That bloody computer really got me today in the end. It must have been the most time wasting, silly day in my entire computing life. I just can’t believe what the stupid things do. I had a busy day with loads of seriously urgent things to do and not one of them has been done.

The fundamental reason is that you set out to do the equivalent of tidying your (old fashioned,real, desk) which should only take a few minutes before starting the day’s work. That always used to involve me reading two or three newspapers too, which only took half an hour and was part of my work. perhaps a couple of irritating letters are written to get rid of them and the mail is opened – you know the sort of thing.

But in the crazy world of computers, that sort of thing leads you by the nose from one thing to another; you sit with arms folded waiting for the bloody web pages to load (five minutes for one today and then the error message the ‘server cant be bothered to respond’.

Then there are the web pages with the vital bit of information you need cunningly hidden so it takes an hour pratting about trying to find it. Then you give up. Most software is so ghastly it defies belief. The result is extra-ordinary inefficiency and induced nervous breakdown because just about everything you try and is thwarted by the electronic idiot sitting on your desk.


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One Response to “THE ELECTRONIC IDIOT ON YOUR DESK – Computers, eh ?”

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