Light bulbs and the idiots in the EU

The full ghastliness of the amazingly stupid ‘long life’ ‘energy saving’ poisonous mercury filled light bulbs imposed on us by the control freaks in the ’European Union’ has just hit home.

I had always been dismayed and irritated at reading newspaper reports about how decent light bulbs were being banned by EU law, but had mostly still been able to continue buying the incandescent bulbs (those old fashioned ones that actually work properly ) until now, that is.

I have just moved into a one of those shabby, nauseatingly unpleasant ‘buy to let’ wonder boxes so beloved of the greedy banks desperate to lend as much money as they possibly can. The grubby little place is infested with low wattage, dim ‘energy saving’ light bulbs and I cannot buy decent incandescent ones anywhere any more.

So, how do I definitely know there is something very, very wrong about these silly mercury vapour filled energy saving, low wattage, dim light bulbs ?

Why, quite simply I couldn’t actually see properly when I was sewing up the black school trousers my son needed shortening for school tomorrow. The trouser material was jet black and so was soaking up all the light. The thread was black too, and no matter how hard I tried, there simply wasn’t enough light to see what I was doing.

It was grim.

Well done you Europrats for dreaming up so many different ways of making life unpleasant for us all.

Frankly, I can’t wait for the whole rotten edifice of political deceit and artifice to crumble along with the rip-off Euro currency.

Good riddance to the lot of you meddling Euro-fools is what I say.


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