government creating a wandering homeless horde of penniless beggars and outcasts

Most unemployed people would jump at the chance to have a job – if they could get one – which paid them more than the total amount they received in State benefits.

The problem is you have to have a job paying at least about £21 000 or even more, just to equal the amount the State might be paying an unemployed person, possibly with a child to look after. There just aren’t enough jobs out there that pay more than £21 000.

Unemployed people at the very bottom of the pile, those, badly educated by a useless State education system, and lacking in social skills or any other skills, are expected to take on jobs paying the minimum wage or even less. The minimum wage pays about £240 a week before tax, perhaps about £1300 a year, before tax.

A two bedroomed flat in a grubby part of the South East of England might typically cost £800 a month at the lowest and grubbiest end of the housing market. At a rent of £9600 a year that leaves £3400 a year to live on and pay for everything else. It is £65 a week – almost exactly what the unemployment benefit for a single person is.

Ian Duncan Smith’s crazy scheme to force the supposedly work-shy army of unemployed people back into work by removing their benefits for three years is completely bonkers.

Duncan Smith and the Government thinks people on benefits don’t work because they don’t want to work. That is a parody of the truth. Most people on benefits don’t work because they cannot get a job which pays them enough to live on and possibly a bit extra left over for a bit of fun out of life as well as just work. They work like a shot in the ‘black’ or hidden economy because it pays well.

The real problem is that because successive Governments have meddled so much in people’s lives and distorted the entire economy with a vast array of restrictive and expensive interferences, that same economy has steadily become poorer and poorer. It is now a basket case weakly tottering around, wheezily grasping for something to prop it up before it collapses completely.

Employers no longer offer workers wages which are sufficient to live on as employers know the Government will pay their workers benefits to subsidise the inadequately low wages workers are now expected to accept from employers.

It is ridiculous that our Government subsidises employers in this way. Make no mistake, it IS the employers being subsidised, not the workers.

And the this is the reason why millions of new jobs (at the lowest, impossible to live on level) have been created, only for 70 per cent of them to be taken up by a horde of immigrants from third world countries who think all their Christmases have arrived at once when they earn in a day in the UK what takes them at least a month in their own countries.

So, the insane stupidities of successive Governments have effectively imported the Third World into the UK, making us all poorer and the UK more and more like a Third World country as each sorry year blunders by.

Another myth that is being peddled is that it is such a good idea for a UK business to pay people like the Chinese to make things cheaply to be sold here in the UK.

Being made so cheaply, it is said, means the UK business (not, obviously a manufacturer any more as that is now being done by the Chinese) can sell the items more cheaply on the UK market, giving a better deal to the consumer as well as making more money for themselves.

It does seem that way at first glance. But it isn’t really true because as more and more people lose their jobs in the UK as more and more things are ‘outsourced’ to be made or done abroad, there are fewer and fewer people with less and less money in the UK available to buy items made abroad.

That is why David Cameron is desperately trying to persuade the Chinese to pay US more of their own money by buying more things from us because at the moment we import three times as much from China as they buy from us.

The fact is real wealth is not money but jobs, and the ability of jobs to make things of value. Money is only something conveniently used to measure the real value of goods and services, i.e. jobs and people’s labour and what those jobs create.

If we give even a small part of our wealth away by using our money to give to other countries for them to employ their own citizens at slave wage levels as in China and India, then we create more and more unemloyment and poverty in our own country.


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