Thirteen Year Old Son Depressed – in House Alone as Single Mother Works Like a Dog to Survive


28 October 2010 08:52

I understand and support what Ann is saying. I have one 13 year old child and like Ann, have no support from family or my son’s father (although he expects support from me!!!) I conform to govt policy by doing 3 jobs, from 6.00 am to 6.45 pm every day to pay my mortgage and bills and keep out of debt.

I just called Parentline because I get exhausted/depressed to the point of being unable to go on because of the strain of trying to work/parent (13 year olds are hard work, not yet old enough not to need parents!).

I also think my son is depressed, he is on his own in the house most of the time inc. school holidays and when I get home I am too tired to do anything except go to sleep.

Ann is right, one person can only keep on going so long without being ill and without serious knock-on effect for the children. There isn’t a solution; my son is, as I say, 13 so I go to work. But good luck to Ann and anyone else in her position, the future is very tough for single parents and children and most of the time life doesn’t seem worth living.


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