A Product of the thirteen years of Labour Government mis-rule specialising in brainwashing and control freakery of all kinds and notorious for believing it always knew what was best for everyone else and had a divine right to tell them so and demand they do as they were told immediately.

This anti-dog hysteria by ignorant idiot people really makes me angry. Hysterics are always more likely to provoke a problem and possibly frighten a dog into showing aggression that simply would never exist if the ignorant person having hysterics for no reason was not behaving like a total idiot in the first place.

I am absolutely fed up with the increasing amount of anti -dog ranters.

I get the feeling most of this anti dog ranting has been caused by a very stupid government saying and doing some very stupid things during the past few years when there have been just a handful of serious and unpleasant dog incidents.

The media picked up on all that (of course) and magnified and sensationalised what idiocies the government was mouthing, and so a huge amount of the population were gradually brainwashed into thinking dogs were dangerous menaces that were likely to tear children apart at the drop of a hat or infect them with life threatening or crippling diseases if a child came anywhere near any dog.

It is not at all compulsory to actually like dogs, but that is no excuse to behave like a complete moron every time a non dog person sees a dog.

I have lost count of the stupid incidents I have experienced in the years I have owned dogs. Some people have been extra-ordinarily nasty. And people like the ugly little man jogging past me throwing stones at my dog who was on a lead at the time really should be put down.

My most recent incident was the elderly chairman of my allotments society knocking on my door and spitting angrily at me that he had received a complaint about my dog pooing in my allotment which is attached to my house.

I pointed out that dogs are allowed on the allotments and that I always clear up any poo immediately as I find it very inconvenient for me to have poo lying on the paths around my allotment. Also dogs are allowed in public parks etc on condition poo is cleared up, so what was his problem.

The stupid little man became sooo angry and literally spat at me that dogs, were not allowed to poo on allotments even if they were in public parks because food was being grown there and that my dog was, ‘out of control’ because I didn’t stop it pooing even if I did clean it up.

This idiot said I should be able to control when and where it pooed and never allow it to poo on the allotments, otherwise I was not in ‘control’ of the dog and it was ‘out of control’.

For several years prior to this and before I had a dog again, which I have only acquired recently, this horrible little man was forever complaining at me and threatening to throw me off my allotment because my eight/nine/ten year old son wandered around talking to other allotment holders or played on the paths and open spaces of the allotments – without misbehaving and actually without ever being even accused of misbehaving in any way.

The way this child was treated as some kind of alien pariah and dangerous menace to the vegetable growing allotment holders was quite pathetic and disgusting.

When challenged by me this idiot allotment chairman could only weakly say that, no, my son had never actually done anything wrong but allotments were ‘dangerous places’ what with broken glass and weedkillers and other chemicals around. So I was told that children were only allowed on the allotment site if they were only on their parent’s allotment and then only if the child was working on the allotment.

“So come on you lazy little six year old child, get weeding immediately or the allotment chairman will come along and evict you for being on your parent’s allotment and not working”.

“And dog, make sure you organise your poos at precisely timed intervals, making sure you never need a wee or poo when your owner is working on his allotment”.

Otherwise you will be deemed ‘out of control’ and put down by the ‘authorities’ who must always ‘be in control’ of everything and who always know what is best for everyone else.

Heil Hitler.

What a moron.


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