1. Anastasia Paul Says:

    Has anyone suffered from Oxfordshire social services and the child protection team there?

  2. Mrs. Linda Maddox Says:

    I am a grandmother who has been staying with my family since 5th January so my grandchildren can stay with their parents who they put on the protection list because of drug use. I am 66 year old disabled woman who has been bullied by social services who keep putting me in catch 22 situationsl, and I can’t cut myself in two. Their delays have meant I can’t apply for legal aid to get help and advice from a silicitor who I have left the relevent paperwork needed to apply for it. I applied in court to see if I could go home for a couple of days for a family event. Social worker had already stopped me going home on my birthday and Mothers day. They took me to court Friday 22nd April to discuss this. I had commitments every Monday to look after my other grandaughter where I live in Bristol. My daughter and her husband have used nearly all their holidays while I have been living in Cornwall supervising my grandchildren. I asked if I could leave Monday and come back Tuesday 25th April, 9th And 23rd May until court hearing on 14th June. They put all 3 grandchildren into care until final hearing in July because it meant to much messing about with their stability. I am third person named in the agreement. Judge decided decision due to my severe stress. Social service made me very ill and I really feel like ending it all because I let them all down. My son immediately came from Bristol to pick me up as I couldn’t bear the pain of my other son and his partner’s accusing eyes and the deep hurt being expressed. Both been doing drugs and had been clean for 3 months. Supervised urine tests all negative. Mouth swabs positive but last 6 out of 9 negative but not in sequence which is puzzling and hair strand test my son was deemed stiil on heroin but his partner so low classed as contamination( left two cms of hair behind) and this is now being retested in May. Why are all these tests so contrasting, they both go to addaction twice a week, monday and Thursday, both gave up drugs at the same time. I’m so heartbroken because I have caused my poor very dear grandchildren to be put into care. If I had known I would never of done it. The guilt is overwhelming. In three months I had transformed their home, debts and chaos into good routine, grandchildren wanted for nothing. Everyone in court said I did an excellent and no one could of done more than me. Please warn everyone in my position, who did nothing wrong(couldn’t help catch 22 situations) not to ask for a bit of time out ever. The judge says I must have visiting rights even thiugh I feel I never had human rights as it was my choice to stay with them. There is a lot more to this story, if you want to know more will be more than willing to oblige as I feel information will help others in despair. With very kind regards Linnie.

  3. tummum Says:

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  4. Boz Says:

    You can do something about this !

    Contact social services & demand a written explanation, particularly the precise reason the police were called & who called them etc.

    Then, let’s get some publicity.

    I will help you with that.

    AND, let’s sue them.

    Are you up for it ?

  5. T.Smith Says:

    I home educated my children briefly in Wolverhampton and voluntarily phoned CLAIRE BISHTON to inform her. She came around to do the home visit and seemed uninterested in the actual school work that they had done and focused more on the children themselves.

    I had home educated in Worcestershire for several years before moving to Wolverhampton and had glowing reports from the home liason office there, (who I’m happy to name) who was always polite, professional and keen to see the childrens work in detail, unlike CLAIRE BISHTON who I felt was more of an undercover social worker who was scrutanising me. She was very rude and abrupt and I told her office that I did not want her round my house again and in future I would submit written reports on the childrens work, as is my right.

    However we moved back to Worcestershire a few months later and after looking it up on the internet to check it was ok, decided not to contact CLAIRE BISHTON again and instead contact the Worcester home education department to inform them that we had moved back into the area and to allow home visits again with them.


    Obviously it was not only extremely embarrasing being in such a public place, it was also very traumatic as we werent being told anything and felt completely confused and distressed. I started to cry and the police sergeant, yes the sergeant was sent can you believe, asked me why I was crying and was there anything I wanted to confess!!! After a short interagation of all of us including the children in the car park in front of other shoppers, we were eventually allowed to drive home but only with a POLICE CAR FOLLOWING US HOME TO CHECK OUR HOUSE FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT.

