Or is it just this Labour Government systematically poisoning everyone’s brains with the madness of political correctness ?

Baby P thug to be freed soon

Baby P thug could be freed in under three years after appeal judge declares he’s not a risk


27th October 2009

One of the sadists jailed over the death of Baby P could be free in less than three years after the Court of Appeal today overturned his indeterminate sentence.

Jason Owen, 37, was jailed in May alongside his brother Steven Barker, 33, and the child’s mother Tracey Connelly for causing or allowing the toddler’s death.

Peter was found dead in his blood-spattered cot in August 2007. He had eight broken ribs and a snapped spine after suffering more than 50 injuries in eight months at his home in Haringey, North London.

Low risk: The Court of Appeal said Jason Owen was not likely to be a serious risk to the public in future.

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One Response to “IS THIS COUNTRY INSANE ?”

  1. jonianni Says:

    Why do we not DEMAND transparency and open courts into this foul, festering dark ages system? We should not have to be afraid of government departments in this country! I have written to everyone I can think of, from David Cameron all through the system down to facebook. I have only had 1 reply, from the Ombudsman, who is awaiting the DCC answer to my complaint.
    For God’s sake, protect our children from this frightening nightmare that is continually growing without most people even knowing about it!!

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