Busy little hare brained internet forum poster Yvonne, said ‘Boz, you must have no vocabulary or brain ! I guess you enjoy insulting people instead of giving your opinions’.

This intellectual giant took exception to my post here saying:

‘What nasty, evil people these social services employees are !

‘Unfortunately it seems most government employees in the UK are just as appalling – idle jobsworths; thick stupid, robotic, inhumane bastards that have spread into our lives like a poisonous disease since the labour party commenced their looting of the UK population fourteen years ago when they came to power.

‘Get rid of of Gormless Gordon Brown and his army of totalitarian control freaks who are busy destroying our lives and families’.

This post of mine was in response to an appalling story of the nastiness and evil incompetence of social services who were threatening to take a mother’s children away.

You can see the story on this website here at ‘THE VOICE OF INJUSTICE’

In a small nutshell the following is a brief description by the mother of this story.

‘This all started because of a referral from the home education officer Claire Bishton, who works for Wolverhampton Council, because we wouldn’t allow her to do a home visit.

The social worker involved, Sarah O’Connor who has lied to the courts and police in order to steal our children. The judge that allowed them to get a court order on us HHJ Hughes at the WOLVERHAMPTON DISTRICT REGISTRY, without us being there to defend ourselves or any proper evidence being shown. We would also like to mention Tracey Christine who works for the chief legal officer for Wolverhampton city council, for her disgraceful letter which came with the court order.

‘All of these people have actively seeked to destroy our family and steal our children without a shred off evidence, based on the fact we home educate. The reasons for their involvement keeps changing from home education, to your sons health , to your house is messy !! We have always done what is in the best interests of our son where his health is concerned, as his medical records will show. We are not breaking any laws by home educating or declining home visits, we have the letters from Claire Bishton, to prove she was satisfied with the eduction being provided.

Yvonne’s searingly insightful brain led her to to post her message to me, rubbishing my acid comments about incompetent social services and other equally incompetent, idle and highly toxic government employees who have been indoctrinated by Gormless Gordon Brown’s horrible and destructive totalitarian labour government to interfere and control everyone’s lives in the minutest detail.

Yvonne said to the mother who had felt obliged to flee the country before social services obtained a court order to wrongly remove her children from their parents:

‘Your post which says ‘If you had nothing to hide, why were you running? Would it not have been better to stay and prove them wrong? Just a thought…’

So, I thought I would explain to simple minded Yvonne just why her post makes me intensely angry because it is what all the dim witted sheep in life say about every power crazed dictatorship and similar things like power crazed brain dead bureaucrats – social services, for example !

It is a fact that when governments make well intentioned laws and senior government bureaucrats implement those laws, the badly paid, ignorant, disinterested and often very badly educated army of junior government employees who actually deal with the implementation of those laws at the interface with the public, mis-interpret the rules and mis-apply those very laws in an utter shambles of what parliament intended in the first place.

So it is the case with social services and their well documented talents for turning child care protection issues into a total joke with their incompetence.

Some children who need to be taken into care and away from family generated dangers are failed by the incompetence of social services and die or are otherwise harmed.

Other children who are not being harmed by their families are wrongly taken into care/adopted by social services, because social services can be venal and wicked and incompetent.

I have my own personal experience of that and I have also been privy to hundreds of other people’s stories of the wicked incompetence of social services causing immense harm to children and other people in those children’s families.

My son was the victim of social services in this manner. His mother became badly ill with bi-polar illness, behaving erratically. She was a very good mother apart from her illness driving her to behave in erratic ways.

Firstly, when I contacted social services to provide the help they were legally obliged to provide for the three children who were at risk of this illness at one point, and to provide the statutory medical and social care the mother needed at the time ( i.e. hospitalisation) they refused point blank to take any notice of my request to them.

They refused to do anything to investigate the case. Social services blatantly flouted the law and refused to fulfill their statutory duties. I then nagged them remorselessly until they did investigate the case.

Then they told me they agreed the mother was stark staring bonkers and psychotic but said they ‘couldn’t do anything about it until something happened’ – meaning the children were actually injured. Social services were also (illegally and incompetently) ignoring the deprived circumstances the children were then living in.

Meanwhile all three children and the mother had nearly been killed while the mother drove up a motorway for 200 miles slightly drunk, in the middle of the night, very tired and psychotic and fell asleep several times at the the wheel of her car. There were many other similar dangerous situations and problems due to psychoses that I was aware of.

