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Big supermarkets like Sainsbury’s are no longer satisfied with selling shoddy products at inflated prices and using strong arm tactics to drive every other small local independent food shop out of business so the they can control the entire domestic grocery shopping market.

They are now becoming obsessed with a delusion that they have a right to control and abuse their customers at will – as well as extort ‘fines’ from them for using Sainsbury’s car parks or failing to abide by the precise ‘rules’ about car parks which Sainsbury’s dream up.

Below is a letter I sent to Sainsbury’s today describing a ridiculously abusive item of their behaviour experienced recently.


Dear Mr Jerome Kenyon,

On the fourth of April 2009, at about 21.30 I made some purchases at the Horsham branch of Sainsbury’s.

I tendered my car parking card, as usual for, swiping. I have a distinct and unequivocal memory of doing so, because I remember the till operator handed it back to me together with the till receipt and change, and my hands were vaguely full of dealing with packing shopping at the the same time. So, being unable to handle all these items at the same time, I distinctly remember the till operator dropping the parking card accidentally, and then only handing me the change and receipt which I bundled into my wallet together as I always do.

Because of the kerfuffle I have described ( which always tends to take place as till operators usually ignore the fact you are packing shopping away and just thrust the receipt and change at you without the normal politeness of waiting, expecting you to deal with that at the same time – a usual feature of every supermarket !) I was so involved in getting my shopping out of the way for the next customer and putting my wallet away, that I failed to notice at the time that I had not now been given the parking card which had been swiped, and the till operator had forgotten to give it to me as she had put it to one side in order to wait for my hands to complete the other tasks so that I could then take the parking card.

When I then went to my car and discovered I didn’t have the parking card needed to release me from the car park, I then remembered I hadn’t been given it back by the till operator.

Not a problem, you might think. I certainly didn’t think it was as I went back to the store to ask for either that card or another so that I get could get out of the car park.

Unfortunately, your staff at the Horsham branch of Sainsbury’s have shown themselves to be persistently aggressive both to me and to many other customers that I have observed in the seven years I have lived here. So, they did manufacture a very big problem indeed.

In the twenty years of living at my North London address and using Sainsbury’s and various other supermarkets, I never, ever, saw or experienced this consistently aggressive, controlling and idiotic behaviour that I have experienced at the Horsham branch of Sainsbury’s.

So your staff went out of their way to create a problem. This is exactly what happened.

I went to the customer help desk and explained I had lost my parking card somewhere between the till and now and couldn’t, therefore, get out of the car park. I showed my receipt which showed I had just spent £41.

The customer service person, one ‘Michelle’ (she refused to provide her surname so rather stupidly cannot be properly identified as an individual) sent someone off to the till I had used to retrieve the card. This person came back saying there was no sign of the card.

This idiotic customer service person, then asked me to pay ten pounds to be released from the car park ( I had the receipt, only a few minutes old, showing I had spent £41). When I pointed this out, she then asked for a £5 fee to be paid for a lost card. I pointed out that I had not lost it, but that the till operator had failed to return it to me and that I distinctly remembered exactly what had happened and how she had apparently forgotten to return it.

This Michelle person became instantly aggressive and hectoring and quite shrill, doing what all brain dead bureaucrats do in imagining she was doing her job properly and obeying the ‘rules’ relating to car parking; and failing utterly to use one solitary brain cell to understand that what she was doing was an utter parody of what Sainsbury’s intend in the management of their car park.

When I protested that this was ludicrous, this person was very, very, unpleasant, argumentative and unyielding.

She was thoroughly rude and talked down to me in the most demeaning and unpleasant manner designed to humiliate me and show me she was excercising her ‘control freak’, power crazed mentality.

She absolutely insisted I pay up an extra fee, or remain trapped in the car park.

I was completely polite in every way in the manner I spoke to this person, and in the course of me remonstrating that it was ridiculous to demand a fee to allow me to leave the car park under the circumstances, I simply used an index finger to point in her general direction as I said I was adamant I would refuse to pay this wickedly oppressive fee.

