From Big Brother Watch
24th June 2010

Fingerprint scanning and passwords for entry, mobile phones banned and a network of impregnable fences and CCTV cameras.

What could I be describing?

A new prison?

A bank vault?

No – this is the latest security upgrade at…a Bolton nursery.

Visitors to Bolton Day Nursery will soon find themselves having to undergo fingerprint scanning at the door, while all mobile phones will be banned from the nursery, and no parent will be allowed in without a child collection password.

Locks and fences will be upgraded, CCTV will be extended and no supplier will be allowed access without identification.

The £60,000 “supersafe” initiative is in response to parents’ feedback at the Chorley Street Nursery, inside the David Lloyd Leisure Club, about security being their top concern.

Over-the-top doesn’t even come close as a description for this scheme. It takes the idea of responding to demand to a quite ridiculous level.

Of course parents want their children to be safe – but turning the nursery into a pre-school Wormwood Scrubs, in which parents are treated like criminals and children immunised to mass surveillance, is an absurd response.

The cost is as excessive as the intrusion, not to mention wholly unnecessary. I can only hope the parents of Bolton Day Nursery are equally opposed to this development and stop Asquith Nurseries rolling it out to their other 83 establishments.

Boz thinks they are utter Morons !

And there are now so many idiots like this in this country – thanks to thirteen years of control freakery socialist claptrap brainwashing from Gormless Gordon and chums – that life for everyone has been poisoned immeasurably.

I recently had the Chairman of my Allotments Association, an ancient retired headmaster of the local Comprehensive sink school, frothing with rage for me daring to take my dog to my allotment because it might defecate or urinate. He described this as the dog being ‘out of control’ and said I ought to have trained it to do this to order at a ‘specially designated place’ only and not at all in the allotments.

When I pointed out that dogs are at liberty to be in public parks etc as long as offending deposits are cleared up by owners, the idiot exploded into uncontrollable rage and said it was unacceptable and definitely wasn’t allowed on allotments.

As not even I have a clue when I might need a pee, I completely fail to understand how I am supposed to both know when my dog thinks he needs one, and also train him only to do it when I tell him and where I tell him to do it !

Curiously, he did say dogs were actually allowed on the allotments though.

He was obviously one of the many ‘dog haters’ who have been successfully brainwashed by the Labour Government and socialist dogma into believing dogs have no place at all in modern socialist society and so ‘Canine hate laws’ were created to make owning dogs as difficult as possible.

That way, dog owners would be discouraged with the constant barrage of hate and vilification directed at them and their dogs until they eventually gave up owning dogs altogether to avoid the continuous diatribes of hatred directed at them.

This same little interfering, bossy, socialist Nerd has also been giving me constant grief about allotments being too dangerous to allow my son, aged nine, to wander around and talk to his friends.

I have been threatened with being thrown off my allotment by this unpleasant little trained socialist bully if I continue to be there with my entirely inoffensive son who has never actually been accused of any wrong doing at all.

It is just that socialist idiots like this are just so fond of finding excuses to interfere with other people and constantly tell them what to do and generally pointlessly order other people about to boost their own sense of inadequacy.

Apparently, according to this retarded control freak, allotments are so dangerous, what with broken glass and dangerous chemicals and possibly dangerous plants too, that children must only be on their parents allotments and then only if actually working on the said allotment.

If all the little toddlers and older children are not industriously toiling away, they are not allowed on the allotments at all, the Moron told me menacingly.


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