The famous American child psychologist Bruce Perry wrote “We live in strange times. Modern Western society has benefited from advances in technology, communications, transportation, social justice and economies beyond the dreams of our ancestors. And yet our society seems to be incapable of ensuring that our children grow up safe in safe, predictable, relationally enriched, humane environments”.

Personally, I think this is caused entirely by the undeniable brainwashing every person gets from the media; everything – films and television in particular, as well as print media of every type.

People collectively have little or no knowledge about the science of psychology – that’s how brains work- just to clarify things. Many people simply dismiss the idea of psychology as mumbo jumbo nonsense. That is just the same as dismissing the primitive discoverers and early users of electricity in the 1800’s. Then, electrical appliances were a bit of a joke. They suddenly became deadly serious when the light bulb was invented and immediately transformed human civilisation completely.

It is a simple fact that our brains are programmed with the software of our upbringing. This shapes how those brains think and work, take decisions about everything and determines the daily behaviour and the entire rest of the life for that individual.

The media fabricates an unreal world where advertisers, who do not dismiss psychology because they know how to harness it to manipulate people into spending money, make their victims believe in a false and imaginary world that has never existed and cannot ever exist.

So, alcohol advertising specifically targeted at teenagers makes them think it is ‘cool’ to drink themselves into oblivion in nasty, uncomfortable bars where they are deliberately forced to stand in order to encourage faster and greater consumption of booze. Film and television constantly break new barriers of fantasy and violence which blurs the boundaries of reality.

Newspapers and Print media of all sorts produce a make believe, child-like world of ‘celebrity culture’ which tries to convince readers it is a real world they can and should aspire to become part of themselves.

Young first time jobseekers when asked what work they want to do in life vacuously just say they want to become ‘famous’ and a ‘celebrity’ – as though that is some particular, real, way of earning a living. How pathetic.

This is a dangerous and nasty world we have fashioned where we are squandering all the benefits of increased wealth and advances in technology gained in the last two hundred years or so.

This is why so many families are being destroyed and feral, violent, aggressive children roam the streets in bored packs seeking thrills in drugs and random, meaningless violence.


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