    The police man stepped inside the house and stood in the hallway, gave us a number to call so that we could get an explanation, told the station via his radio that all was well and left after just a few minutes. I have no idea what the theatrics earlier were about if thats what happened when they saw our home, God only knows what they had been told.

    It later transpired that the reason the police had some how tracked us down to Asda which was 15-20 miles away from our new house (which was weird and creepy in itself ) was because THEY HAD BEEN INFORMED BY NON OTHER THAN CLAIRE BISHTON THAT OUR CHILDREN WERE IN DANGER BECAUSE OUR PREVIOUS PROPERTY WAS EMPTY!

    After that night that non of us shall ever forget, we had a letter from Worcestershire social services to say that no further action would take place as nothing was found to be wrong in the first place and that we did have the right to move home as and when we liked, and that they had had previous bad dealings with Wolverhampton’s home education department before.

    Every time I take my kids for an injection at the Drs or anything like that, I feel as though there is a record of that night and that everyone who has contact with them takes that little extra interest in them and fear that that will always be the case.

  6. indonesia twitter Says:

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  7. Mary Says:

    I feel sorely depressed and anxious at the behaviour of Newcastle Social Services. they refused to help with my claim for support and now are blaming me for neglect because I pushed them to act. Now they are threatening the liberty of my friend to make sure they can do what they want. I found them to be dysfunctional individuals who have way too much power and no objective way of highlighting their behaviour.

  8. Tracy McConnell Says:

    I have witnessed cases similar to yourselves and cannot believe it is allowed to go on. I have seen with my own eyes the devostating effects on mothers after their children have been taken away. As well as this I have seen childrten run away from foster parents left for 3 days hiding on the streets looking for their real parents. I ask WHY is it allowed to happen ? My answer can only be because we as society are the strongest group of people its up to us to stop all this we need to gather together an d STOP this. Please contact me by e-mail thanx Tracy

  9. Douglas Kendal Says:

    blimey it does not suprise me at all
    all my children were placed on the child protection in 2007 for neglect because they did not receive school health checks I didnt think these checks were compulsery ????? however they have since all had there checks and nothing was found wrong with them … since then they have all stayed on the child protection the origional child protection was held because my girlfriend was living with me and my ex wife and my girlfriend fell pregnant the child protection was held only for the unborn baby but at the meeting it was discovered that none of my other 4 children had any school health checks so thats why they were all classed as neglect including the unborn. since last year i have moved out with my girlfriend and married her and now the children are on protection for emotianal abuse including my new wifes baby now 18 monthes old and our new son 6 monthes old this is because i left the family home also my daughter who has allergic reactions to shampoo that makes her come out in red rashes under her eyes was subjected to a full medical as social services thought my ex wife had hit her in the eyes even after she explained to them that it was the shampoo and at that medical the conclusion was of that of a allergic reaction… we have since been falsed to have a family assesement with a phycoligist ex wife myself and the new wife with all of the children at one group sesion nothing was found wrong with any of us.. yesterday a social worker has told me that she has made a arrangement for me to see a phycoligist on the 15th april to see if i pose a risk to children WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY PLAYING AT.. we are all happy ex wife gets on ok with new wife goes shopping together we go round her house and she comes to our house all the children are happy infact we are all happy yet iv got to complie and go for this pyhcological assesement ??? i and my ex wife were married for 23 years and had 9 children together with no social services involvment what so ever 3 children have left home and have childen of there own and i am granddad to 4 children social services are destroying everything possibaly my new marriage as well i am sure they cant keep harrasing us like this falsing us to go to family clubs ect ect falsing us to have 2 health visitors come to our houses falsing us to have two social workers come to our house every two weeks to check on the children to check the bedrooms kitchen bath room cubourds for food this has been going on for 3 years now and still they have not found anything wrong but we MUST complie they say ashford kent

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