Haringey Social Workers Deliberately Lie

– and I can Prove it !

Haringey’s Sharon Shoesmith is much in the news today for being an incompetent fool when she was the Director in Charge of Haringey’s Social Services department. You know, that bunch of bureaucratic idiots who keep presiding over the repeated murders of small, defenceless children who are supposed to be in Haringey’s care.

Vacuous Sharon seems completely unaware of just how incompetent Haringey Social Services were when she was Director in charge of what they did before she was fired – in case even more child murders took place.

She seems to think Haringey and her bunch of useless Social Services layabouts weren’t to blame for the death of Victoria Climbie or little Baby Peter Connelly who was deliberately and systematically tortured by the sadistic boyfriend of his disgustingly depraved mother Tracy Connelly.

Baby Peter was finally killed by having his back deliberately broken by the sadistic boyfriend with the apparent tacit approval of Haringey Social Services headed by Sharon Shoesmith.

I can personally confirm just how incompetent and stupid Haringey Council’s Social Services Department has been. Why ? Because I am the parent of a child whose life Haringey did their best to wreck.

Neither the child’s mother or me, his father, was ever thought or accused by anyone of being bad or inadequate parents. That wasn’t the problem at all.

It was from a completely different direction that Haringey Social Services entered our lives and terminally damaged the family, directly causing my child to effectively end up losing his mother. That’s right. Haringey caused my child to be deprived of his mother through sheer ignorance, incompetence, and pig headed stupidity with a bit of blatant and provable lying from social workers to deliberately falsify a report to the family court.

Haringey’s nasty and incompetent behaviour also left me as a single parent to bring this child up without his mother – basically because social workers’ behaviour and Conrad Barzey’s in particular made her have a nervous breakdown; driving her into a state of mental illness which became so severe she has been incarcerated in secure mental hospitals on a regular basis ever since and is incapable of looking after herself or her child.

Oh, and I also lost my £800 000 house and any possibility of working for a living for years and am now left trying to survive as a single parent looking after my child with State benefits of just over one hundred pounds a week. Try it yourself, it’s impossible. It’s real grinding poverty. Child poverty, never mind me. It’s child poverty deliberately engineered by this filthy, mendacious government’s, lazy, malicious, incompetent employees.

I remember in particular a nasty pair of Haringey Social workers who visited my house. One of them was this ignorant, ill educated and unintelligent oaf called Conrad Barzey. He put his signature to some very provable lies and falsified a report to the Family Court and generally did his best to deliberately construct the report in a way which would ensure a bias of some kind towards deliberately building up an entirely imaginary case to persuade the Family Court this child should not be looked after by its father – me.

As I was the only person available to look after the child, it seemed Haringey were quite happy to make sure the child lost both his parents for absolutely no valid reason whatever. Indeed, I was actually threatened by social workers – right in front of my solicitor – that social services were now ‘considering adoption’ and would have this child forcibly adopted ‘if I didn’t co-operate with them’.

So, let’s just get this right shall we ? Social services would forcibly adopt a child because they didn’t like its argumentative parent being indignant at being bullied and completely interfered with by social services; who had already illegally taken the child into care under false pretences, aided by a bit of lying in court, and now they wanted to teach that parent a lesson in the power this notorious State wields over its cringing citizenry by wrenching this parent’s child away into the netherworld of the abysmally failing care system.

No doubt where the child would grow up like all the other children in care being physically, sexually and emotionally abused to mature into an ill educated drug taking, criminally inclined psychological train wreck, costing the rest of society a fortune as this individual, wrecked by the evils of social services, ekes out its miserable, deprived existence at huge cost to everyone.

But, if the parent was passive and grovelled sufficiently at the mentally challenged idiots who comprised social services, then their egos would still be intact enough to graciously allow the parent to have his own child back as a reward for being compliant – even perhaps when that parent was totally unable to safely look after a child as demonstrated by the Victoria Climbie murder and the sadistic murder of Baby Peter Connelly by his evil carers.

In other words, it was clearly more important for social services to have their egos massaged and to feel good about themselves arbitrarily wielding misplaced power over other people who they should be having absolutely nothing to do with in the first place, than to make rational assessments about taking vulnerable children away from murdering and abusive parents. Golly Gosh ! Perish the thought !

It was like having a conversation with the Mafia; and they were using the language and threatening aggressive violence of the Mafia to intimidate me – just because they had the power to. So they abused that power; just like they abused it to let child after child like baby Peter Connelly be murdered in Haringey while they were supposed to be protecting those very same children.

What a nasty joke Haringey Council are ! And what a nasty joke of a Social Services Director Sharon Shoesmith is !