I was forced to go to court to seek custody only as a means of getting the medical help the mother needed as well as the help the kids needed. There was no actual relationship breakdown.

The mother immediately told the court she wished me to have custody for the safety of the kids as she recognised the dangers of her illness, and the fact the illness made her erratic in every way.

The court gave me interim custody. I got the mother into hospital. Everything was OK excepting within the confines of having to deal with a nasty illness. The family was still together and the children had a stable home with both parents.

Social services then told the mother she ‘must fight me for custody of the children otherwise she may never see them again’. The mother was sitting with me in my house when this idiot social worker (one Conrad Barzey of the infamous Haringey Social Services Department, a total moron) just came out with little gem for no discernably logical reason whatever.

When not in hospital, the mother was quite happily living with me and there was no thought by her or me that our relationship would not continue with us living together, jointly bringing up the children.

This act of wickedness by social services led to the mother having yet another breakdown and hospitalisation. She also then abducted the kids (in a delusional state ) which was a flouting of the court order giving me interim custody for the safety of the kids, even though the mother was actually living with me.

Social services now connived with the mother to flout the court order and further interfered by employing lawyers to ‘fight me for custody’. Being mentally ill, the mother was an easy target for persuasion by the social services to whatever way of thinking took their fancy because that is a key feature of mental illness. It makes sufferers prone to easy persuasion.

Social services now took the mother under their wing and ran her life for her.

They instantly found her a Council house 220 miles away from me and proceeded to do everything they could think of to prevent me having anything to do with my son and their intention was obviously the break up of our family completely and to condemn the mother to being the single parent of three kids with a mental illness that would make it impossible for the mother to give the kids a reasonable or safe upbringing.

Despite the judge in the family Court telling social services it was perfectly clear the mother was unsafe and unreliable owing to her mental illness, and that the judge felt it was impossible to agree to social services’ demands to make a court order giving the mother sole custody, in spite of the judge reminding social services that I was an exemplary and reliable father, exactly that took place.

It took place entirely owing to the venality of the social services and their lawyers, my lawyers, together with an unconscious connivance of the judge who was so used to the unimportance or even relevance of ‘the other parent’ opposing social services’ in courts.

After a few months even social services had to take my son away from an incapable mother whose illness was being demonstrably being made worse by the activities of social services in her life.

Meanwhile social services had contrived to thwart the court order giving me unfettered access to my son two days a week and were busy trying to manufacture utter falsehoods of a completely bizarre and actually irrelevant nature against me.

Social services then proceeded to threaten me with having my son forcibly adopted ‘if I didn’t cooperate with them’. Whatever that meant.

My son was not returned to me, but put into care by social services where he was physically abused and almost certainly emotionally abused too.

I was now obliged to go to court to retrieve my son from social services and their threat to have him adopted, despite the fact that no accusation of any kind had ever been made against me of me being a bad or in some way inadequate parent. And there was also a previous court order giving me interim custody anyway; and the fact that the family court judge had already described me as an exemplary and reliable parent.

There was absolutely no legal or moral basis of any kind for social services to take my son into their care and away from me. I had, in fact, been publicly praised by the family court judge for being a very good father.

I did get my son back eventually, but social services had by now done immense damage to the family and my son’s mother’s two other children had gone to live with their father as a direct result of social services machinations in the family court.

This father did not think he could adequately look after his kids and didn’t really want to. He had already agreed with me that he was quite happy for me to have custody of them and bring them up for him together with their mother who was normally living with me.

As everyone imagined, it was a very bad idea and very damaging for the two other kids to be living with their father.

This subsequently led to the disintegration of the entire family, increased state of illness of the mother, me being a single parent, and the other two kids, now twenty, severely damaged and very disadvantaged and disfunctional as a direct result of the evils and incompetence’s of social services.

Well done social services. What a result !

Here is a link to another charming story in the Daily Mail newspaper about the social services wrongly removing children from their parents on the most insane, politically correct and deranged grounds you could never conjure up up in your wildest nightmares about brain dead public officials working for our totalitarian, useless government.


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  1. Boz Says:

    Tell us exactly what social services are claiming is the reason your kids are being placed on ‘at risk’ register.Otherwise it doesn’t really make much sense for anyone just to rave about how nasty social services are.

    I think they are nasty & I have just become involved in something where I think I can get them by the jugular and maybe prosecuted. The Children’s Commissioner for England instantly thought social services were way out of order and wrote to them accordingly a few days ago.

