Baby P: Peter’s killers named for the first time as Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker.

The killers of Baby Peter will be given new identities at taxpayers’ expense and lifetime protection from the threat of exposure after being named publicly for the first time as Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker.



Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker subjected Baby Peter to an appalling ordeal that left him with 50 injuries, including a broken back Photo: METROPOLITAN POLICE

The boy’s mother and her boyfriend can finally be identified more than two years after the toddler’s death following the lifting of a court order that prevented their names and photographs being published.

The 17-month-old boy suffered an agonising death in their squalid home after months of abuse. The pair subjected him to an appalling ordeal that left him with 50 injuries, including a broken back.

New details of the suffering that Peter endured can also be disclosed for the first time as well as further examples of how Haringey council and other authorities failed to protect him. These include:

• How Connelly had three other children — two of whom were placed on the “at risk” protection register alongside Peter by social services — but none was taken away from her until the boy died.
• She was pregnant with her fifth child, her first with Barker, when Peter died and gave birth while on remand.

• Social workers failed to realise that Barker was living with the family and abusing Peter for nine months before his death, despite repeated visits from the authorities.

• The authorities also failed to notice when Barker’s brother Owen, a member of the National Front, moved in with his 15-year-old runaway girlfriend five weeks before Peter died.

• Peter was left in his cot for hours on end, was treated worse than a dog, had his finger­tips sliced off with a craft knife, his nails pulled out with pliers and every scrap of his clothing was covered in blood.

• Haringey council tried to prevent Connelly and Barker from being named until 2026 to protect Peter’s siblings but a High Court judge disagreed, saying the “boil must be lanced

The rest of this article by Caroline Gammell and Martin Beckford of the Daily Telegraph can be read by clicking here

10 Aug 2009 Daily Telegraph

My Own Incredible Personal Experiences of Haringey Social Workers’ Incompetence

My partner started becoming mentally ill with manic depression morphing into schizophrenia when our son (currently eleven) was born. After diagnosis I was obliged to contact Social Services for help for both the mother and our three children who she was compromising with her erratic behaviour, having also ‘abducted’ them to a harmful environment, narrowly avoiding accidentally killing them and herself in a car in the process.

Social Services misbehaved in every way possible, starting off by declining to to fulfill their statutory obligations. Subsequently Social Services persuaded my partner to abduct our son against the terms of a court order and to ‘ fight me for custody of our son otherwise she may never see him again” – the words of a brain dead Haringey social worker. She was then living with me and our son with a court order obtained by me with her own consent that our son remain in my care at all times whether she wished to live with us or not. She did, as we have always got on very well and still do. Only her illness interferes in our relationship.

Social Services then persuaded this vulnerable and mentally ill, easily suggestible woman to take legal action she had never wanted to or considered doing to remove our son into her sole care. This had previously been a non-existent idea as we always had a good relationship and I was very busy looking after the illness part of my partner at great cost to me.

The family court judge expressed amazement at the Social Services idea that my partner should have custody of our son, stating that the court was well aware she had a diagnosis of extreme mental illness and was almost certainly unable to safely look after a baby of two years old in her condition. For purely silly and illogical legal reasons, the judge was rather forced by Social Services into agreeing to order custody to the mother, saying the court felt it was entirely unsafe and would allow such custody only if Social Services visited the mother every day and made sure she visited her doctor every week amongst other similar directions put in place by the judge to improve safety for the child and minimise the obvious potential harm that a psychotic, paranoid schizophrenic was likely to do.

A few months later, even Social Services were obliged to remove the child from the mother as he was being seriously neglected and likely to be the victim of extreme harm at any moment as his mother was completely psychotic, paranoid, delusional and dangerous.

At this point Social Services now decided to treat me as though I had previously been an unreliable, bad or neglectful parent who could not be relied upon to look after his own child.

This had never been the case. I had never been accused of anything like that by anyone – not even Social Services – and had been publicly praised by the judge in the family court for being an excellent father. The court had also previously ordered me to have unrestricted access to my my son.

Social Services put my son into foster care and threatened me with having him adopted. I was obliged to take Social Services to court to order they return my son to my care.

