towards its customers. If the general standards of customer service were not so appalling in the UK you would rapidly lose most of your customers to better suppliers, and no doubt you will do in the fullness of time.

I certainly will leave BT for the above reasons as soon as I possibly can.

Yours Sincerely

Below is the fraudulent email. Fraud and the internet go hand and hand. Fraud from con-merchants trying to steal money from your bank and more subtle frauds and manipulations from legitimate businesses that inflict miseries like computerised switchboards on their customers while making fraudulent claims about how necessary and even helpful such systems are.

Subject: WARNING NOTICE from the BTinternet Services Security Center
Date: 11 April 2012 00:44:18 BDT

Dear Valued Member,

This is for your own safety to avoid the closure of your BT internet mail. You will have to verify your account by filling out your Log-in information below by clicking the reply button. We apologize for any inconvenience that this request may cause.

User ID:
Current Password:
Re confirm password:
Date of Birth:
Country of Residence:

After receiving the information requested you will be able to continue using your BT internet mail without hitches. Please do bear in mind that we reserve the right to close this BT internet account if this request isn’t granted on time.

Thank you.
BT internet Customer Care.
Case number: 8941624
Property: Account Security

Copyright © 2011 BT internet Inc. All rights reserved

Copyright © 2011 BT internet Inc. All rights reserved


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