This total idiot then instantly latched onto the (completely wrong) idea that I was being violent and aggressive simply by virtue of me pointing a finger to emphasise a point in a perfectly normal piece of human communications behaviour, where hands wave about in various ways while talking to other people – body language comprising well over 50% of communication and verbal language comprising as little as a mere 30% on occasion.

She instantly said , the minute I pointed this errant finger, downwards at the counter as it happens, that she was refusing to speak to me because “I was being violent and abusive” (which I absolutely was not) and told me she was calling the manager and grabbed the ‘phone in a dramatic fashion as though she was about to be physically attacked, and then called for the manager.

How you can you say I was “violent and abusive” for simply pointing a finger to emphasise I was absolutely adamant I would not pay this extortion, I cannot imagine.

What is clear to me is that this dim woman has got it into her head that anyone pointing a finger or generally gesturing with hands, is being aggressive and therefore can be restrained, attacked, thrown out of a store or even, perhaps arrested and charged with violent assault. I am not merely being flippant or exaggerating here, because all of those things follow on from a true situation of a person being actually genuinely threatened with a real threat of violence.

In this case it was entirely in the fevered, politically correct, childish, and immensely stupid little brain of a completely inadequate person who made it plain she thinks anyone pointing a finger in this manner is fair game to be accused of aggression and violence.

The duty manger, Mr Paul or Peter Stares, appeared and immediately made things worse.

Without the slightest attempt to find out what had been going on he said “you shouldn’t be shopping here” and told me I had been banned from the store and told me to leave.

I told him leaving this lunatic place was the only thing I wished to do right now but I was being prevented as Sainsbury’s were apparently determined to keep me trapped in the car park. I also informed him it was completely untrue I had ever been banned from Sainsburys.

This banning was another fiction your aggressive staff had erroneously dreamt up a year ago which was the subject of my previous complaint to you on June 17 2008; whereby Sainsbury’s had apologised to me for this being untrue.

Mr Stares then asked the customer service person (Michelle) for a car park release card so I could leave. She told him she did not possess any as she had run out of them.

This, then, would seem to the reason she had behaved in this disgusting and appalling manner towards me in the first place. The stupid woman didn’t have a card to give me, so this led her into this dreadful torrent of abuse by her, artificially constructed in her little pea brain and furthered by a completely brain dead idea that anyone using a finger to gesticulate with in the course of a conversation is being aggressive and abusive.

Frankly, I am nauseated by all this and I wonder what you might like to do about it.

I am forced to use Sainsbury’s whether I like it or not, and I am sick and tired of the horrendous attitudes of your staff, who seem to have lost all sense of reason and understanding of normal, decent, civilised behaviour. And I am now left wondering, every time I shop in Sainsbury’s, whether you staff are going to attack me and cause a scene again as they obviously have the habit of doing.

It occurs to me the only explanation for this unusual and rather weird behaviour of staff is quite likely to be the constant brainwashing they receive from Sainsbury’s under the guise of ‘training’ – where Sainsbury’s are ‘training’ staff into a ‘them and us’ mentality. ‘Them’ being those irritating customers that “us’ at Sainsbury’s need to have complete control over to obey Sainsbury’s every whim.

That is certainly the message that unequivocally comes across as I routinely see other customers humiliated by Sainsbury’s staff; in particular by being persecuted by Sainsbury’s staff when customers use the Sainsbury’s car park while they do their shopping.

I frequently see people trapped at the exit barrier being refused to be able to leave by ‘security’ people who constantly go on about how they are ‘just obeying the rules’ when people who are clearly shoppers and not people misusing the car park are trapped at the barrier, which then causes a huge queue to form as every one else cannot leave the car park either. It is a disgusting way to treat your customers.

I find all of this deeply disturbing and completely unacceptable.


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  1. Boz Says:

    And you must be so sad and lonely because of your revolting mentality that the only way you can think of to connect with other people is to hurl pointless abuse at them on the internet.

