And this morning at about 9.15 a.m. Nick Hewer – Alan Sugar’s sidekick in the television show ‘The Apprentice’ – slithered out of my past like a bad smell to annoy me with his sanctimonious greasiness.

Nick was being breathlessly interviewed by Libby Purves on the BBC Radio Four Midweek programme about his glamourous life as public relations man turned TV star in The Apprentice.

What annoyed me was avuncular sounding Nick telling us all how the world of public relations had treated him well and, added as an afterthought, he said he hoped he had treated people in it well too. What a nice chap he seemed.

Nick wasn’t such a nice chap treating people well when I knew him !

Nick Hewer employed me in his public relations consultancy Michael Joyce Ltd a long time ago. It was a sordid experience which ended with me being the latest in – apparently – a long line of people fired (and sued) by Nick. In my case on the grounds ‘the client didn’t like me’.

Nick then tried to avoid paying me a considerable amount of my pay that was due. It was a mean, grasping, nasty, greasy, underhand little trick that spoke volumes about the ghastly manner in which Michael Joyce Ltd was run and the horrendous way Nick’s employees were frequently treated.

A court told him to pay up eventually, but not until he vented his venomously grasping nature by attempting to frivolously sue me in act of breathtakingly childish spite.

It backfired on him. I’ll tell you more about the wonderful, glamourous world of public relations later ‘cos I have chores to do now.

But I can tell you it isn’t glamourous at all. It is full of sordid little people like Nick and another PR person I met called Codrington whose ancestors became rich by trading in Slaves and owning sugar plantations with which they used to become respectable stately home owners in the West Country. He fleeced me too in a blatantly fraudulent way. Another nasty piece of work there.

It seemed to the PR world was stuffed to bursting with people like that !


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