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Little Peter Connelly lived for a short while on earth, and while he lived he never knew safety or love or gentleness or mercy. No, he did not know about those things. For Peter, existence meant neglect, indifference, pain and violence. And what does a baby know, really? He probably thought that’s all life was.

Are babies capable of bewilderment, do you think?

Peter was too young to speak, and for as beautiful as he was, he did not hold his mother’s interest. Tracey Connelly was absorbed in other business, really, and couldn’t bother much with Peter. There was so much to do. There was sleeping, relaxing, sitting down, smoking, socializing on the internet. Languishing in her boredom. Thinking about herself.

These things take a lot of time, after all, and there’s only so many hours in a day. And then, I’m sure it must have been very stressful having Social Services watching all the time, visiting the house all the time.

And while Tracey Connelly entertained herself with her activities, Steven Barker also entertained himself. 

Look at the picture. Do you see the bruises? 

Baby Peter with bruises on his face

Baby Peter with bruises on his face

Steven Barker threw little Peter around like a rag doll. He spun Peter around on a stool until he fell off and hit his head, and then put him back on and spun him again. He trained Peter to obey like a dog, with a snap of his fingers. And speaking of dogs, he used Peter to train the Rottweiler that lived in the house. Under that angelic blond hair, Peter had bite marks on his head; it is not known whether these marks were human or canine. That’s right: as part of training the Rottweiler, either Steven Barker or the dog bit Peter on the head.

Steven Barker’s brother, Jason Owen, participated in some of this abuse.

Baby Peter with shaved head and face  smeared with chocolate to hide injuries

Baby Peter with shaved head and face smeared with chocolate to hide injuries

Have you had enough yet?

There’s more.

Of course there is.

Steven Barker compressed Peter’s windpipe, held for a while, and finally let go. He pinched Peter’s fingernails and toenails until they turned black. He pulled out at least one of the baby’s fingernails with pliers. He cut off at least one of the baby’s fingertips with a knife. One of Peter’s ears was partially torn off. Social Services, meanwhile, kept watching.

Steven Barker broke several of Peter’s ribs.

Then he broke Peter’s back.

It takes a lot of force to break a back. A lot. Force equivalent to a car accident, or a fall from a very high place.

Read that again: Steven Barker broke Peter’s back.

Let it sink in.

This happened near the end, and Peter did not walk unaided again. When asked whether she ever realized that her son was partially paralyzed, Tracey Connelly said that she hadn’t noticed. Nope, she did not notice. He lay down just fine in his bed, she said, and he sat just fine where she put him.

By this time, Peter’s hair had been shaved off. This was because of the scabs on his head. And the lice.

Social Services watched and watched. Tracey Connelly was smearing her son’s face with chocolate now, to hide the bruises. I’m sure she thought this was very clever.
Peter went to the hospital. He went there with a broken back and eight broken ribs. But he was cranky. How could the doctor examine such a cranky child? She could not! She sent him home.

At home Peter was cranky. He lay alone in his crib. He cried and he cried.

Peter was seventeen months old. Have you seen a child this age sobbing? The pouty lips, the little gasps, the tears? In an adult, the normal response to this is compassion. The urge to give comfort – that is the normal response.

That was not Steven Barker’s response.

He went into Peter’s room and closed the door. Then he punched Peter in the face. Punched him so hard, in fact, that he removed skin from the baby’s lips and tongue and knocked out a tooth. Peter went quiet.

It was 11:30 on the following morning before Tracey Connelly called for an ambulance. By then Peter’s body was cold and blue, dead already for several hours.
That was August 3, 2007. Only four days after the last visit from Social Services.