    There are loads of backward and mentally deprived people like you endlessly talking complete rubbish on the internet just to annoy other people – they are called “Trolls”. Perhaps if you had been properly educated so you could have become a decent, civilised human being you and your fellow Trolls wouldn’t feel this constant urge to be spiteful to random people just to get some attention because you are so worthless in your own environment nobody wants anything to do with you.

  2. bill Says:

    i think your card to get out of the store would have been swiped to allow you to leave so why did the staff lady not just check job done
    i wouldnot like to work fors sainsbury as the managers treat there staff like borstal inmates

  3. bill Says:

    i myself have been banned from all sainsburys stores in the uk for just shopping in the store and speaking tomthe staff lol

  4. Boz Says:


    You are obviously a person of very little brain and what you do have is clearly very stupid and unpleasant. You are probably another one of those horrible little ill educated nerds that infest retail outlets in this country. as ‘shop assistants’. You are clearly so dim that you cannot read properly, otherwise you wouldn’t be making such silly, childlike comments.

    But, perhaps you are just one of those mentally backward people that gets off on hurling abuse around all over the internet because you are so inadequate.

  5. Dave Says:

    Ever stopped to think that they are just doing a job? Stuck working in retail isnt exactly the most fullfilling occupation and if there are rules to follow they will. “just obeying the rules” Just because you don’t agree with how their system works doesn’t mean you should expect people not to do what they have been told and risk getting themselves into trouble with their employer.

  6. Lee Says:

    I must admit, the letter you’ve written makes you sound like an absolute cunt. You should look at the choice of language, tone it down a bit. Word’s like ‘stupid’ are abusive, after all.

  7. Lou Says:

    Nali: Please could you kindly translate the post above.
    I struggle to understand “chav”

  8. Nali Says:

    Same thing happend to me well similar ive been shopping at sainsbury for 11 years n on 1 occasion my bag wz in the trolly i wz in a hury to pik my kdz from school as i waz puting items in da trolly unfortuntly a pack of pils got droppd ib the bag n i didng realuse i went check out payed for the shoping totaly inaware cz i didnt psy n attent , the security gusrd stoppd me n took me to the office totaly humilated i tryd to explain n waz apolgetic n said id pay dat ez nt n issue! Dy band me from comming to the store i mean come it wz a irresponsible buh n innocent mistate i fnt ave a criminal record nvr happnd b4 i waz apolegtc sincerly , they cud ave jst llrt me if wiv a warning considrein im a regular customer! N there haz nvr been a tym lyk this, , buh i do tnk that they ate a bit harsh n robotic 😦

  9. Linda Annis Says:

    Stopped outside door at Sainsburys in Wiltshire, accused of shoplifting magazine value (£2) Had slipped under my handbag and could not see when paying at cashdesk. Paid £34 for goods, why would I steal a magazine?I was horrifie3d when I saw it and offered immediatley to pay for it but was told they were convinced I had shoplifted and had had no intention of paying. I am 62 and suffer from Depression, diabetes and fibromyalgia, the latter illness alters sleeping patterns and I have had long periods of sleeplessness. This makes me forgetful. No excuse, I admit I did select a magazine and inadvertantly took it out of store without paying, the dutymanager would not listen to my story, suspecting that it was just that, a story, nor would he let me ensure that my husband, waiting in the car park as he is disabled, know what was happening, we had sole responsible for our 2 grand daughters and were due to pick up from nursery and school, on hearing this manager said, it will have to wait. Afterwards issued me with banning letter no entry into any uk store of Sainsburys! Daughter complained when I plucked up courage to tell her, and HOF apologised resinded the ban and are to write to me apologising for their heavy-handedness. Nothing can repay me for the hell and humiliation I have suffered for 3 days! It taught me a lesson, I will no longer shop alone or use my own bags, I will only take in a small handbag to hold my purse, don’t know when I will have the courage to return to any shop again though, if ever. Has anyone else been treated this way?

