Margaret Beckett dislays her ignorance of the housing market

Posted on 7 December 2009 by Guest Blogger Ray Boulger of brokers John Charcol

I watched the repeat of Question Time on BBC Parliament yesterday and two points in relation to the housing market in general and the Lib Dems’ revised proposals for a Mansion tax in particular struck me as being worth commenting on.

In response to a question about the Lib Dems’ proposed Mansion tax, Margaret Beckett, after saying she couldn’t believe the figure but would share it with us anyway, said that the Land Registry figures showed that there were only 86 properties worth over £2m.

It had to be pointed out to her that that the Land Registry figures were quoted in thousands and therefore one had to add three noughts to the figure.

It is not only pretty stupid to quote a figure on national television that you say you don’t believe, but in particular most people’s common sense would have told them that there must be more than 86 houses in the country worth more than £2m.

It is a damming indictment of this Government’s understanding of the housing market that someone who was Minister of State for Housing and Planning until as recently as 5 June this year has so little understanding of such a basic fact relating to the housing market.

The other rather amusing point was seeing Kirstie Allsop get the better of Vince Cable in the discussion on his Mansion tax.


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2 Responses to “Margaret Beckett dislays her ignorance of the housing market”

  1. roflcoptor Says:

    Margaret Beckett is either incompetent or she is delibratly stupid and feins ignorance………………. why? you ask in your minds eye………

    “Mrs Beckett, 66, claimed second home allowances of £72,537 for her constituency home in Derby in the four years between 2004 and 2008, despite having no mortgage or rent to pay on the property. ”

    “Margaret Beckett tried to claim £600 for hanging baskets and pot plants as she lavished tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on her constituency home whilst living in a grace and favour apartment in London.”

    google these and see for yourself, she is a thief and a cunning one aswell.

  2. mode aus berlin Says:

    “The times they are a changin.”

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