Here are computer-generated images of some of Peter’s injuries. He had more than fifty on his body.

baby peter injury diagram

baby peter injury diagram


And here’s a detailed illustration showing some of the others:

More Baby Peter injuries

More Baby Peter injuries



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  1. Katy Says:

    After stumbling across a video made for baby Peter Connelly on YouTube I have read up on this case which may of been years ago but being a mother myself to 17 month old I sobbed watching and reading this looking at my son knowing he was same age . How can these people been eradicated murder charges THEY ARE ALL MURDERERS with that Steven Connelly being the one who ultimately ended his life. I believe the system should bring back death penalty for cases such as these. The man deserves to be tortured scared and killed just like that beautiful baby boy Peter. I wish I could of been his mother. Little angel is safe now back in gods arms – heart breaks 😦

  2. shannon Says:

    This actually brought tears to my eyes, that poor little baby boy.. I hope the people that hurt him rot in hell!! I have neer been so angry reading something before in my life, this makes me sick that social services did nothing to help when they had the chance!!

  3. Karen K. Says:

    The 2yr old girl that was raped was Baby Pete’s sister. It makes you wonder if Baby Pete had been raped too. Baby Pete did have anal thrush as well as oral.

  4. Karen K. Says:

    May God hold Baby Peter’s morbid killers responsible and condemn them to agony and defeat. We are not to suffer the little children according to Jesus Christ.

  5. meg Says:

    u cant put anyones disgust into words…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    thats so sick, rott in hell, thats actually disturbing! how could anyone let that happen, i hope the mother feels guiltey and ashmaded!

  7. Krystal Says:

    This story horrifies me, just knowing that i have a 16 month old baby girl, looking at her and thinking that someone murdered a baby boy her same age. it makes me sick. it makes me sad, infuriated, seething with rage at all the lazy people that could have done something to protect this tiny defenseless baby boy, but they instead, did nothing. every one of the people that contributed to his death, either blood related or medically etc…. should all be put through the same tortures that he endured, maybe then, they would think twice if god forbid anything like this should happen again. This makes my heart hurt like crazy.

    May you rest in paradise you beautiful innocent little angel. You are thought of all the time and loved by many. XoXoXo ❤

  8. amypyper Says:

    i think that is a pure shame!! noone deserves that!! poor little boy, i feel so sad for him.. and how much he went threw, i swear if i could be with his mum and dad for a day i would fucking kill them and let them see what it is like to be treated like that! peter was so cute 😦 !! and i feel so sorrrrrrrry for him, R.I.P LILL MAN! 😦 XXXXXX

  9. Tracey Says:

    i have just read all of this and im crying my eyes out so much my heart is aching this poor lil boy cant imagine the pain he must of gone threw those people who done this to him hope they are locked up and stay in prison for life thats what they need life not just a few years. So sickening i cant stop thinking about baby p after reading this. R.I.P LIL MAN XX

  10. alexi ronevich Says:

    ma i cannot believe how mean people can be! I am almost a mother, so i cannot even dream about hurting my child.

  11. Timmyra Says:

    To heap more horror on such a tragic tale is difficult to do. Steven Barker was also convicted of the rape of a 2 year-old little girl. The mother of Peter Connelly and the 2 brothers in this case are evil personified!

  12. Desiree Hickerson Says:

    wat the fuck. why would you let someone abuse your child and not do a damn thing about. i hope the mother rotts in jail and suffers the same abuse peter did. I would never let any one come into my life say they love me but abuse my child, you shuldnt be with any one like that. hopefully peter is in a better place with angels wathching him. He can finally rest in peace

  13. Anna Petrick Says:

    Since I watched the video of Peter Connelley this has left a impact heart wrenching feeling. There is not I day that goes bye that I do not thing of Peter, this brings a tear to my eye. How anyone could do this is just disbelief to me, I don’t understand. I hope they carry heavy burdens, or their lives are so miserable, or better yet someone in jail takes care of them. They do not deserve to live. Shame on you! Your a disgrace to the human race. Judging by you pictures you can tell your not all there. My you live in HELL everyone involved. Thouched by a Angel (Peter)

  14. MissouGranma Says:

    The story of poor little Peter’s life is even more horrifying than can be comprehended. His father (biological) did try to remove him and his mother had the father arrested for kidnapping. Now the father is sueing family services.

    His maternal grandmother claims the above picture is her most treasured possession. Also that when she saw him a few days prior to his death that the baby looked like he had been in a concentration camp. NEVERTHELESS, SHE DID NOTHING!!!!!

