Lots of people have been asking the same question, ‘where has all the money gone’. It seems to have just disappeared into thin air.

There isn’t enough money around any more to keep people on in their jobs or for the Government to continue paying all the welfare benefits to unemployed, disabled or otherwise poverty struck and needy people.

Tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs because employers have no money to keep them in their jobs. Ireland is going bankrupt for want of money to pay its bills, Portugal isn’t far behind and Spain is rumoured to be going the same way too. Even Germany is becoming twitchy about having enough money to pay its way.

But where can all the money have disappeared to ?

Nobody seems to know. Everyone just accepts the obvious – we are told there has been some sort of economic crisis, therefore money has disappeared. But where ? No-one actually knows.

But I do. And so do the banker gangsters. Banksters, as people are now calling them.

Before the banks created this economic crisis with their foolish greed and criminally fraudulent behaviour, there was plenty of money around for employers to be able to afford to pay their employees and not make thousands or possibly even millions of people lose their jobs.

The entire economic crisis has been completely needlessly engineered or pointlessly created by the banks suddenly and quite deliberately withdrawing huge amounts of money out of the financial system.

It is that simple.

The banks are deliberately and needlessly causing all this unnecessary financial pain to governments, businesses and individuals simply because the banks have removed vast amounts of money out of the economy to try and save their own miserable skins and so they can continue to make vast profits and pay stupidly large bonuses to themselves totalling billions of pounds.

The banks are miserable, thieving, greedy, bastards.

When financial problems first became apparent with the crooked American bank, Lehman Bros, going bust because other banks realised it had basically become too overtly fraudulent and unable to pay its debts, all the banks panicked because they suddenly found out there was so much dishonesty and fraud amongst the whole banking sector, they simply couldn’t trust each other any more.

So their first instinct was to save their own skins and hang onto as much money as they could, and to use every means at their disposal to recall as much of the money as possible that they had already lent. And so they started refusing to lend to each other, or indeed, anyone, including governments, unless borrowers paid eye wateringly extortionately high interest rates that were quite unaffordable.

The Banksters need stringing up from lamposts.


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  1. John Says:

    This money has been withdrawn by the international banksters headed by the Rothschilds.

    They and their cohorts manipulate the money supply which causes inflation then deflation which = crisis eg: the sub prime business in America, the late 1920’s, the redcent crisis here, the one when Norman Lamont was Chancellor (he went to No 11 from Rothschilds Bank in the City and returned their, promoted to director.

    Each crisis creates a tranfer of wealth from the people to the banksters.


    (googl and follow) “The Timeline of the Rothschilds”

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