August rioters described as ‘Feral Rats’ without a stake in society.

And who bred these feral rats ?

Tony Blair and and his poisonous government of obnoxious self interested, corrupt little prigs with chips on their shoulders on the make – that’s who ! Years and years of socialist destruction have wrecked Britain, leaving it a traumatised society wrecked and torn apart, impoverised and brutalised by State control of every aspect of daily life.

Successive Labour Governments have steadily eroded everyone’s stake in society as socialism sought to control more and more of the population with it’s Big Brother State of bureaucratic nightmare proportions. Control of everything was the Labour Government mantra as squirming tentacles of government interference reached out everywhere in the Tony Blair and Gormless Gordon years.

The bottom end of British society was where Tony Blair and his destructive cronies caused the most damage, luring the poorer people with endlessly false promises which just trapped them in greater poverty and deprivation as the merely filthy rich became obscenely rich at everyone else’s expense and with lots of help from labour Party pals running the country only for their own benefit.

What a miserably despicable bunch of looters they were !

They looted Britain of self respect, of dignity, of prosperity and integrity. They looted the the pockets of the poor so the rich might become even richer, while those stuck in the middle were looted of opportunity, as well as the poor who were also looted of every hope they might have once had.

Bastards !


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