and reduced me to complete poverty as a single father bringing up my son without his mother

Its all done and dusted and I have custody now and have done for ages.

Briefly what happened was:

My partner thought (me too) she had post natal depression when our child was born.

GP totally uninterested – told me to take her to A&E

Much, much later (months and several dramas) she agrees to go to A&E

She is now actually wailing ‘what’s wrong with me ? I need help’.

A&E consultant turns to me and asks me if I agree with his diagnosis of Manic Depression.

I’d already worked it out ages ago. Yes, I said; that’s what I think it is, aint I clever cos I’m not a doctor.

She spends time in hospital and is put on medication. Cutting a long story short, the NHS treatment for mental health patients is a complete shambles and she is treated appallingly.

One evening she suddenly becomes wildly psychotic, has a funny turn and flees the house in London with her two kids aged 9 &10 plus our one year old, three kids in total.

She drives 200 miles to North Wales at 1 a.m. drunk and clinically psychotic, falling asleep at the wheel on the five hour journey and constantly woken up by her two terrified children. All nearly killed & only saved by following lorry driver as they swerve around motorway.

I contact social services asking them to help. the kids are at risk etc.

Social services do their best to avoid doing anything, but eventually, after a lot of nagging by me in many phone calls they pay mum and kids a visit in North Wales but can’t be bothered to let me know.

I only find out with one of my nagging phone calls when the social services brightly announce they have now actually seen mum & kids and they agree she is barking mad and psychotic, but social services tell me they can’t do anything about removing the three kids for their own safety ‘until something happens’ as they so eloquently described the kids being harmed in some way.

So, I apply to court for custody. Kids mum actually agrees with me and says so in court to judge who then orders interim custody to me but orders father of other two kids to take them (when he didn’t want to !) It became a disaster.

Mum returns to my house with me and baby.

Social services then tell mother to get a lawyer to ‘ fight me for custody, otherwise she may never see her son again’. That was what that moron social worker Conrad Barzey said to her a week after she had come out of hospital after being badly ill and sectioned. Mum, the idiot Barzey and me, all sitting around a table at my house where mum was very happily living with me.

This incompetent fool Barzey causes mum to have another breakdown within a few days and a week later she abducts boy to North Wales 200 miles away.

I show police my court order instructing the boy should live with me at my house and both police and me think it will be quite straightforward to retrieve boy as their whereabouts are known.

But North Wales Social Services then tell police to get lost and instruct them to tell me to go to court if I want to retrieve my son.

I go to court to be faced by a posse of social workers with a legal team, including a barrister, all now telling mum how they will champion her in fighting me for custody – despite the fact mum had started out telling me and announcing in court she wanted me to have custody as she recognised the dangers of her mental illness. She wanted me to have custody she told me, because she completely trusted me and our relationship was and had always been good excepting when the illness kicked in.

Social workers tell family court judge that they recommend mother has custody on grounds that as our son had been with mum for these past few weeks ‘it would be disruptive’ for him to be returned to me. This despite the fact I had been the primary carer for some long time.

Family Court Judge tells social workers she is not happy with mum looking after child as she has recent history of severe mental illness. Judge is forced to accept social workers recommendation but tells social workers to visit mum and child daily. Judge tells me I am a good father and social services must pay my expenses to travel and spend two days a week with my son.

In order for the social workers to fulfill orders of Judge I am forced with legal blackmailing to agree to consenting to a voluntary ‘care order’ to effectively place my son in social services care so they may spend money on fulfilling judges various orders.

I had absolutely no idea of the dangers of volunteering my son into the care of social services just so they could have their way with their obsession that I, simply by virtue of being a male, would be naturally entirely unsuitable in some unspoken, undefined way, to properly look after my own son.

Now that I am older and wiser, I realise it was a complete stitch-up by my very bad legal team (I was on ‘legal aid’ so the solicitors think they could do a lousy job) and social services.

Social services now had the legal control of my son, I had none at all – and they proceeded to abuse it, preventing me having access to him and even threatening me with having him adopted ‘if I didn’t co-operative with them.

Mum soon showed just how incapable she was of looking after the boy but social services did not remove him for many months.

