Economics is not about money. It is about how people use their resources – like labour and available raw materials – to produce goods and services we all need. So, wealth is also not money – it is the possession and ownership of lots of useful goods and services.

Money only comes into it because it is used as a convenience to make it easier for people to exchange goods and services with each other instead of having to barter. Money alone is completely without any value whatever unless it can be given to someone else in return for goods and services of some kind.

We all own the most fundamentally priceless asset – our ability to work. It is only the work of people that produces goods and services. Money by itself produces nothing; it is completely worthless unless it can be turned into something useful by passing it on to someone else in exchange for a real, tangible, asset.

That job of work done by the worker produces real tangible wealth for the person who pays the wages to the worker to do the job – an asset that is not money. This asset is now owned by the person who paid the worker, while the worker now possesses some money in return for his labour and can use it to buy the goods and services he requires for survival.

So, money is simply a convenient method of simplifying barter which is too slow and cumbersome to be practical. We all know that if we are in possession of a certain amount of money, we can go and buy anything that we need, because everyone will be happy to accept this money because they know they can spend it on whatever they might want to buy.

Without money, we all still have our ability to work which will produce wealth. Some people will be able to work to produce everything they need without ever having to be paid money, or use money or even possess money. But this can only be done if they either live alone on a desert island or as an entirely self sufficient subsistence farmer eking out a living completely cut off from the rest of the human race.

Everyone else depends on using money to measure the value of their labour and exchanging that labour for money to spend on the goods and services they need. Remove money and people anxious to work can only return to the primitive methods of bartering with each other which really just don’t work in today’s complex modern world.

So, without money available for people to pass on to each other, everyone is stuck anxiously wanting to work to produce wealth, but unable to work as nobody has any money to pay them for their labour. Money is needed just to enable the process of people working for each other to take place in order to create the real wealth of tangible assets resulting from that work.

There are still uncounted millions and millions of different jobs to be done with the vast amount of resources of labour and raw materials available, and everyone is desperate to get on with the job of work to create wealth and comfort to advance human civilisation, but nobody can do anything. No-one can work because there is no money to exchange with each other and barter just cannot be used as a practical alternative.

This shows it is important to make sure a system of money is trustworthy, stable, reliable and doesn’t suddenly change or even disappear in unpredictable ways.

If money suddenly disappears, for instance, or the supply unaccountably shrinks, then there will be no money to pay people for their labour and so the production of wealth will cease.

Workers will be unable to use their labour to work and earn money to survive and so poverty will result. With no workers possessing money to spend, other people will not want to produce goods and services because there will be no-one to pay any money for those goods as there is simply no money available anywhere.

So, there is never, ever any such thing as a lack of jobs to do. There is literally an unlimited amount of jobs to be done to improve the sum total of human civilisation of which we are all part.

It follows that the only reason people are unwillingly without work is because there is no money to pay them.

There is this thing called ‘unemployment’, whereby millions of people desperately willing and anxious to work to produce wealth for themselves, and in so doing wealth for others too, cannot work because there is no-one with money to pay them to do all those useful wealth creating jobs needing to be done.

All those jobs are still actually there desperately waiting to be done. The employer is desperately anxious to employ workers so he can produce goods, and the workers are anxious to work for him in return for the ability to be able to acquire what they need for their own survival.

But no-one is willing to work for nothing in return, and with no money to pay people for the work, nothing is what they will get. So, the people will in turn, have nothing to spend on buying the goods and services they need to survive.

So, it becomes obvious there are always an unlimited number of jobs waiting to be done and a very healthy supply of people available to do them; but only if they are rewarded enough to be incentivised into doing those jobs by being adequately paid.

The World is currently experiencing an economic hurricane of cataclysmic proportions as money seems to be disappearing everywhere like a malicious conjuring trick organised by the banks.

Consequently ‘unemployment’ is increasing exponentially all around the World as people lose their jobs because there is less and less money to pay them to work.

All those limitless jobs just waiting to be done so that the sum total of human wealth can increase, remain undone as people become idle and workless because of the lack of money to pay them to create real wealth in the form of jobs actually done to produce real, tangible assets.

So, let’s just get this straight.

– There are an unlimited number of jobs always waiting to be done.
– There are millions of unemployed people desperate to do those jobs.
– The only thing preventing those people doing those jobs is an absence of sufficient money.

It only needs one person to find a large stash of reliable, trustworthy money and spend it all to pay other people to provide goods and services for him and suddenly everyone can work again.

Simple really, isn’t it ?

So, what happened to all that money that is fast disappearing ? Where has it gone ? How did it disappear ?

The answer is easy. It is the banks that created the system of money and it is the banks that control it. They became increasingly reckless, greedy and dishonest.

They destroyed trust throughout the whole monetary system by suddenly removing vast amounts of money they had recklessly and dishonestly created in the first place.

The banks became frightened of each other because one bank – Lehmans Bros – was suddenly discovered to have been behaving in a criminally dishonest way and could no longer be trusted by other banks.

In an instant, all the other banks started wondering if they could actually trust each other as they thought huge amounts of money originally created by the banks themselves might turn out to be worthless because it had been created dishonestly and with no regard to morality and straight dealing and honesty.

And so, that is exactly that happened. The banks did, indeed, begin to discover that unimaginably vast sums of money which had been created by the banks themselves to oil the World’s trade, had been recklessly and immorally created and had now, apparently, become worthless. Criminal and dishonest behaviour was discovered throughout the entire banking system. The banks were rotten to the core.

The banks are unequivocally responsible for all the unemployment and financial misery they have created for hundreds of millions of people around the World. And Governments seem helplessly frightened of the banks and clueless about how to solve the problem; too terrified to say boo to the banks and do something to take away control of everyone’s money from the corrupt, dishonest, grasping, destructive banks who simply cannot be relied upon to maintain an honest and reliable, trustworthy, system of money.


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