Parents Abandoning Children to Work

Poisonous seduction of consumer society greed for more, and more, and more; more of everything; – except happiness and contentment !

I think that running a home with kids and doing it properly is a full time job. If you did a proper, scientific study of the real and actual hours needed to do the job I wonder how many hours a week that would be. Does anyone know ?

I’m willing to bet it is going to be more than the notional forty hours of a typical working week.

And before this is considered, I think the average ‘modern’ idea of what is involved in running a home with kids is a bit peculiar because people have become so lazy they simply don’t do half the things they should be doing anyway.

Like cooking real meals with real food instead of micro waving that expensive ready made rubbish from the supermarket.

If running a home properly is a full time job, then it follows that an expectation of both parents having another full time job outside the home will cause problems, reducing the quality of family life and producing stress on the whole family.

There seems to be a quaint notion that as long as kids are fed and watered and dumped somewhere to be ‘looked after’ by some disinterested establishment providing ‘child minding’ services that is perfectly fine.

Parents are then free to work.

But the damage caused by the entire nation being gradually brainwashed over the past five decades into abandoning any idea of running family homes properly and looking after kids the way nature intended they be looked after – mostly by parents, is incredible.

This is the main cause of the current generation of children as a whole generating a tidal wave of violence, crime and general dysfunction and a workforce so ill educated, miserable, and lacking in work ethic, common sense or initiative, that it is next to useless.

I am utterly appalled at the way children are neglected as they are brought up surrounded by a conspiracy of consumer greed carefully nurtured by dimwitted governments and big business constantly poisoning people’s minds with persuasive brain-dead marketing lies.

This corrupting nonsense is now so embedded in the national psyche that the Government thinks it sounds perfectly reasonable to imagine that all single parents could somehow find the time to have a full time job and look after children alone; and that both parents in a two parent household should also both work full time, using all that money they earn to ‘dump’ the kids on some ‘child minder’ somewhere.

Never mind it causes immense psychological damage to the children and parents as well as frequently causing demonstrable physical damage too.

The way this country expects to bring up children is sick. Just look at the results !


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