CHILDREN – BANNED ! (Nasty, Pesky Things – Keep Them Them Out of Sight)

I just heard the most extraordinary thing ! My eleven year old son’s schoolmate just came to our house to ask him out to play today. He casually told my son he wouldn’t be able to visit him when their family moved into their newly rented house because the landlord had banned any children from being allowed into the house his parents were renting !

Think about this for a moment. An ordinary middle class, very civilised family, both parents working in extremely well paid jobs and with two sons of eleven and fourteen. They decided to sell their own house and rent a house from a private landlord for a year while they look for something attractive to buy.

They find a suitable four bedroomed house in an attractive village in Sussex and they would like to pay the fifteen hundred odd pounds a month to rent it for their family of four for a year.

But the landlord says other children are not allowed to be in the house. How utterly insulting this idiot landlord is. Why does he think he has a right to impose his warped, narrow minded, busybody control freakery on other people ?

What a pathetic, sad individual he must be ! No doubt he must be one of those dreadful people employed by the government whose full time job it is to be an interfering bureaucrat of some sort; paid a high salary to be an official professional control freak on one of those Labour Government pointless job creation schemes that squanders billions of pounds of our money.

Perhaps it is this that gives him delusions about telling people who rent his house what sort of people they can socialise with.

It does seem the countless horde of Labour Government employees – now most of the workforce and still rising – are living in a fantasy World where they all have the delusion their duty is to tell the rest of the population exactly what to do every minute of their lives; to control everyone with a positive blizzard of forms and tickboxes. Databases for everything and everyone with lists of all the details of the entire population’s daily lives. Video cameras malignantly following your every move, wherever you go. A Police State monitoring you, threatening constant arrest and State sponsored violence and thuggery whatever you are doing at the time, however innocent it might be.

My own son has been mercilessly persecuted by the goody goody interferers of the bizarre anti-child brigade ever since I moved to this Sussex market town seven years ago.

– A visit from the police after a member of the public reported my then ten year old son being seen playing in the park ‘too often’ and observed holding small cans of some sort in his hands. I was asked if this meant he was a graffiti sprayer because the cans might be spray paint. They were soft drink cans.

– Reported to social services by the headmaster of the boy’s school when an officious idiot of a teacher told him my then eight year old boy was actually allowed to go and play in the nearby park all by himself without an adult being with him.

– The subsequent visit from a social worker who told me that no child under the age of fourteen should ever be allowed out without an adult being with them !

– The retired ex-headmaster of the local secondary school who is the Chairman and gimlet eyed controller of my allotment association telling me allotments were actually dangerous places for children and they were not allowed there unless their parents rented an allotment.

Even then they were absolutely forbidden to leave their parents allotment and go anywhere else on the site. In addition, the allotment rules would not even allow children on their own parents allotment unless they were actually working on the allotment. They were not allowed to play on their parent’s allotment, only work.

No visiting their friends on nearby allotments then. Hard labour only – or else !

– Official letter of warning from the boy’s headmaster at school that he had been seen riding a bike to school without a ‘permit’.

– The amazing Pizza restaurant – “Sorry Sir. We don’t allow children here except at lunchtime”.

And so it goes on – endlessly. These are only a small fraction of the barrage of anti children complaints I have had to deal with from a population of miserably humourless, self centred, misogynistic fools nurtured into existence by the evils of a politically correct socialist mindset which has gripped the UK in it’s deathly embrace as the Labour Government systematically wrecks what used to be the best country in the World to live in.

Now, it is rapidly becoming one of the worst.

It has also been officially branded by the rest of the World as one of the most unpleasant countries in the World to be a child.



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2 Responses to “CHILDREN – BANNED ! (Nasty, Pesky Things – Keep Them Them Out of Sight)”

  1. Boz Says:

    Yes Deletrious – it is interesting; and the real reason it is interesting is because it quite truthfully documents a number of examples (of which there are countless others) of daily anti child and anti family ‘persecution’ which are conveniently swept aside & ignored by most people.

    And when these bizarre anti-child/anti-family events are brought to your attention, they sound utterly stupid and thoroughly nasty – which is exactly what they are.

    They are a condemnation of how ugly our modern society is becoming – where everything is measured in terms of either money or consumption and there is no room for anything else at all – particularly family life – excepting, of course where family life involves consuming things to help drive the ‘economy’ and improve ‘wealth’.

    Ughhhhh, What an ugly World !

  2. Deletrius Says:

    I’ve never heard of such a thing before! Wow, this was a really interesting post.

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