“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Wrote George Orwell in ‘Politics of the English Language’ in 1946.

A very good description of the uncontrolled greed, corruption and general venality of politicians everywhere who connive to destroy decency, democracy and the progress of civilisation and prosperity and the whole quality of life in general for all of us.

Bearing in mind the point that there is never an excuse for murder, the tens of millions of people Worldwide routinely being killed by war and other conflicts inspired and directed by politicians is pure evil, entirely avoidable and completely unnecessary.

George Orwell also got it right with his views of modern financiers.

“Building societies are probably the cleverest racket of Modern Times. The beauty of the building society swindles is that your victims think you are doing them a kindness. You wallop them and they lick you hand.” Orwell wrote this prescient description of our current poisonously dishonest mortgage market in his novel ‘Coming up For air’ in 1939.

Recent events have proved that the whole banking and financial industry in general is full of cheats, liars and thieves who have milked the whole of the rest of the population of vast sums of money – and they continue to do so, largely because of those corrupt politicians who do absolutely nothing at all to stop it.

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