    But unless I explain what happened (which I will sometime soon) it just doesn’t make sense for me to just say what a load of nasty jerks they are, does it ?

    People need to know why.

  2. Hayley marsh Says:

    Hackney council placed my children on the child protection after a 15 minute visit by a social worker who had met my family and I for the first and only time at the 15 minute home visit. Since then They have stopped at nothing to distress the life and environment of my children and I. They have fabricated 90% of their report, they have called at 7am in the morning and as late as 7pm in the evening! They have made up monstrous things about my children and I. When I have challenged their lies and with paperwork evidence they ignore it and refuse to acknowledge it, even from other authorities who have sent copies of official paperwork to support me. The sun will not take on the story and I feel trapped and persecuted when I have done nothing wrong. I don’t know where to turn for support and I feel targeted as I’m a single mum and they know I have little family support, despite this I have raised 5 children single handedly for over 21 years and my children are described by people in the community as being polite, loving, respectful,articulate and having fantastic attitudes. Social services ignore anything remotely positive and only seem tunnel vision on finding the negative, if there isn’t a negative then they fabricate one for their paperwork or own malicious reasons. I really need some help on taking these corrupt heartless inhumane b******s and I would love to know why no newspaper is keen on exposing such corruption and erosion in the UK social services. Something is very wrong and persecuted innocent parent need a voice lower than our own. Something need to be done, they are irrevocably destroying a generation of children and their parents, it’s going to create fear of authority and cause low self worth and constant self doubt, it will also damage any future relationships and abilities to bond or get close to other people. It’s nothing more than a modern Salem with hunt.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My sister is in court at the minute fighting to keep her because they are lying toe rags who won’t help her with her child with ADHD and learning difficulties because she wouldn’t sign for the child with difficulties to voluntarily go they are taking all 4. Making stuff up like the house is dirty, it isn’t. They have said that once the kids are in care they will get the one with ADHD the help she needs. My sister is vulnerable they use words she doesn’t understand, stopped family members from being there when they are and just say my sister is lying. Can’t believe they can get away with it. But my sister doesn’t kick off on them, they are horrid keep bringing my mums death up. They are cruel liars and only pick on the people they are supposed to be protecting

  4. patricia Says:

    i am a mother of three beautiful boys but social services have taken them away from me and trying to get them back is like trying to get blood out of a stone i really need help as the social sevices are right vicious and they are bad mouthed thugs

  5. Lisa Says:

    I have just read a blog about social worker nadid idrees and i would like to also warn people about the destruction that this social worker can cause she has destroyed my family with her lies me and my son have been harassed and intimidated by this woman bullied in our own home it was clear to me from the first time she darkened my door that her only intention was to take my beautiful happy son away and destroy our happiness i love my son and i wont stop fighting until i get justice for me, my son and any other parents and children that have suffered from nasty nadia and her malicious lies this woman needs to be stopped before she destroys any more children’s lifes.
    This social worker has repeatedly harassed and intimidated me she would bang on my door three or four times a week and the one time i didn’t answer the she called the police and they was going to break into my house and take my beautiful son, every time that woman banged on my door i would have a panic attack i tried to get a change of social worker but was told i couldn’t change i put complaints in but i was told they would look in to it but i got no reply, every time i called the to find out what they was doing about my complaint i was put on hold then told that the person i needed to talk to wasn’t there and they would get back to me but no one did so i had to put up with this woman who would come into my house accusing me wrongly of emotional neglect and taking drugs i was open and honest with nadia i told her that i was suffering with anxiety and was having panic attacks but she refused to listen to me and she then told me i don’t have panic attacks or anxiety and that i was taking class a drugs. I was horrified i couldn’t believe that she said that to me about me i was mortified to think that anyone would say that about me i new from that moment that this social worker had no intention of trying to help or support me and my son as she was judging me so wrongly i have had many sleepless nights due to the stress and pain this woman has put me my son and my family through. This woman has put me and my family through hell made my anxiety a thousand time worse and failed to provide any help or support to help me regarding this. I won’t stop fighting i am a good mother to my son and have raised him alone from birth he’s 5 now, my son is a happy well loved energetic polite and well mannered little boy and i would never do any thing to hurt him physically or emotionally i will fight until i get justice.
    If you or your family have suffered as a result of this woman’s malicious mind please contact me and together we will fight and get justice for our children they may not listen to me or you but if more of us come forward and stop suffering in silence we will get justice for our children and stop this from happening to any more families too many children have suffered lets work together and together we will get justice this needs to stop.
    If you would like to help me fight for justice please contact me at
    or 07423113524

