Khyra Ishaq, aged just seven years old, was emaciated and confined to a squalid room, she was deprived of food and regularly beaten, dying in excruciating pain in May 2008, weighing 2st 9lb.

She was found to have suffered more than 60 injuries. Khyra and five other children in the family home shared a single mattress and one small bowl of food a day, in conditions which were compared to a “Victorian workhouse”.

As Gordon and Abuhamza were convicted of manslaughter and child cruelty yesterday, the failures of social services and welfare officers were laid bare.

Khyra Ishaq was in Birmingham where 18 vulnerable children have died over the past five years, according to the local MP, who described the death rate as “an epidemic”.

She suffered months of abuse by Angela Gordon and Junaid Abuhamza.

Read t he rest of this ghastly story in the Daily Telegraph by clicking here.

According to the Times newspaper, Children’s services at Birmingham City Council were last year described as “unfit for purpose” after it emerged that 16 children known to social workers, including Khyra, had died of abuse or neglect in five years.

The department mounted a vigorous defence of its role in the child’s death, saying that it lacked sufficient powers to intervene, especially once Khyra was removed from school to be “home-educated”.

Click here to read the rest of the Times story.

I have this to say, very briefly at present, about my own experiences of Social Services.

My Partner had become seriously mentally ill with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia after our son was born eleven years ago.
It took a gigantic effort on my part to get any medical help at all from the NHS, and, when it at last appeared, it was pathetic and utterly inadequate.

When my partner ‘abducted’ my one year old son and her own young ten year old daughter and nine year old son from our house in North London in a drunken frenzy of psychotic schizophrenia breakdown at one a.m. one night, she nearly killed them all.

She drove 200 miles from London to North Wales, tired, drunk, raving, and completely psychotic. She frequently fell asleep at the wheel of the car, and her terrified nine and ten year olds desperately tried to keep her awake as she swerved from side to side of the motorway.

It was a following lorry driver who saved their lives at one point as the women was completely asleep at the wheel and the kids could no longer keep her awake.

Fortunately they all survived that ride of terror to end up staying in the one bedroomed pensioners sheltered accommodation belonging to my schizophrenic’s mother, also another schizophrenic.

So, two kids forcibly removed from their schools and and a one year old baby, together with two schizophrenic women in a tiny one bedroomed flat in the wilds of North Wales, several miles from the nearest village or town. That’s five people in that tiny, foetid, festering prison with two completely insane people, quite unable to properly look after them. Because that was what it was to those children; a prison full of madness.

My desperate efforts over the next few weeks to get North Wales Social Services to help both my very ill partner and all three children before some dreadful accident happened fell on completely deaf ears. At first social services simply refused to bother to do anything at all, saying it ‘was nothing to do with me’.

This was despite the mother already having spent a long time being forcibly detained against her will for her own safety and the safety of others – sectioned – in a secure ward of a mental hospital.

Eventually, my constant telephoning of these incompetent fools of social workers forced them to do at least something, because I was being such a nuisance to them and obviously would not just go away. But their plan was just to tick a few boxes so they could just end up really doing nothing at all except get rid of me.

Cutting a long story short, Social Services had a legal obligation to follow up my report of children being endangered. They also a legal responsibility to provide medical treatment to a vulnerable person, the schizophrenic.

So, they did eventually, and with very bad grace, pay my partner and children a visit, apparently taking a great interest in examining the feet and toes of the one year old for some bizarre reason. They left and then did nothing at all.

These incompetent social services fools couldn’t even be bothered to contact me and inform me of the outcome of their visit. So, of course, I only found out about the visit by accident when I telephoned them.

After the usual battle with the idiots trying not to speak to me on the grounds it was private information and nothing to do with me as I wasn’t the woman’s husband, they finally did tell me they had paid a visit.

They said ‘We paid a visit to your partner and children, and we agree she is obviously very mentally ill, but there is nothing we can do until something actually happens’.

In other words, the social services person speaking to me spelt out the fact the children had to be visibly and seriously physically injured before these social services morons would do anything at all.

It didn’t seem to even occur to the social services dimwits that the children were already suffering immense emotional and mental strains in a hothouse of pure psychosis with two, off the wall, completely mad women behaving in very bizarre ways and dangerously unable to look after young children, or even themselves.

That was just the beginning of my Social Services nightmare.

Susan Dicks, North Wales Director of Children’s Services then entered my life with an astonishing malevolence and vicious incompetence that simply takes your breath away. In my opinion and certainly my own experience, she was the sort of typical, spiteful minded, senior management Social Services harridan like Sharon 
Shoesmith of Haringey Social services – the unpleasant and lazy Social Services person who presided over the death of Baby Peter.

Curiously Haringey Social Services were going to come into this saga shortly as well, more of which later.

Meanwhile, I can assure you readers that I have extensive experiences now of social services which show me they are, as a whole, staffed from top to bottom with utterly incompetent, mean minded, ignorant fools whose main achievement in life is to completely destroy children’s lives in one way or another. As well as destroy the lives of innocent and decent parents, condemning thousands of children to lives of deprivation and misery of one sort or another.

The entire collective body of UK Social Services is a dangerous, vicious menace – a product of a dangerous, controlling government.

