Run by thugs on the orders of “Adolf’ aka control freak dictator Gordon Brown and corrupt friends

Britain was always famous throughout the civilised World for being very democratic, a champion of liberty and completely tolerant of free speech. Not any more.

Under the repressive jackboot of sour faced dictator Gordon Brown and his bunch of like minded, Corrupt, pornography obsessed, money grubbing, self seeking, intellectually challenged, busybody control freaks, Britain has become a police state where the Government seeks to interfere in even the most petty details of everyone’s daily life.

Like all dictatorships, the government sponsored control of daily life extends bit by little bit until it is a mountain of rules and regulations with increasingly draconian penalties for what is laughingly described as ‘breaking the law’. The ‘law’ is what Gordon Brown says it is to suit him, not what the democratic majority of this country voted for.

Disobey Government dictats now and you will be coshed into submission by police on the streets or even randomly shot to death in tube trains.

Video footage shown on television news taken at the G20 demonstration last week clearly shows police coshing Ian Tomlinson from behind and violently flinging him to the ground. He died just a few minutes later. He was seen trying to walk home after work through the streets of London with his hands in his pockets and doing absolutely nothing to warrant police interfering with him in any way whatever. He wasn’t even a demonstrator – just a man walking home from work.

Equally, law abiding Jean Charles de Mendezes innocently travelling through London to work in July 2005 was simply gratuitously shot to death in a tube train by mindlessly stupid State employed thugs masquerading as police.

The Daily Telegraph reports today ‘that senior police officers admit the video footage of Mr Tomlinson being struck to the ground for no apparent reason “looks ugly”.

‘They question whether there were other events which preceded it, involving Mr Tomlinson, and therefore whether pushing him to the ground was unprovoked.

‘Andy Hayman, retired police chief, said: “The Commissioner must ask serious questions about the style of policing. If left unchecked, we have a more violent crowd in uniform than the crowd demonstrating.”

This is a polite and diplomatic way of saying the police force are out of control state sponsored thugs, ready to use random and extreme violence for every trivial reason or even no reason at all. Pretty similar to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo really !

It wasn’t just Ian Tomlinson being persecuted by police brutality last week either. The police were seen violently attacking hundreds of people at random in order to beat them into submission and force them to remain imprisoned all day in a small area surrounded by violent and aggressive police until nightfall. People were seen being attacked and beaten with police coshes for no lawful reason at all.

One woman was seen on television news being violently beaten by a policeman smashing his baton across her back merely for speaking to him; absolutely extraordinary !

The intention of the police was to deliberately force demonstrators and anybody else in the area, to go without food and water or access to toilets for the entire day so as to inflict ‘punishment’ on the demonstrators by making life as unpleasant and as uncomfortable and painful as possible without actually coshing all of them – just a few ! ‘To encourage the others’ as the saying goes.

Terrify a few people with a good coshing. Beat the living day lights out of them with brutal police batons, and everyone else will be so terrified they will be cowed into submission, coralled like cattle until exhausted.

This is plainly illegal on several counts and would have been unthinkable before the Labour Party Communist style Dictatorship under scheming Gordon Brown.

Sounds like a case of Police assault to me. Anyone going to bring a case for unlawful assault and or imprisonment against the police ? I would if I had been there.

In fact I very nearly was – with my ten year old son ! Would the police have corralled him like an animal all day without water, food or access to a loo ? Would they have beaten him with a vicious cosh too to force him to stay imprisoned ?

Obviously no law abiding citizen can now be certain they will not be randomly attacked by a violent police force. The UK is no longer safe from State inspired police brutality.

Isn’t it time we all stood up to these uncivilised power hungry fools destroying the whole Country and everything that made Britain a great place to live ?

This Government is disgusting. Get rid of it before it’s too late.


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