All these economic & political problems have been created by banks miss-behaving and miss-managing. The problems are entirely artificial and unwanted and are purely the product of banker’s greed as they seek to divert wealth from the people who actually create it, to themselves.

In the real World where there are no bankers controlling every move everyone makes, there are literally unlimited jobs waiting to be done as humankind would wish to to advance civilisation and eradicate poverty, deprivation and mediaeval ways of life which are a disgusting product of politicians’ venal stupidity and self interest.

Bankers stop people working. Bankers destroy jobs. Bankers destroy wealth and wealth creation. Bankers destroy whole economies and damage people’s lives. Bankers are ruthless, violent, merciless, unthinking and greedily inconsiderate as all they are concerned about is their own profit. Banks do not care about destroying people’s lives; they do it all the time.

Wealth is what is created by people working away at something that needs doing. Workers create assets as they build cities and invent new and useful things to manufacture to improve modern life. Different types of workers like medical workers use skills to beaver away at looking after people while other workers beaver away at a million and one useful tasks that create all the goods and services needed to advance human civilisation. This is the real creation of wealth.

But banks interfere with all those good intentions; banks stifle and choke it with their iron grip of greed and control.

Real wealth is not “money’. Money is just a convenient invention needed to enable trade between people and avoid bartering assets between each other. Instead we use ‘money’ to measure assets and wealth and just barter money between ourselves instead.

But banks have grabbed control of all money; grabbed control of it from the governments who originated it, and have debased and destroyed it by how they have used and manipulated it.

Banks have vastly increased how much they charge the rest of us for using money in Modern Times as they learnt they could exert almost a complete stranglehold on all money by developing new banking tricks designed to grasp almost total control of all money away from everyone else – governments included.

Computers and subsequent electronic based banking processes were a godsend to feed the greed of bankers. The rest of the non-banking population was bemused by the onslaught of banking and financial market gobbledegook nonsense language designed to confuse and discombobulate everyone else not part of the magic circle of financiers.

Interest rates charged by banks have soared to ludicrously usurious levels based on pure fantasy. Banks have also invented imaginatively fictitious reasons for other charges everyone is forced to pay just to use their own money; charges which often are no more than pure fraud. But the banks get away with it. Banks have even attempted to charge people for taking their own money out of the bank to spend .

They have effectively taken away nearly all money from individuals, businesses or governments in order to then dole it out back to to everyone else, but only with onerous terms and conditions attached to it to give banks control over it and make everyone using the bank’s money the effective slaves of the banks

This enables banks to milk as much profit as they can get away with and squeeze out of the exhausted financial slaves they now control.

Because the banks have wormed their way into virtually all financial activities anyone, individuals, businesses or Governments ever engage in, the banks dictate to and control everyone through their control of the money supply, over which they have an iron grip.

They do so with only one objective in mind – making as much profit for themselves as they can possibly do so, and protecting themselves as much as possible by seeking as much domination and control of their ‘customers’ as they can get away with.

In order to make ever increasing amounts of money for themselves, the banks have needed to lend more and more because this is their principal way of making almost unlimited amounts of money to line their own pockets with. Hence the obscene banker’s bonuses stretching into the millions of pounds paid to bank staff who have skills no more remarkable or worth huge rewards than the skills of all the rest of the averagely well educated workforce.

But in their blind stampede to earn obscene profits and grow so large they now control the entire Global economy, the banks have connived to persuade and brainwash everyone into believing that borrowing ever increasing amounts of money from the banks under more and more onerous conditions is a good idea.

It isn’t a good idea at all ! Because all the borrowers are stifled and choked by the control the banks have over everything they do. Banks take away everything from their borrowers and turn them into milch cows for profit forever condemned to perpetual servitude to the banks greed.

The increasing unemployment is entirely due to the activities of the banks preventing people who want to work from doing so. The whole Global economic crisis is caused entirely by the banks – no one else.

Until someone takes away from the banks their selfish and destructive control of the money supply and puts it back into the hands of each and every individual worker who needs to use it in order to create work and therefore real, lasting actual wealth, then this economic crisis will only get worse and more and more jobs will be lost as unemployment skyrockets.

Money as debt doesn’t work because the banks own and control all the debt which they then mismanage spectacularly in pursuit of greed.

It is essential that control of the money supply is completely removed from the banks in order to rescue the World from the economic manipulation and collapse which the banks have inflicted on it !

Death to money as debt (controlled by the banks ).

Long live real money owned by the people (controlled by the people who actually use it and create real wealth) !


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