” On banks, I make no apology for attacking the spivs and gamblers who did more damage to the British economy than anything Bob Crow could have done in his wildest Trotskyite fantasies”, Business Secretary Vince Cable told a spellbound Liberal Democrat Conference in Liverpool yesterday.

So now a Government Minister has officially conceded Government recognition of the criminal nature of the banks, when is the Government going to hold the spivs, gamblers and other fraudsters and thieves responsible for wrecking the UK and World economy to account ?

Millions of people are losing their jobs, millions more being forced to reduce expenditure and millions of homeowners have lost and are still losing their homes on both sides of the Atlantic as a direct result of the dishonest, fraudulent banking system dreaming up the sub-prime mortgage scam which led directly to the collapse of the World economy.

The banks have behaved with criminal irresponsibility. They should be treated like criminals.


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