This was achieved and my partner subsequently returned to live with us. Unfortunately, the additional (entirely unnecessary) stresses of events made my partner’s illness increasing worse and wrecked the entire family. Her two other children had disappeared to their father who didn’t want them and couldn’t look after them. They both came to significant harm as a direct result which affects them badly to this day. My son has been badly affected by events and the mother’s mind utterly destroyed at this stage. It is no longer possible for her to live with us as a result.

It is clear that Haringey and North Wales Social Services embarked on a course of action that completely destroyed the family, ensuring every family member was emotionally and financially impoverished as a result of their disgusting, vindictive, stupid and very unprofessional behaviour.

But it is the detailed account of everything that happened which condemns Social Services as incompetent fools staffed by people of astounding ignorance, vindictiveness, stupidity and abusiveness.

My experiences of Social Services shows it is no surprise that that so many children like ‘Baby P’, now named as Peter Connelly, have been sadistically murdered by perverts of human beings with Social Services ‘Jobsworths’ smugly looking on and doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

While baby Peter was tortured and murdered – effectively with the tacit connivance of the lazy idiots in Social Services being handsomely paid by the public to specifically safeguard baby Peter and other children at risk of harm from human vermin, nothing at all was done by Social Services to save the two year old boy from death.

Meanwhile, Social Services were pompously engaging in a vast job creation scheme of their making to create countless cases of falsely accused parents whose children were actually being looked after safely and well by their parents.

Vast numbers of children have been wrongly torn from their families and forcibly adopted or put into care solely on the basis of social workers laziness, lies, or ignorance, or political correctness or even all of these put together; as it seems to be the daily habit of social workers to deploy these characteristics in everything they do as a matter of course.

That the Social Services in the UK are an incompetent bunch of dangerous and almost useless fools is borne out by my own experiences of them. But it is also the view expressed by many other parents I have spoken to who have been viciously targeted by the Social Services Jobsworths.

Some of these parents have been so badly treated it defies belief. Many have completely wrongly lost their children to adoption or care as a wave of poisonous political correctness has engulfed Government employees everywhere.

The National Press and many Members of Parliament like campaigner John Hemming M.P. protest loudly about the incompetent stupidity of Social Services and the Stalinist like secrecy of the Family Courts which protect these corrupt and ghastly swarms of control freaks, thugs and venal fools. But nothing much ever changes despite these vociferously loud protests.

Social Services carry on blissfully wrecking people’s lives and failing to protect children who desperately need help and protection.

Just think of the tens of millions of pounds wasted by Social Services on their job creation scheme of imaginatively generated work in dealing with thousands of falsely constructed cases.

My own relatively small and inconsequential case must have consumed several hundred thousands of pounds – all entirely unnecessary waste on a completely fictional case which should never have existed at all and eventually fizzled out like a damp squib anyway, leaving a trail of expensive destruction in it’s wake.

Multiply those sums of money by the many, many falsely constructed cases by Social Services and just think how much more help could be provided to truly needy children.

It is typical of our Labour Government headed by pea brained Gormless Gordon that oceans of public money are squandered on pathetically inadequate and useless bureaucrats endlessly ticking their little tick boxes on their ever increasing numbers of forms and doing absolutely nothing useful at all.


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  1. Alison Stevens Says:

    Yes, the evil scum, that killed Baby Peter, will be out of Prison in a few years, to live a life of luxury at the taxpayers expense, have 24 hour a day security, a change of identity,and possibly shipped off to Australia ,rich rewards,and what Justice for a small Boy, that would be still alive today if it wasn’t for the utter incompetence, of Sharon Shoesmith,and team of so called Child Protectors?
    Because of these Local Authority failures, Care Proceedings have increased to more than 75% in some parts of the Country.
    Because of the increase of the former, more Guardians are required for the Family Court Arena, which has resulted in a backlog of Cases, the whole System is in meltdown.
    Guardians, should be brought into the picture, within a week, of a Case going to Court, there is a waiting list for these profeshionals in many parts of the Country, which will leave Children at risk of abuse, or even death,and at the other end of the System, Parents being apart from their Children, for a longer time scale.
    Many Parents will also suffer, from miscarriages of Justice,and forced adoption, by conflicting evidence, given by so called experts, which still sheds, its elements of secrecy in the Family Courts.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.

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