  10. Boz Says:


    That is truly shocking ! You really should have made a point of kicking up far more of a fuss. Get Sainsburys to define exactly what this ‘behaviour’ was, not just use one word ‘bizarre’ to describe it.
    Everyone is entitled to be as ‘bizarre’ as they like as long as they don’t interfere with other people.

    Force Sainsburys to define exactly how your sister as inconveniencing other people.

    In the absence of anything of substance, make an official complaint to the local council and Sainsburys again – and take legal action and make the matter as public as possible.

    I personally, am incensed with anger at the Sainsburys behaviour you describe, and I think you will find they are breaking the law. Investigate that further.

    And I suggest your mental health team has not given correct advice at all.

    I have had eleven years of looking after a seriously mentally ill partner and mother to my son and I know that nearly every experience of the mental health service of the NHS was utterly appalling and most of the workers at the very best were semi- brain dead and not even beginning to do their jobs properly.

    Their advice is worth diddly – s**t !

  11. Anon Says:

    My Sister received very similar treatment at a Sainbury’s in the North of England recently.

    My Sister suffers from a mental disorder which makes her think certain things are ‘contaminated’. Other than that there are no outward signs or her illness – she appears well and coherent

    Unfortunately sister she decided that the fruit in her local sainsburys was ‘contaminated’ (it wos not) and decided to ask to tell the manager of this ‘fact’. The manager obviously did not accept her analysis and suggested she shop elsewhere.

    Not being satisfied my sister wrote a letter to their HO informing them of the ‘contaminated’ fruit and being asked to leave. She heard nothing back.

    A few months went past and having got over her delusion of contaminated fruit she ventured back in to sainsburys to shop. After being followed around the store by the tattoo clad (visible through his shirt sleeves) security man she arrived at the checkout and paid for her goods. At this point the manager arrived and told my sister that “He had a duty to his customers and because of her bizarre behaviour she was banned from shopping at ALL sainsbury stores.

    The security guard then frog marched my sister toward the entrance and literally threw her out. He then pushed her trolley into her and thrust a piece of paper into her face. The paperwork was a banning order written out by saisnburys. He also give her the V sign as he turned to go back in the store.

    My sisters mental health team looked into this matter and concluded that Sainsburys could not ban her because of her mental state but could do so for no reason whatsoever, therefore further complaint is worthless.

    Since then she now shops at Morrisons. Worrying that the same would happen I contacted their manager, who agreed to meet me, and explained my sisters illness to him. I told him about my sisters experience at Siansburys. He informed me that all the local supermarkets share banning information – including CCTV imagery – and went off to find if he had anything about her. He came back with a report of a weird woman complaining about bad food in an agitated manner that could cause other customers distress He also had been passed a CCTV image of her which confirmed to me it was my sister.

    I left the manager my contact details and requested he did not ban her, and asked if the same happened in his store, to immediately ring me and I would attend. He agreed and she has happily been shopping for months without incident.

  12. Boz Says:


    How can pointing an index finger be something that is not tolerated ? I thought pointing an index finger was a pretty common way of gesticulating, which is simply an adjunct piece of body language backing up verbal statements.

    Apparently an incredible percentage – something like sixty per cent – of communications is non verbal i.e. things like gesticulating. Can it really be true that Sainsburys official training tells staff that someone pointing an index finger is being aggressive and will ‘not be tolerated’ as you put it.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    In those situations you should call a manager immediately. it will get the problem sorted quickly and effectively. I work for Sainsburys and in training anybody seen being aggressive in any sort of manner whether it would be verbal “sticking up index finger” or physical will not be tollerated in any way shape or form.
    Facts that need to be learnt from this situation:



  14. JThomas Says:

    May I refer you to the fact that this store has recently been fined heavily for selling out of date stock which should make you realise that not only is Peter Stares a rude manager but an allegedly incompetent one at that.

  15. Rocket Says:


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