It wasn’t exactly clear to me at the time what on earth it could mean as I was most certainly ‘co-operating with them’ in the most civil, patient, and friendly way I knew how because they had already made it clear to me they would do anything they pleased to just arbitrarily take my child away from his mother and father without the slightest justification.

But then there had been the incident of ‘the pointing finger’ when I had unthinkingly actually pointed my index finger at a social worker from the armchair I was sitting in as an unconscious bit of everyday common or garden body language to simply illustrate a point I was making at the time.

I hadn’t realised what an offensively brutal crime pointing a finger to illustrate something was in the warped world of idiot social workers. Apparently, it meant I was being violent they said. Curiously, their overdeveloped sense of umbrage and concern over possible insults to themselves never extended to being able to recognise real violence leading to the murders of children like Baby Peter Connelly !

They had made it plain to me that they had every intention of making sure that they would do everything they could to prevent me from having my own child and they would rather the child be (completely illegally) deprived of both parents for no reason whatever.

I’ll tell you more about him later as it is well after midnight and I can’t do justice to writing this ENTIRELY TRUE story properly because I’m so tired and I’m already rambling a bit.


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6 Responses to “Haringey Social Workers Deliberately Lie”

  1. John wray Says:

    I also have a problum with my daughter and a abusive boyfriend. about 2 years ago I had to inform social services of the behaviour of my daughter and her boyfriend. I had conserns about them driving an unsafe vehicle with bold tyres and overcrowded to the point that the children were set on the floor. Nothing changed over the next 18 months apart from the situation getting much worse, and my suspicions of drugs were reported to the case worker but nothing changed. Then I heard that 2 more children from a problum famile had been placed in the care of my daughter and her boyfriend, by the social sevices. This led to a situation were there were now 8 children and 2 adults living in a 3 bedroom house. To make matters worse 1 of the children was a girl of 12 now living in a house with 7 male children aged from 17 to 18 months. I asked social services about this and all I get is it was not there depth and she didn’t know about it till the children arrived. Getting no were quickly I then had to ask for the help of 1 of 2 of the boys farther, that whentstright to a Solicitor took my daughter to court and ended up with custudy of 2 of the boys. He has stoped all access to my selfe and my wife so I rang social services who then said I should be great full to him for taking the boys from a what she now describes as a dirty unsafe home. Although before this she told us what was going on was just a life style choice. We are now at our wits end with worry and can get no help any were. Can anyone help.

  2. Deri Maps Says:

    There are no facts in the whole hogwash just bitterness and no facts! Look after your child mate anf leave social workers to do their work!

  3. Alexander Says:

    I have had an identical experience with Haringey over the same period.

    Dishonesty is routine at all levels of the service. There needs to be some organisation so we can all act together against Haringey.

  4. Jayson Harris Says:

    Hi there

    Just read your story, my name is Jayson Harris and I am a Broadcast Journalism Student at London College of Communication.

    I am currently doing a story on Haringey Council and have a recorded statement, form a Wood Green resident, highlighting a protest that occured on the 22.10.09.

    The statement I have says:
    4 women had tied themselves outside the Haringey Council building Thursday 22 October
    They were forcefully removed
    One women was injured in the process and had to be taken to hospital
    They were shouting “We had our kids taken away”
    There was a large police presence
    There was alot of commotion

    The council are being very tight lipped about this and it would be great to interview you.

    The story angle is that in trying to compensate for previous shortcomings Haringey Council are tearing good families apart.

    Do get back to me if you can, it would be really good to get your account of events.



  5. Boz Says:

    Yes, grinding poverty is a real shit kicker.

    I could have pursued my high earning type career and paid a nanny or those state sponsored child carers to dump my child on while I left home at 7 a.m. to commute to work and seek riches to feed my greed and avarice, only to return at about 9 p.m. just in time to snatch a foul tasting microwave meal before checking my child is still and alive and breathing while it is asleep in bed.

    But I thought it was infinitely more important to ‘be there’ for the child and be both mother and father and try my best to make sure the child felt secure and valued and not alone and insecure, ignored and barely seeing a parent at all because the parent was more concerned with status and avarice and couldn’t care less about the damage being done to the child in the process.

    I’ll tell you exactly how social services came into my life to poison it, but right now I have chores to do outside before it gets dark.

  6. mummylonglegs Says:

    Prey, tell us Boz, exactly what direction did Haringey SS come at you from if

    Neither the child’s mother or me, his father, was ever thought or accused by anyone of being bad or inadequate parents. That wasn’t the problem at all.

    Oh, and I also lost my £800 000 house and any possibility of working for a living for years and am now left trying to survive as a single parent looking after my child with State benefits of just over one hundred pounds a week. Try it yourself, it’s impossible.

    Fuck me mate, I don’t know how you do it, that grinding poverty must be a real shit kicker.

    Mummy x

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