When they did remove him, they put him into a foster home where he was physically abused and by the time I managed to rescue my son from the evil clutches of social services fostering a few weeks later he was covered in 28 identical round bruises on his torso where he had been repeated poked in the ribs with a walking stick by these appalling, sadistic and thoroughly nasty social services foster parents.

This rib poking with a stick was to prevent the boy coming too close to them. The foster parents wanted him to keep away from them because he wanted to be constantly ‘cuddled’ being used to much affection from mum and me as well as his older siblings. The stick was poked in his ribs to keep him at a distance.

How do I know ? My boy was three when I finally retrieved him and could speak extremely well indeed. He told me and I recorded it on tape. He still remembers it at the age of eleven ! It hurt – a lot !

Mum returned to live me with at some point, but social services actually did their best to prevent that for some unknown reason. Unfortunately mum’s illness just became worse and worse as a direct result of the chaos social services had caused.

Social services had presided over the disappearance of the two elder children to a father who didn’t want them anyway and proceeded to completely traumatise them until they could eventually escape back to mum some time later.

By this time the obvious stresses on mum incurred by all these proceedings just made her illness worse and worse and, cutting a long story short, she simply drifted away from her son and me under constant pressure from social services and the North Wales council who would harass her from time to time over her council house.

The North Wales Council and their social services department involved in this saga were positively depraved, certainly quite corrupt, certainly liars. Typical Tony Bliar/Gormless Gordon Labour Government aparachik employees, busily destroying the fabric of our country.

They are also mostly definitely wasters of vast amounts of public money (the reason all our taxes are sky high as the same scenario is repeated throughout this wicked government headed by Gormless Gordon, preceded by Tony Bliar the warmongering intellectual spastic with the hugely inflated ego).

The many details of this story only continue to make it more nightmarish than you can possibly imagine, but I have already written nearly fourteen hundred words in this synopsis. It would take a book to tell the whole story.


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  1. doug kendal Says:

    well iv had enough of social services for two years they have been on my back originaly they placed all 6 of my children on the child protection reg for neglect as they were not having any school health checks non of my childrenm have ever had and health concens i told them and i didnt think school health checks were compulsery<<<

    however they insisted they were all neglacted OMG it destroyed my marriage of 23 years me and my wife had 9 children together 4 which have left home and two which have children off there own I left my wife and found another partner as social services destroyed us

    however this was not the end of it we had another child protection meeting social services were pleased that all children have now had all there health checks and found nothing wrong at all i thought good now they will take them off the register OMG how wrong i was they placed them a;; on emotianal abuse now because i have left the family home and living with a new partner sionce then my partner has had a baby and now social services have placed our new baby on there child protection as well under the cat off emotianal abuse i realy cant understand why ,, my wife and new partner get on ok with each other and go shopping ect ect all the children are happy and stay over fer weekends ect just one big happy family realy now social services want my ex wife my new partner and myself to undergo a phycriatric assesement what ever for they already falsed us to undergo a family asesement with all of the children and me my wife and new partner and we all passed that SURLEY SS HAVE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO than harrase us


    […] This social services story is vile. It shows the spendthrift wickedness of social services in a way they cannot wriggle out of like all the ones they do wriggle out of – even when, like Baby Peter – they are quite obviously culpably liable for grotesque negligence. […]

  3. Boz Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are also a victim of these idiots.

    I’m planning for some of these stories to actually get to the public. Certainly mine. I am a journalist and hoping to find a media platform for it. It is possible.

    If nothing else, it is possible to write about these stories on the internet, because it is impossible to stop it.

    Without identifying your family in any way, can you tell me roughly what happened to you ? I am really interested in the different kinds of stories. I have mentioned a couple of others on here and I am about to write about a family that had three young children permanently adopted on the most outrageous grounds. It’s an appalling tale.

  4. AJS1403 Says:

    We need to put an end to this. I have been in tears reading your story. We have just been through 14 months of hell, where Social Services, thanks to THEIR mistakes in the past, have followed procedures and box ticking at the detriment of OUR family.
    Now that it’s all over, what can we do about the abuse we endured??? Nothing… Why??? because they are protected by policies, procedures, child laws AND closed doors to the family courts.
    How convenient for them that none of this ever gets out to the public. There was such an outcry surrounding baby P… that’s ONE case of abuse. How much abuse have innocent children and families suffered at the hands of Social Services?

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