This dentist says “I am at home early having spent the afternoon being prevented from seeing patients and having had the pleasure of being enlightened in the onerous and tedious raft of nonsense legislation being forced upon dental surgery owners as result of CQC registration  and HTM0105.(Look it up and you will find out what we have to put up with).

“This has driven many quality dentists out of NHS dentistry . The new contract has left an NHS service now propped up by poorly qualified, unethical and often exploited foreign dentists imported by corporates who have seen this contract as a guaranteed income stream.

“The price of dental practices holding an NHS contract has consequently rocketed and many UK trained dentists are now unable to procure  one or are cashing in their chips by selling up.

“What a sad waste of Tax payers money, having trained these people and then do nothing to encourage them to work within the NHS.

“The payment system for dentists is ill conceived and unworkable and even my local PCT commissioner has told us that we should ration treatment !

“None of these factors excuse dentists from misleading patients, but there is a huge difference in the cost of providing similar treatments. Not surprisingly there is also a huge difference in the quality of materials and outcomes .This is never mentioned ! It would be like buying a car and effectively being told you can have a BMW for the cost of a Trabant.

“It is about time the media gave a more balanced view, taking into account the problems and issues faced by the Dentists in service provision. Yes it is possible to provide BASIC quality ethical dentistry within the NHS  but it is getting harder.

“Yes, there is only an emphasis on Quantity. 

“Yes, there is no emphasis on Quality. 

“Who would really want to work with these constraints ?

“Answer ; not me . I have just sold up and after 25 years I am now planning my exit from the NHS .

Another dentist explains, “I left the NHS 30 years ago, because I can’t stand paperwork.

The regulation by boring, boneheaded, bureaucrats is counterproductive and costly to both patient and dentist.

The NHS is sponge offering work to a lot of people who are
otherwise unemployable.

In Ireland and Germany benefits have been severely reduced to cut costs; with no reduction in bureaucracy.

Meaning of course that whatever the situation the pen pushers prosper.
Many years ago I suggested to one senior bureaucrat that out of decency he ought to resign!

He became most indignant telling me I was mad.

I asked him to refute my argument that he was a quasi parasite;
reducing benefits; and thus reducing the effective purpose of the system.
He slammed the phone down and later I was asked to apologise.

I refused!

They have a propensity to waste professionals time with specious
letters of enquiry.

When you have a set of ill educated meddling fools hamstringing
one’s honest effort; it’s time to get out.

That’s why NHS dentistry is almost finished.
The professionals at the coal face have had a bellyfull.

Boz says, “my ignorance of dentistry is frustrating, and as I learn more about dental technicalities I am understanding more about how the  bad dentists use their patients’ ignorance to manipulate & miss-lead them in pursuit of profit at the expense of ethically proper medical treatment.

“This makes me increasingly angry”.

At first glance this anger is directed at the immediate cause of this bad, damaging, dental treatment – the NHS dentists. I could quote some personal experiences which are truly shocking.

But, on careful reflection, this anger has gradually been re-directed  towards the appalling corruption of the bureaucrats in the NHS who have produced a framework of insanely fantastical and expensively unworkable ‘rules’ with which they can act out their self important control freakery over other people – the dentists and their poor patients who ultimately suffer the disgustingly bad NHS dental treatment many of them receive.

In defence of dentists as a whole – both the good, bad & ugly; all people, even the very best of us, are naturally exposed to having our thought processes constantly bombarded  & shaped with persuasive pressures which cannot always be entirely resisted for one reason or another.

Therefore, when corrupting influences bombard us, many people become thoroughly corrupted and their ethics are corroded by other people with some sort of authority over them to which they are expected to be obedient to.

It takes an unusually strong character to resist the insidiously corrupting persuasions of those with authority over other people.

If people with strong characters resist the corruption of authority they are usually attacked and vilified with ever increasing violence until they toe the party line and join the rest of the herd of sheep who just do as they are told to by the bureaucrats.

This is how all evil political dictatorships inflict poverty, misery, destruction and even mass death on populations. This is the evil process which always enables self seeking people to get others to do their bidding.

It is the process by which one solitary man with psychotic delusions of grandeur persuaded thousands of previously averagely decent people to commit mass murder by exterminating millions of Jews during the second World War. “We were just doing our job as we were told to do’ they all bleated when confronted by the awfulness of the horrific mass murder they had turned into a factory production line of mass death of monumental proportions.

This same uncontrollable process of corrupt manipulation and persuasion still rages unchecked and completely out of control all around us today in every walk of life.

It is not just evident in all the ridiculous tinpot political dictators running various countries into the ground all around the World, reducing their populations to terror and grovelling servitude with aggressive threats of dire punishments if they do not comply passively and meekly to all the demands of these nasty control freak dictators, but it is also evident in every other area of our lives. It is all around us in every organisation; and the larger that organisation, the more unaccountable people in authority are likely to become.

This then allows them to force the people under their control to do their bidding for either good or ill.

Good leaders then produce good results. Bad leaders, bad results.

Pompous, self important, inadequate idiots of the type so often to be seen as politicians and public sector employees, are always going to produce the very worst kind of results which they then have the power to inflict on the rest of the population.

This is why the NHS is a shambles. This is why the idiot Sharon Shoesmith, ex-director of Children’s Services at Haringey council, can bleat about being sacked for running her organisation so badly her staff frequently did their jobs so incompetently that children died as a result.

The corruptions of the ‘thought police’ embedded into English society over the past century by the socialism movement, closely allied to communism and all it’s manifest evils is all around us, and have so thoroughly warped the minds of even judges, that a court can have the diseased mental process which allowed it recently to solemnly declare Haringey Council’s Childrens Services Director Sharon Shoesmith was wrongfully made a ‘scapegoat’ because Haringey Children’s Services failed to do the job it is there for – to protect children from abuse.

She should not have been sacked for being responsible for an incompetent children’s services department in Haringey Council, this court pompously pontificated . So incompetent and useless that several children have died, others have had lives made thoroughly miserable by Haringey’s astonishing stupidity and carelessness.

Now this unpleasant woman is apparently expecting to claim a compensation payment of about a million pounds out of our taxes in order to compensate her for her own incompetence.

What a joke. What a typical bureaucrat. Indignant about being expected to be accountable for her actions.

But why do all of us let these nasty bureaucrats get away with so much ? Ultimately it is our fault for just being sheep and doing nothing meaningful about it. How silly is that ?

That is why you dentists as well your cousins the doctors, should ALL, collectively do something positive & meaningful about not allowing the NHS bureaucracy to so completely poison the NHS medical care that the nation deserves and expects.

You could have done something about it long ago, before it became so bad. Instead you allowed it to gradually worsen little bit by little bit by not standing up to the bureaucrats right from the beginning.


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  2. Dentist Says:

    I am an NHS dentist, however I will no longer be offering NHS treatment in 14 weeks time.

    I can’t wait.

    One of the dentists is right – “The NHS is sponge offering work to a lot of people who are otherwise unemployable.”

    Bad dentists can hide under the NHS banner. Good dentists make a loss at NHS prices.

    A lot of NHS dentists are technically incompetent, and fool the public by pretending that the NHS wouldn’t allow them to practice if they were poor at their job. Unfortunately, NHS dentistry is a breeding ground for very poor dentists.

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