  6. Kerry inglis Says:

    Hi. I am currently same position. Have sw frm hell who flutters her eyelashes n gives a convincing concern speach. I near to fully losing custody. My son been place in immediate harm and showin huge signs of mental health deteriorating. He getn alienated from me by the care giver ie my step mum and sw who based all report on step mum made up lies about me.evn texy me before this started tel. Me she gonna get sw involved so they get child prot ti remove my 4kids n leave me with nothin and yake pleasure in. I have mountains of threats.abuse and even statement to bk up her being emotiobally and mentaly abusive to my children and others and goes to extremes to coz us so much grief for past 15yr for some weird reason of jst her idiocy. I have tape recorded all convo with sw teln her the concerns n fear n even se admits knowin them. She praises my effrts as great mum n next day turn knife in my bk with a worsse report makin me mentally unfit to care or look after any need of kids n tryn het care home placement

  7. Anonymous Says:

    We have a Social Worker (Nadia Idrees) who turns up on our door nearly 3/4 times a week. She comes to harass, distress and threaten the family almost on a daily basis under the pretext of ‘Emotional Abuse’ (caused to our 3 children). In reality she is the cause of much suffering and intimidation as she uses her powers and authority in a counterproductive and malicious manner. She has personally taken it onto her self to break our marriage and is trying to forbid us from reconciling and living harmoniously with our beautiful children. She has failed to distinguish what is the truth and fabricated medical, police records to suit her own agenda which is to ultimately to split the family apart.

    I would be grateful if you could look into the “sexed up dossier” Nadia has painstakingly put together and presented to the conference attended up to 8-10 people. When she was challenged at meeting she was unable to verify or provide any proof whatsoever regarding her allegations. I would be grateful if you could look into our case and differentiate between fact and fiction and look into her unprofessional conduct which I firmly believe to be a vendetta towards our family and way of life. She has on numerous occasions upset our children, we have seen them cry due to her harsh words and actions. They are frightened and worried that she may turn up to interrogate them at school while they are on their own and very vulnerable.
    She shows herself to be “sweet and calm” in front of others but when she is on her own she is a vile and unforgiving, ruthless creature.
    We have filed a complaint against the Social Worker & Social Services but have still not heard anything from them, all we were told was that they will look into it and ask other “Professionals” who were present for evidence and have not compromised with us about anything whatsoever. The truth is that Nadia Idrees ‘acts’ professional in front of others but when she is own her own she shows her true colors! It’s our word against her’s/theirs.

    Our children are happy children who love going to school, going out as a family wheather it’s to our relatives, shopping or a simple trip to the park.
    Wherever we go they always want their Mum and Dad together because that is their comfort.

    The media seems to show that Children’s Services are failing to ‘protect families’ or to offer them the support they need. At the end of the day they are wasting valuable resources and persecuting and destroying perfectly happy families and children but are failing to help families who are really going through hardship hence all the stories on the media about children that really do get hurt!!
    We have our own personal experience of that and we have also been privy to hundreds of other people’s stories of the wicked incompetence of social services causing immense harm to children and other people in those children’s families.

    Some children who need help and away from family generated dangers are failed by the incompetence of social services and die or are otherwise harmed.
    Other children who are not being harmed by their families are wrongly taken into care/adopted by social services, because social services can be venal and wicked and incompetent.

    I have had sleepless nights, night sweats, headaches, loss of appetite….every time I think Nadia Idrees/Children’s Services my heart races into another level…They fail to realise that they are the ones who are “emotionally” harming our children, that they’re the ones that WILL cause distress to us and our children in the long run.
    I love my family, me and my husband will do everything to keep our beautiful family together, we won’t stop here, we will carry on until we get justice!

    Please help us to get our concern out to everyone who have suffered the same as us and to warn other families of how Children’s Services really do run.
    We will not let ANYONE break up our beautiful family….and that’s a PROMISE!

    Mr & Mrs Rahman

  8. ashley todd Says:

    my children have been taking by social services.. my 2 boys. tall they are going off is hear say??? but have no witnesss??? and yet they are refusing to give me back my babies?? please help!! social services are bullies! vicious people.. who enjoy taking children to keep the foser carers going!!!

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