A typical everyday story of UK social services at work

When Daisy Hallimond was born 8 weeks early to Vanessa Willingham and Sam Hallimond, happiness was soon to be replaced by sadness as Suffolk Social Services was already on the case! They had already been involved in a Private residency case for her son, after false allegations had been made by her ex-husband who was at the time sleeping with a married social worker called Mrs Charlotte Day. Mrs Day was a previous colleague of their social worker, Mrs Sue Chapman of Sudbury Social Services!

Daisy was born on the 6th August 2008, after her mum was rushed to hospital 8 weeks early when her waters broke. She was delivered by emergency C-section at West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds. Daisy was taken to the Special Care Baby Unit, while Vanessa started to recover in the maternity ward, but a few days later Vanessa was rushed to Intensive Care after receiving treatment for Preclamsia, which developed into severe water retention and heart failure. It was just over a week before Vanessa was allowed home, but Daisy remained in hospital for nearly a month. All the time the social worker was badgering Vanessa and Sam for news.

When Daisy was allowed home, Vanessa and Sam both had to tussle with Social Services. First having to attend a pre-discharge meeting at the hospital, where the only people opposed to Daisy’s release were the social workers, all others at the meeting were very happy with the parents. It was the 27th October 2008 when social workers and police, barged through the door of their home in Sudbury, and removed her under a police protection order. She was just 12 weeks old and already social workers had removed her for emotional neglect! There has never been any proof of this police protection order, even though many requests for it have been made.

The following Public Care Proceedings were nothing more than a “Kangaroo Court” with Mrs Sue Chapman and Mrs Kate Van-De-Peer both fabricating information, and changing information that had been supplied by the parents, to suit their final goal of adoption! Then after complaints were made by the parents, Daisy’s care was handed over to Mrs Sam Boyd-Lambley and Mrs Rachael Anderson at Bury St Edmunds. But the change in social workers didn’t mean better handling of our case, as the lies became more and more, with the social workers involving the already corrupt Court Guardian, Mrs Alison Flath. No matter what information they received, its was manipulated and edited! The original expert witness in the case, had diagnosed both Vanessa and Sam together in under 2 hours! Finding Vanessa as having Factitious Illness Disorder, and Sam was branded a “Pathological Liar” and a very dangerous man. This was based on information that had been supplied by Mrs Sue Chapman, that had clearly been falsified. Neither Vanessa or Sam had any police record of harm, abuse etc, neither had they any criminal record.

As the proceeding drew to an end, Vanessa and Sam tried living apart in the hope that maybe either one of them would be given the opportunity of Daisy’s care as single parents. As Vanessa and Sam are deeply in love, this didn’t last very long. But within 2 days of this split, both Vanessa and Sam started receiving lewd text messages. When they tried to call it back to stop them, the number was always off. Vanessa and Sam spent all their time together, and received these messages while in each others company. But when the couple reported these texts to the police, Sam was arrested, charged and bailed, much to the disapproval of Vanessa, who constantly maintained his innocence. At the final hearing, Judge Peter Thompson said that Sam WAS the perpetrator of this crime, and because of his action was unable to be considered as a viable option for parenting! Within a few days of the case being concluded, the police phoned and informed Vanessa that all charges had been dropped, as there was no evidence to link Sam with the crime, they agreed to continue investigation to find the true culprit!

Vanessa ans Sam lost the case in the County Court at Ipswich, Suffolk. As everyone left the Court, both the social workers and Guardian were smiling! They both received a gagging order for 18 months!

Vanessa and Sam had 5 hours of farewell contact before they had to say goodbye to Daisy for the last time! The only aftercare was 2 young social workers suggestion of “a nice cup of tea at tesco, will make you feel better”. Nothing could take the pain away of losing the child they loved, and wanted so badly.

Mr Tim Yeo, Member of Parliament for South Suffolk had been Vanessa and Sam’s Advocate during much of the proceedings, attending the “impartial” Adoption Panel Hearing, where Mr Yeo experienced first-hand the lies when he read then directly challenged the statement!

He later mentioned the couples case in the Houses of Parliament on the 25th November 2009, accusing Suffolk County Council of Kidnapping. And as Vanessa was pregnant, the couple left for Spain to fight for their daughter, and ensure the safety of their unborn son.

Vanessa and Sam relocated to the Alicante area of Spain, and on the 17th February 2010, they were blessed with the arrival of their son, Samuel Jon Anthony Hallimond who weighed 6lbs 1oz after Vanessa had carried him nearly full term. The delivery was again by C-section and included Vanessa being sterilised. All things were going well until the worst happened! Suffolk County Council has passed information to Spain that was both illegal and a gross misrepresentation of the couple, the allegation being Physical Abuse! This bearing in mind that neither Vanessa or Sam has any charge made for that crime, nor were there any warrant or current proceedings against them! This has resulted in baby Samuel being removed by the Spanish Social Services, as they didn’t know any different about the couple.

Spanish Social Services take baby into care

The couple are sad that Spain has taken their child, but the Spanish are looking at reuniting them all after they are sure that no harm will accur. The parents have nothing but praise for them.



  1. Gary radley Says:

    Something needs to be done about Suffolk social services to tell lies and take someone’s child away in the process is a crime and in this modern age is unacceptable

  2. Gary radley Says:

    I would like to wish Vanessa an same all the good luck in the world

  3. Gary radley Says:

    Something good needs to be done about them

  4. Gary radley Says:

    I have had a similar case with suffolk social services Rachel Anderson was the social worker in charge an as in this case they manipulated the reports complaints I made were not answered .
    Meetings were made and brought forward without I forming us .
    Again it was possible harm of emotional neglect in the future it was a total stitch up and not a nice experience to think this government allow such an institution to be run the way it is is nothing short of a tragedy

  5. taraab Says:

    Suffolk Social Service, Judge Thompson, they are all part of the power structure that help each other to abuse their power. What was the Gagging order for? For the Judiciary and the Social workers to be shield from public scrutiny. Both services are paid for by the tax payers. They have the power and they will abuse it, there is not a thing we can do about it.

  6. Welcome to Beekeeping | Says:


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