Mother denied all access to her children

Here is the Sunday Times story on parental alienation !

Today ( 10 May 2009) on the front page of the Sunday Times, is the story many of us are very familiar with. The article is titled ” Wife of financier denied access to their children”, by Daniel Foggo.

Then in the same paper, on page 6, in the section headed NEWS, there is a further elaboration of the story, under the heading” Mum jailed for telling son she loves him”, reported again, by Daniel Foggo.

What hasn’t been reported is that at an early stage, when the mother was ‘set-up’ by her husband, she informed her member of Parliament, ( a very senior MP), that the social worker involved with the case had moved into the matrimonial home, after she had been kicked out.

The senior MP took up the matter with the local authority, who after about 6 months wrote to the MP and informed him that ” the social worker had now moved out” !

So the husband had arranged for the social worker involved in the case to be pliant , in more ways than one!

This is what the Family Court secrecy is concealing.

It is a wonder that the MPs involved the scandal of MPs expenses, have not invoked Family Court secrecy. Had they done so, they, the corrupt Labour Party, Gordon Brown, Hazel Blears, Phil Woolas and that disgraceful Speaker, Gorbals Mick, would have been able to keep their corrupt practices away from disclosure.

It’s not just me that thinks it’s a serious business, but obviously everyone involved in this other story ! Including the courts.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of this case and others of a similar nature with squabbling parents or social workers squabbling with parents, it is wicked and disgusting that parents are jailed for the most utterly trivial matters by our Government; which now seems to have become a hybrid of Stalinist Russia and Hitler’s Nazi control freak Germany.

From The Sunday Times

May 10, 2009

Daniel Foggo

A COURT has denied the former wife of a rich City financier all access to their three children after she was found to be turning them against him.

In an extraordinary ruling, the woman, who was also judged to be too indulgent a parent, has been legally barred from seeing her children for three years. She was jailed for approaching one of them in the street and telling him she loved him in breach of a court order. She is facing a possible return to jail this summer for posting a video about her plight on the internet.

Read the rest of this article at the Sunday Times by clicking on the link below

From The Sunday Times

May 10, 2009

Mum jailed for telling son she loves him

A woman has been denied access to her children for three years, accused of trying to turn them against their father.

Daniel Foggo

AS the wife of a successful City financier with three young boys, she seemed to have it all.

Yet after a bitter divorce and a protracted battle with Britain’s family courts system, the woman now finds herself bereft. She no longer lives in an imposing home counties farmhouse and for the past three years she has been denied any direct access to her children.

Barred from approaching them in any way, she has been repeatedly arrested for breaching the terms of the injunction against her.

Read the rest of this article at the Sunday Times by clicking on the link below

From Jack Frost ….Author: ” The Gulag Of The Family Courts”…Book 1


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