This was written in February 2008 but disappeared into bloggers hell, somewhere in cyperspace where everything and everyone is insane and the triumph of the computer nerds is supreme.

It has just mysteriously re-appeared yesterday when some unknown computer sent me an electronically generated email from internet purgatory telling me I had some blog I didn’t know I had at all that was being automatically transported (migrated, they called it) from one place on the internet to some other place. There was this thing I now remember writing, so I thought I would post it here, where it should have been in the first place.

Oh, the joys of the internet and this electronic age of computerised, stress inducing garbage inflicted on us all.

Here is that article.


I really got my knickers in a twist recently because my bank, which is Lloyds Bank, sent me solicitors letters threatening court action for an overdraft of about £600.

They also closed my account and I was left with no means of using money other than cash. This made life impossible. I also could not open another bank account because of the blacklisting of me as having a bad credit record .

The situation seemed dire and really got to me.

The reason for the £600 overdraft ? Every penny of it consisted of the bank’s penalty fees for an unauthorised overdraft which was originally only £5. But even that £5 was part of a sum of about £160 which had been filched from my Lloyds bank account by an insurance company misusing my debit card details for a household insurance policy that was never authorised by me at all.

It was all the result of a completely dishonest mortgage broker trying to ram a dubious mortgage down my throat which I eventually declined to take up. The other part of the total sum filched from me was when I made a one off internet payment of £17 using my debit card and it continued to be debited dishonestlyfrom my account every month for over a year. It was a deliberate theft, common on the internet.

My pleas to my bank in many letters, and personal visits to counter staff asking my bank to cease these unauthorised payments from my account fell on deaf ears. They told me they couldn’t stop the payments. They point blank refused to stop allowing fraudsters to take money from my bank account. How bizarre can you get?

Then I learnt about the bank charges scam and all the legal actions going on throughout the country. I discovered the banks have stolen tens of millions of pounds from thousands of people under the pretence of them being legitimate charges for unauthorised overdrafts. The whole country is up in arms about it.

Recently I learned all the banks have managed to stuff the entire World economy by virtue of extremely bad behaviour and sheer greed. Governments are even complaining about it. The whole World is wondering if the banks have led everyone into complete financial meltdown.

Then for three months recently I failed to pay any monthly payment to my Capital One credit card account due to an oversight on my part. I didn’t use the card and the only outstanding balance on the card was just £13. They charged me penalties amounting to £39. This works out at an interest rate of about an incredible 1200 per cent. That is pure theft.

With experiences like this and feedback from many other people suffering similar problems, I began to realise the entire financial industry had become utterly different from years ago when it had a reputation for honesty and straight dealing. Now it seemed to rely on deviousness, mis-representation and downright fraud to make money.

More and more people are openly complaining about an ever increasing tidal wave of greed as well as obvious deviousness and dishonesty coming from all sectors of the financial industry, and particularly from banks.

When I saw how many people were beginning to fight back I realised the banks had conned vast swathes of the population.

I think the banks are thoroughly dishonest, outrageously expensive to use for any purpose, and extremely damaging to the entire country. It is my opinion that Lloyds Bank, in particular, are thieves. It is about time something was done about it.

Any constructive suggestions anyone ?


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