Our very own Darling Chancellor with his box of financial trickery he is busy inflicting on the nation, seems to be having a little difficulty working out how to repay that horrendous amount of our money he has recklessly shovelled into dishonest and devious banks after their greedy antics destroyed the economy of the World.

He thinks the best way to find all this money the government has to repay is to ask us all to become poorer by giving him lots more of our money so the banks can keep all the money already filched out of taxpayer’s pockets and possibly continue asking for more.

I don’t think so.

The banks took billions of our money from our government so we could stop further destruction of the Global economy leading to complete meltdown with virtually all trade being forced to cease as currencies vanished into the black hole the banks created.

If the banks borrowed all this money, then how can they pay bonuses of any kind to their employees while still owing so much of that money they borrowed from us.

The banks should not pay one single penny in bonuses until all the money they borrowed from us is repaid.

Otherwise you might thinks it’s all just a con trick, mightn’t you ?


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