And nothing whatever is being done about it.


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  1. Ellen whitehead Says:

    Isn’t it a shame that social services are doing nothing. Angela Gordon is now out of prison with a new name new home and of course a chance to live. I spoke to this lady with a great deal if paitance understanding. You may be shocked but this lady was a nice kind women who was mentally unstable at the time. How was that not picked up on or was it did ss think o well let’s wait and see. If those people responsible took some kind of guilt as Angela Gordon feels for her failures. These people are supposed to be trusted their at a time of need to help the vunrable whether that be a child a mentally ill person and trained to spot the signs. I know Angela Gordon’s done something inexcusable some thing she lives with daily but what about the workers we pay there wages but we don’t get answers just excuses

  2. antigodvoodoochildoo god Says:

    They same as you so sort them out init. An eye for an eye. They drive cars & live in brought homes! work it out!! I am going to protest about lesbien social services. lesbian ran bunch of dikes My step aunty is social services & she proper evil person. Her son was evil child abuser & his son had to see drug abuse & get beaten but cos his mum was social services it was brushed under carpet! He is dead now & his son is happy. I don’t like the evil people being domenent maybe its cos they want to be a man!! Men get over it but women who want to be a man never do & get worse domenering like a dog that shags peoples legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have become a womaniser & I love it.

  3. antigodvoodoochildoo god Says:

    Social services in uk are women who want to be men & thats why they are gelous of men. Just look @ their manly hairs cuts its sick. None of them have kids. I personally hate them so much. I never had a problem with them but it makes me angry that they DO NOT do anything about childern in serouus danger but start on families who tell them to get lost, nice people they mess up not the people who abuse their kids!!!!!!!!!!!!! They act like thugs who got too much testrosterone. Manly women are evil bitter & twisted. I like real women not dikes. they are clearly dikes &and all dikes are very twisted trollops. Why dont people sort them out as they have homes & a life too. If they bothered my I would find out where they live!

  4. a careleaver Says:

    oh and I forgot to mention this,social services have caused me so much trouble,at one children’s home I was in one staff member’s cooking gave me food poisoning and I seem to remember I had to yell at the idiots to get them to take me to the docter.

  5. a careleaver Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your familys plight.You are right of course,social services are Dangerous.I have had my life almost wrecked completely by these people and what I went through is nothing compared to most kids who experiance social services-the amount of times they can’t be bothered to act when kids are in serious danger from family members,then kids who are placed in care often find themselves in more danger-there was Moris Malone,a pimp who used his job as a carer at Lewisham social services as a way to get access to young girls to exploit for a start.
    I was one of the kids who was placed in care immediately after social services becoming involved despite the fact that I wasn’t in danger.I had been bullied at school and no other school in my catchment area had places,so my mum had lied about our address to get me into another school,the school found out and expelled me,which is when they got involved.At first I was tricked into signing a peice of paper that I wasn’t allowed to read,they lied about what it was and did the same to my mum.I was placed in a foster home which they led me to believe I couldn’t leave.Then my mum found out from her soliciter that it was a voluntary placement and she took me home-we’d apperently given consent by signing the forms.Then they put me on the at risk register for “emotional harm” and got a care order,they placed me in a foster home again and I ran away back to my mum’s and we moved house and got me back into mainstream school but this time I had to lie about my last name to avoid getting traced.However I got raped (nothing to do with anyone in my home) and reported it to the police under my real name.That is how social services traced me.They told the school I’d lied about my name and of course got me kicked out again.they decided that I was so at risk that they needed to lock me up in a secure unit “for my own safety” they do not need proper evidance to do this,civil court cases don’t need the same standard of evidence that criminal ones do.Their main piece of evidence came from my rapist,who in his defence,had lied to the police that he payed me for the sex.My dropping the charges (as I wanted to forget the whole thing and not be accused of being a whore in court.) was apparently proof of my guilt.I felt like I was being punished for being raped.So here I was,in this secure unit with troubled and dangerous kids who used to kick off regularly as well as young offenders who had actually been lucky enough to be tried and convicted before being placed there,costing the taxpayer £10,000 a WEEK when there was no reason I shouldn’t be at home.I was attending lessons 5 days a week yes but the stuff we were doing was mostly what I’d done in primary school,when I should’ve been studying for my GCSES.They were regularly interrupted by kids attacking each other or one of the teachers.The staff were mostly very spiteful and even sadistic,some of them.They stuck to the rules but bullied the kids in subtle ways,for instance,once one member of staff knocked on my door while I was asleep,I woke up to find her dragging my matress out from under me.When I asked her what she was doing,she said she was punishing me because I didn’t respond when she knocked on the door,even though she knew I was asleep.She then proceeded to remove EVERYTHING from my room and lock me in there.I think I was locked in the bare room for several hours.Anyway I was in introduced to some very unsavory characters(staff as well as kids) through social services and my education has been delayed by years-I’m taking my A levels at 22 , and I’ve had experiences I really shouldn’t have had due to the people who were supposed to be “protecting” me.The more people who tell their stories the more chance social services will be forced to change.It absolutly breaks my heart what happened to Khyra Ishaq,may God rest her soul.

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