Don’t you just loathe the way more and more businesses are using computerisation to manipulate their customers ?

Particularly the scam of forcing customers to use chargeable premium 08 numbers when they need to contact a business, instead of ordinary telephone numbers for landlines. Some chargeable numbers (maybe all of them for all I know) are designed so the business is paid as well by the telephone number provider (usually BT).

In other words you, the customer, are charged twice for making a telephone call to a dishonest business using this downright fraudulent scam. You pay firstly through your own telephone account with all those monthly minutes you pay for to your telephone account provider who typically says all those minutes are ‘free’.

Of course they are not ‘free’ because you pay for them in advance each month, whether you actually use them all up or not.

But we are all fed this delusion that we can telephone any mobile or any UK landline using our ‘free’ minutes that we actually pay for in advance.

But this is a lie. More and more businesses are being persuaded to join in the scam dreamed up by BT who disguise it with jargon such as ‘non – geographic number’ which seems to be sufficient to bamboozle people in accepting it.

But the businesses using it are rubbing their hands with glee as they can rake in part of the extra cost the telephone caller is forced to pay. Even the greedy government has joined in the scam as more and more government departments are forcing people to use these telephone numbers.

A simple brief call to one of these numbers can easily cost several pounds FOR EACH CALL ! Particularly as businesses like to keep you on hold for so long as they know the minute by minute costs are mounting and they will make even more money than if they just dealt with the call straight away.

It really is a completely fraudulent, dishonest scam. It is time for people to refuse to have anything to do with any business that milks money out of people in this way.

It is just part of shocking ‘rip off UK’ which makes many bewildered foreign visitors think we have taken leave of our senses for allowing the UK to degenerate in so many ways.


I am infuriated with Marks & Spencer.

I took out a car insurance policy number … paying by direct debit.

The first payment was taken, but no M&S direct debit was visible in my account the following month.

When I received a letter from you dated 4th October, you said absolutely nothing about why you had sent the letter excepting to say you wanted me to contact you. You only gave an 0844 number to contact you and you failed to provide an email address.

I spent ages trying to find a proper landline contact number for you on the internet and failed; excepting that I did phone a 0113 number with an unpleasantly rude woman who refused to provide me with any numbers other than 0800 or 084 numbers, all of which are chargeable at extortionate rates from my mobile phone.

A brief call can easily end up costing three or four pounds, sometimes a great deal more if you are one of those horrible companies than keep people on hold for hour and hours.

It was obvious you deliberately made great efforts to keep any landline numbers off your website in order to force people to phone the various chargeable 08 numbers you provide instead.

My mobile is the only phone I have at present and as I already pay through the nose to pay for UK calls, I cannot stomach the fraud of companies like you then using chargeable premium numbers like 0844, 0870 and 0800 (only free from BT landlines). It is nothing more than a weasily scam to worm money out of people who have to make phone calls to you and it is dishonest and completely disgusts me.

I am shocked at this arrogant manner exhibited by Marks &Spencer which rather leads me to think I should cancel my car insurance and never enter one of your stores ever again and also to persuade anyone I know not to use such an arrogant company to buy any product from either.

That is the measure of my fury at any business behaving in this way towards customers. I have absolutely had a bellyful of it.

I can only presume it is part of the way many business’ constantly misuse the availability of the internet and the computerisation of telephone systems which now allow digitally controlled premium rate charging to generally abuse their customers by endlessly manipulating them and milking them of money in ways which were not available prior to the availability of computerisation.

I really, really dislike all of it because it makes life much more unpleasant than was the case prior to computerisation allowing this sort of abuse.

I would therefore be grateful if you would kindly telephone me or email me so that I may find out why you wrote to me and why you have not taken my car insurance direct debit from my account.

Your Sincerely,



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