    The whole world has failed this and a million other innocents every year. As long as parental rights are considered more important than the wellbeing of the children in their care, these horrors will continue.

    England has given very lenient sentences to the perpetrators. They claim to not being able to determine who actually MURDERED Peter, therefore not able to give the maximum penalty.

    I, also, grieved when I heard of this tragedy. Now I feel a deep sustained anger that nothing was done to help this child. Anytime that a child is being neglected or abused, it has to reported and the reporter has to stay on top of the situation to see that something positive is done. Don’t just walk away and say it’s not my problem. Please, realize that if we don’t do this, then it’s probable that the child will only be treated worse and worse as time goes by. People like this don’t improve on their own.

  15. Jennifer Ross Says:

    Better question to ask is WHO ARE THE PARENTS that raised the baby’s mother?…no Peter’s biological parent….she doesn’t deserve the title of MOTHER!

  16. Jennifer Ross Says:

    EYE FOR AN EYE….Jail is not justice for them…them being all parties involved, aware of situation AND no one less than SOCIAL SERVICES THEMSELVES!!!! All I can respond with other than throwing up 😦

  17. nina Says:

    In all my 42 years I have never heard of anything so terrible as this story. Poor little Peter This child never new what love was. How sad is that. He never asked to be born.How dare his mother allow a man into her home and do this to her child.I would of killed that bastard with my own two hands.I have two children and i cant imagine anything happening to them. I would not even call this bitch a mother she is worst than a animal. (Animals even show love.) How could she sit back and allow this to continue to happen to her child. She and that evil digusting rotten filty pig she calls her boyfriend will rott will hell. They should be torchard till they stop breathing and the dogs should eat them. All the doctor social worker police and evryone else who did nothing should also rott in hell. Baby Peter your safe now in the Hand Of God no one will hurt you anymore REST IN PEACE YOU BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYE BABY. This story made me sick to my stomach.

  18. Kristina Says:

    This story is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. Peter, I would have loved to have been your Mommy, give you a better life than they did. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  19. ME Says:

    I can’t believe there’s a God that let all this kind of things happen. I crieda a lot the firts time a saw this case. I can’t believe it…

  20. Rochelle Lynn Condon Says:

    I think it is just really horrible what happen to this little boy and I think the parents should be sent to death after what they did to him. I know that god is wathcing over him know.

  21. Tammara Tyson Says:

    I am a mother of three children and three step-childre, plus I have a granddaughter. I don’t understand how a mother could allow such things to happen to their children. I know this is wrong in the eyes of God, but I feel that these people should suffer through what little Peter did. Jail time is not good enough….they deserve to feel the same physical pain that he did. If anyone ever did any of these things to my children, or any child that I knew of, they couldn’t run far enough or fast enough. I would be the one in jail for having made them suffer the same fate.
    This angers me…. If you don’t want to be a mother, please use birth control………God Rest Your Soul Baby Peter….The Angels will now take care of you the way you deserve to be taken care of.

  22. maw Says:

    i just cried. i pity peter.

  23. Molly stone Says:

    this is the most cruel and inhuman thing i have ever seen or heard, that man and this precious angels mother should rott in jail or hell for all i care i wish someone would do the same thing to that man that he did to that little boy. And as for the social workers i think they should be punished to because where im from it would have only took one visit instead of 60 and they still couldnt save him. Iam sick to my stomach when i hear this i have a two year old blonde hair blue eyed boy myself and he is my life so is my 7 year old daughter something needs to be done there are little peters everyday who lose there young lifes.

  24. ShockedInOK Says:

    There are no words…

  25. jameka viti Says:

    this is so sick…. i i have the baddest butterflies after reading this …i dont no what more to say im lost for words

    please let me know how everything goes

  26. pilot Says:

    Hi, Boz. Here’s how to get the pictures from my site. Right-click on each individually, save each to your computer, then upload them individually using your WordPress dashboard, and insert into the post. It should work. You’re doing a good job here.

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