You can’t solve a debt crisis with more debt

But it’s something that seems to escape the experts !

The Year Ahead For Positive Money
You can’t solve a debt crisis with more debt. That much is obvious to the average Joe, but it’s something that seems to escape the experts and policy makers who are so dramatically failing to solve the current crisis. As long as we have a system in which almost all money is created as debt by private banks, and allocated for their own benefit, we’ll have an economy that reflects the needs of the big banks, skewed towards speculation and property bubbles and away from real business and job creation. We’ll also force millions of people into debt, simply because the government has given banks a monopoly on supplying money to the public. 
The work we all did last year has started to have an effect. We’ve seen the first ever conference on monetary reform to be attended by two MPs from opposing parties, we’ve had meetups in over 20 towns and cities around the UK. We’ve also seen a larger number of journalists and policy makers catch on to the fact that the question of who creates money and how they create it might just be important! 
In 2012 we’re going to focus on getting as many people as possible to understand the mess we’re currently in. We’ve got a few exciting announcements to make over the next couple of months so watch out for these emails. 
Upcoming Events
Positive Money At Occupy London Economics Working Group – Sun 15th Jan, London
Talk On ‘Debt And Positive Money’ – Wed 18th Jan, Richmond (Yorkshire)
Talk: “Long Live The Credit Crunch!”- Thu 19th Jan, Dorset
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