The Money Reform website

If you have ever wondered why the world is in the state it is in; why the environment is being destroyed, why the first world has so much and yet is in debt, the third world has so little and is also in debt. Then this site is for you.

How many times have we been told that this school, or that hospital can’t be built unless we raise taxes? Or you perhaps you can’t afford to take a cut in wage, to take the job you really want, because you have a mortgage and rising debts that you took out, to get money in order to support yourself and your family. Isn’t it odd that we buy products that during their manufacture have destroyed forests, polluted seas and contaminated the air we breathe because we can’t afford to pay for the better alternative.

Money is at the heart of all our lives. It is time to understand what money is and how it works.

The things you will read, will appal you. You have been deceived for a long time.

It is imperative that we understand the true cause of our world’s problems so that we can solve them.

By understanding how money really works you will be joining a growing movement of socially and environmentally conscious people who want to make a positive difference to our world and our own financial well being.

The Money Reform Party has been set up to address these problems

Now is the time. Read more here……/


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