That shower of idiots at Davos particularly the hatchet faced one from Germany and the other simpering twit from France, as well as our own dear befuddled, bemused and bewildered amateur Chancellor Ozzy Osborne, keep wittering on about austerity.

“Cut, cut, cut” they say; ‘stop spending money; stop borrowing money. Don’t give a penny more to feckless borrowers like Greece & Italy etc.

Let the hard – pressed consumers all over Europe stop spending, stop borrowing to survive and if they lose their jobs in their millions as their employers run out of money to continue functioning, then – tough. That’s a good thing. Not only good but necessary to get us all out of this economic crisis that the dishonest, immoral and disgustingly greedy banks inflicted on us all.

With five million people in Spain without jobs now and the total unemployed all over Europe rising like a rip-tide in front of an economic hurricane, there will soon be no-one with any money left to buy anything at all from anyone.

Let’s explain a simple truth to those halfwits bleating about cutting spending and the need for austerity as means of solving the economic crisis.

Money is worthless. It’s only use is purely to use as a symbol of value to allow one person to trade with another; i.e. employ them to do a useful job like making something.

This ability of money is the only thing which gives it ‘value’. It is purely a symbolic value.

If you take money away, then there isn’t any of the stuff around for people to use to trade with each other so people cannot be employed and have to sit around twiddling their thumbs instead of doing something useful with their time.

If those superbrains deciding our fate in Davos carry on removing money from the whole of Europe & beyond, then the worst recession in the history of civilisation will be the result.

Back to school dears and learn a bit more about economics before you ruin too many more lives and reduce Europe to a state of war as France’s Sarkhozy suggested was on the cards.

Perhaps if a small amount of intelligence was employed by our dear leaders at Davos, they might realise that while the ebb and flow of money does need organising and controlling as it certainly became totally out of control while it was in the hands of the evil banks, it is entirely unnecessary for people to be deliberately forced into mindless unemployment as this is a completely pointless, useless and entirely destructive thing to do.

Instead, stop the banks and governments milking business and workers of huge amounts of their money and squandering it uselessly where it does nobody any good at all, whereas if left in the hands of business and workers, it would be spent creating real wealth in the form of goodies made by all those hardworking employees working for their wealth creating employers.

Are those people at Davos real idiots or what ?


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