Is the UK gradually becoming a real Totalitarian State like Stalin’s Russia, Mao Tse Tung’s lunatic Chinese State and Hitler’s Germany; where in all of these examples everyone was required to think exactly the same way as everyone else accordingly to the diktats of the State, which extended it’s malevolent tentacles into every aspect of daily life ?

And if all Citizens didn’t do exactly what the State told them to do arbitrary arrests were made, followed by imprisonment or even execution for even completely trivial issues according to the whims of whichever Dictator !

Decide for yourself.

An item on the BBC news this morning said that Independent Newspaper photo-journalist Jerome Taylor was taking pictures of Parliament in London, when he was accosted by a policeman demanding to know who he was and what he was doing. The policeman demanded identification details according to powers given the State under recent new anti terror legislation after terrorist bombings in London. All this would now remain on a database for future police use .

In the same news item and even more shocking infringement of personal liberty was cited.

Another photographer was taking photographs of a fish and chip shop in Chatham high street, Kent. Two bossily officious council officials stridently demanded why the photographer was taking photographs in the high street and demanded his proof of identification details etc to note down, quoting anti terrorism regulations.

Quite rightly this photographer told the mindlessly intrusive dimwits to go away and mind their own business, whereupon these unpleasant pair of officials called the police for ‘backup’.

When the police arrived the photographer took a photo of the policemen and said he was just an ordinary citizen going about his lawful daily business, which he had a perfect right to do without explaining and justifying his every trivial move to officious busybody council employees or the police with inflated egos and idiotic fantasies of State control freakery. He might have added, would they please just go away and leave him alone !

This man was promptly arrested by these pompous, ill-informed policemen.

I hope the photographer sues the police for wrongful arrest.

It was a disgusting mis-use of highly dubious legislation by an incompetent Labour Government, headed by a dour and cheerless idiot obsessed with telling every man, woman, and child in the country what to do and think precisely as he would wish them to, on a daily basis on pain of instant State interference and even penalty if anyone didn’t do exactly what they were told by the State at all times.

Chief Constable of British Transport Police, Andy Trotter said on the BBC radio four Today programme that he didn’t think this was appropriate use of the police ‘stop and account’ powers – that weasily new legislation Gormless Gordon dreamed up to allow the Government to arbitrarily interfere with anyone at the drop of a hat.


The other big news item today is how this Gormless Gordon Brown is toadying up to the greedy bankers and positively encouraging them to grab huge amounts of taxpayer’s cash from everyone else’s pockets, so the bankers can take billions of pounds of our taxes home in their selfish, fraudulent and dishonest pockets this Christmas.

Meanwhile the rest of this nation scrimp and save to make ends meet as mass unemployment, recession and poverty hits millions of these hard pressed taxpayers as their faces are ground into the dust by this violently oppressive and poisonous Government.

Of course all this increased unemployment, poverty and Global financial crisis was entirely caused by the banks’ fraud, deceit, and dishonesty of various kinds which even extended to blatant criminality.

Every single family in this country has had to fork out from £5 000 to £40 000 to bail out the banks, according to various different estimates across the news bulletins today.

But the bankers, particular the Directors on the Board of RBS Bank, are shrieking that they are entitled to tens of millions of pounds of bonuses, and if anyone stops them they will all resign in a huff, according to news reports.

But we all gave this nasty little RBS bank billions of pounds of our taxes – thousands of pounds from each family in the country – to help it survive and stop it going completely bust when it’s incompetent and dishonest behaviour threatened to destroy the entire monetary system as well as itself.

So now, these thieving, grotesquely fat, self centred, blinkered, greedy twits are demanding the right to pocket some of this taxpayers money as what they laughingly describe as “bonuses”. Bonuses for what ? Bringing the entire Global economy to the brink of collapse and inflicting mass poverty on millions of people worldwide ?

Are the banks completely raving mad ?

It doesn’t seem to have dawned on them that all that money they are proposing to embezzle belongs to us taxpayers and not their bank and certainly not to them.

Their bank was broke, bust, bankrupt for Christ’s sakes, and we taxpayers baled the bastards out with our money. They now owe us that money and until it is paid back there is not one single penny of spare cash within the entire RBS bank which is legitimately available for any ‘bonus’ to any of the bank’s bloated, overpaid, incompetent employees.

As Vince Cable and many others have said the idiot bankers still just ‘don’t get it’.

The bankers are truly disgusting, offensive people.

This nonsense must be stopped – now.


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