British Telecom Are a Shambles – Completely Useless

Dear British Telecom

(or BT which you were dim enough to pointlessly rename yourself at enormous expense).

Your ebilling website is completely intolerable and, to me,  utterly unusable.

Today is the first time in two years I have been able to access it I believe.

Today, your site repeatedly refused to allow me to login. Then it randomly did log in. Previous attempts to login have always been completely fruitless. Then the appearance and order of the itemised amounts altered without warning in some meaningless and random manner.

And the bottom line is that despite spending a very long time pratting about on the website, I have no meaningful comprehension of my current bill whatsoever.

I have had enough of this nonsense.

I also had no idea that by asking to see my account online you were going to fail to send me any paper bills.

I have not had any paper bills for about two years and have been unable to contact you via your silly call centres which never answer and simply repeatedly cut me off after a wait of about ten minutes. Consequently I have no idea of what is going on with my account  – except that I know I am being grossly overcharged.

All my efforts to speak to an operator to sort out my bills and to put me through to the idiot call centres that just cut me off without answering have only been met with the operator snarling at me that they are only there to answer emergency calls. The operators then cut me off and pass me onto a completely different operator who I then I have to start again from the beginning before they snarl at me and pass me on again.

Everything about your service is a complete disgrace. And another thing which now makes your online billing  unacceptable is my broadband speeds have now become so slow that constantly waiting for every page to load is a nightmare that inflicts ludicrous amounts of stress as whole days are frittered away doing tasks that pre-computers just took a few minutes.

Very frequently webpages completely fail to load at all until I repeatedly press the reload page button.  A less savvy computer user would just assume the page was unavailable – as I started off doing. It is utterly, utterly appalling and completely primitive.

Anyone who imagines this is an improvement on a paper bill of a half century ago is deluded.

I would point out that ‘technology’ and any possible failure (of mine or any one else’s) is absolutely nothing to do with this issue. A webpage is no different from a piece of paper, except it appears on a screen and bits of it can be clicked to go to some other page. The only thing to understand is to login in with a password and user name – hardly a great feat of technology required for that.

Every single problem that occurs is caused by the appalling muddle of confused and confusing information on webpages that are difficult to read and just plain silly, without any concept of graphic design and ease of reading etc. Webpages are well known for frequently being deliberately designed as a giant muddle in an effort to confuse the user and make them buy things they never intended bothering with in the first place.

Typically most websites, particularly the BT one, are obsessed with ramming vast amount of unwanted information down the reader’s throats to the extent where it is almost impossible to find what you actually need on any given page because of huge quantities of extraneous, unwanted advertising.

As I have not yet discovered whether I will be able to actually see any of my past bills and I really cannot waste any more time with your inadequate website, I would be grateful if you would be so kind as to send me full paper bills for the entire period of the past two years so I am  able to see what has been going on.

And to add insult to injury your insane system refused to allow me to send the email I wrote to you via the contact us button on your website. Your service is truly,  truly appalling and I think I am about to use another supplier because I cannot stand your abusive nonsense any longer.

Yours Sincerely


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